Credit report help - dispute negative items

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/16/2008 - 04:10

Hi, I just recently ran my credit report and got two negative from certegy and discover financial. I called both companies and they have no record of me. does anyone have any idea how to resolve this problem? does filing a dispute with equifax get rid of the negative? thanks

Hello Cyndi,

Dont panic. The best way to solve this was to call up the companies which you have already done. So now send in a dispute letter to the bureaus. if the accounts are not yours they will be removed.

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If they can't give you information to prove its your account then they can not provide information to credit bureau. I had a similar account that i disputed and won with ease. Do not offer any information to them. Make them supply it. They asked me to give them information so they could look it up in archive.

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trucksafe (not verified)

Ten years ago my investment broker took me for everything I had. I fell apart mentally and emotionally went off the deep end for a couple of years ( bad checks,charge offs medical bills ). Now for almost seven years I have had no credit activity except medical. Do I have any hope of reconstructing any kind of finiacial credit activity again. I am 57 years old now.

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I answered this on another post. Yes is the answer. You need to pull your report and see if anything negative is remaining there.
Cyndi, yes get that dispute process started. In the dispute process they will go between you and the creditor to see if the debt is valid. If the companies can not show you it is valid and has no record then the chances are excellent that they can not provide proof to the credit bureaus either. It should not take much time to get it cleaned from your report.

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Gabo (not verified)

Well my question is I have an pa gkid charge off my credit that is hurting me and I wamt to know how to get it romoved

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