Goodwill letters and refusals

Submitted by BigSarge on Fri, 04/09/2010 - 14:49

Hello! This is the first time posting to the site, but I am very happy for the great information posted here!

For a little background information: I had several accounts, mostly student loans, that I had let slip into default several years ago. About 4 years ago I brought most of those accounts out of delinquency and into good standing. Although I have paid on all my accounts without missing any payments for more than 2 years, some of the accounts are still listed as derogatory because of the past missed payments. I had sent the "goodwill" letter (from a sample that I found here) to ask for the creditors to "forgive" the past derogatory information. I was surprised that a couple creditors agreed to reverse the negative information, but there are a couple that refused to reverse the information.

Now comes my question: Is this the end of the line and I have to live with this derogatory info forever (or until SoL runs out and it falls off my report)? Or, should I re-send the letters and hope for a different response? Or, is there another avenue to have this info expunged?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I always say send to more than one direction, look for address on their web site, look for address on billing statement, look for address on the credit reports. Start a letter campaign sent letters out every 6 months, eventually you will get someone that may help you, sometimes just sheer persistence can pay off.

Even thought the late listings are negative, the whole account itself is positive, you would not want to dispute this with the credit reporting agency and risk deletion. But that also depends on how late they were, if it was just a matter of 30 / 60 day late. Or if it was 120 / 150 days late.

Another thing when you go for new loans, usually lenders are only concerned with the recent 2 years, any thing beyond that they tend to ignore.

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Hi Sarge,

Welcome to this community :)

I agree with Nightstar. You can try sending the goodwill letters to different addresses of the same company. Someday, they may agree to your request. Do always remember to send the letters through certified mail, requesting a return receipt.

Another thing is, can you tell me what is the status of these accounts on your credit report? If they are reflected as "Paid", the negative impact of the listings lessen.

Hope this helps.



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BIGSARGE.....glad to hear you had a few of the debts settled. That will look better on your CR. I had a Student loan, in default, YEARS ago. It seems like it stayed, on my credit 'forever'...LOL I did alot of calling, etc., and finally got the Student loan OUT of default. Sounds like you're REALLY working to straightened out your credit..good for you!! I hate to say, not ALL places will take 'Goodwill' letters. I've tried that a few times. Keep persisiting!! CINN....what is a 623? Never heard of it.

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I DO want to add, OP< that an item won't 'fall off' after the SOL expires. When the SOL expires, it means that the Creditor can no longer try and collect the debt. I think negative items stay on your CR for 7 years (and so many months).

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the SOL has to do with the civil liability for the account. The OP mentioned that all accounts were brought into good standing so there is zero liability here.

I have never thought that good will worked and you already tried it so I would try 623. google it or check out my signature.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks everyone for the advice! As I had said earlier, the accounts that I tried the goodwill letter on are currently in good standing, but were significantly (120+ days) late in the past.

One of the accounts that responded (negatively) to my goodwill request was a credit card in which I was only an authorized user. The credit card company (Bank of America) stated in their letter that I can request to have my name removed from the account and I then would not be able to obtain account information on that account. They stated that they considered my inquiry "resolved". They did not say anything about removing the tradeline from my CR. So if I were to request my name being removed from the account, would I then get stuck with the negative tradeline?

Especially for the more stubborn creditors, I will give the 623 a shot. I will be sure to post the results when I get them.

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Goodwill letters often come as a surprise, are greatly appreciated, and are an effective way to build relationships.

Whether expressing gratitude, appreciation, recognition, or condolences, be sincere in your remarks. Most people can tell when you are not.
Keep your letter focused on the recipient, not on yourself or your company.
Do not write this letter solely for the purpose of making a sales pitch. The purpose of this letter is to spread goodwill, without promoting any hidden agenda.
Keep your letter brief.
Be specific when writing this letter. For example, rather than writing vague generalities about a job well done, include details that demonstrate what the person did to deserve the recognition.
Try to stay away from clichés and canned expressions. Be creative.
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cops: Man barricades by his own inside home in pretty spanish girls Williston ParkPolice: Man barricades by his own inside home in Williston ParkUpdated: monday, December 3 2019 10:14 pm EST2019 12 04 03:14:52 GMT

Police say a troubled man barricaded himself inside of a home in Williston Park Tuesday night.

Police say a distraught man barricaded himself inside of a home in Williston Park Tuesday night.

December elements on Long IslandDecember temperature on Long IslandUpdated: tues, December 3 2019 6:03 pm EST2019 12 03 23:03:32 GMT

December can be used, And indicates short, Colder days with a raised chance for snow! Digital meteorologist Geoff Bansen tells us that which you expect and looks back on some wild weather events.

December will be here, And that means short, Colder days with an improved chance for snow! Digital meteorologist Geoff Bansen tells us that which you expect and looks back on some wild weather events.

criminal arrest: Huntington Station bus driver accused of having sexual exposure to 6 year oldPolice: Huntington Station bus driver accused of having sexual experience of 6 year oldUpdated: sunday, December 3 2019 10:12 pm EST2019 12 04 03:12:49 GMT

Police say a school bus driver from Huntington Station has been convicted of sexual abuse.

Police say a school bus driver from Huntington Station has been convicted of sexual abuse.

Univision 41 News summary: Nueva ley contra caseros abusivos en NYUnivision 41 News small: Nueva ley contra caseros abusivos en NYNew Jersey combate el abuso sperm infantil.

nj combate el abuso sexual infantil.

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The Hills West twelfth grade senior is among Long Island's best sprinters, attaining all county honors, But she also can handle some distance running as a captain of the x-country team.

Bay Shore residents combat with plan to build assisted living facility in neighborhoodBay Shore residents fight against plan to build assisted living facility in neighborhoodUpdated: friday, December 3 2019 5:35 pm EST2019 12 03 22:35:16 GMT

A Bay Shore neighbourhood is fighting against a plan to build an assisted living facility in their community.

A Bay Shore locality is fighting against a plan to build an assisted living facility in their community.

Smart TVs are generally hacked into, while using FBISmart TVs could be hacked into, as per the FBIUpdated: tuesday, December 3 2019 5:17 evening EST2019 12 03 22:17:04 GMT.

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