What is mcydsnb on my credit report stand for?

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The abbrevation is mcydsnb on my credit report

Rebecca (not verified)

It is my understanding that it is a Macy's VISA card. Did you sign up for a Macy's store account? When you do, they automatically send you a VISA card with Macy's on it to be used outside the store. I had the same thing and had to call and cancel it yesterday.

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kel (not verified)

i had this too. macy's bought out many dept stores and gave everyone affiliated generic cards. call this # 1-866-593-2543 and request the item to be removed.

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Carol Hilsman (not verified)

The credit report states that I have a balance of $161.00 as of 8/1/2000.
I would like to know why? I had a Macy's card and a Filene's but I closed both of them. why does my credit report show a balance :(

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Carol, if it is an error, dispute with the credit reporting agencies.

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Ayelen (not verified)

MCYDSNB appears on my credit report, how do I contact them. I search on yahoo, white pages, 411 and can't find it. Thanks!!

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Macy's credit services phone number is 800-458-6229.

You'd have this entry on your CR if you had a Macy's card, or a card from any number of retailers that they bought out.

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Dean (not verified)

i never had a macys card - shows i spent 67.00 back in 4/1/1998 - its now 2007 - shouldnt i be off my report by now

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Is it a positive or negative entry?

Negative stays for 7 years. Positive can be 10 or more. You can always dispute...

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Did you have a Macy's Card?
In that case the item reflected is correct. Otherwise dispute it.

Most derogatory items like late payment and public record items stay for 7 years. This has the exception of bankruptcies which stay for utmost 10 years. Unpaid tax liens stay for 15 years but positive items stay indefinitely. Inquiries stay for around 2 years.

Thus it would depend as to how long this would stay on your file. Write a validation letter to your the Credit Bureaus disputing the debt. This is the first thing that you must do for the time being.

I hope this helps you.

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Hi Dean,

Do keep copies of all interactions that you make. Use the registered post for the letters sent and received. It is always better to have a third party involved. Keep posting :)

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progolfa (not verified)

Thanks for the phone # info... These companies are unbelievable

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Kristy (not verified)

I checked my credit report for the first time ever- and to my shock there is a Macy's Visa account that I supposedly opened( I never did) in 1996 with a balance of $587.00 being delinquent for 13 years! I am now trying to fight to get it off.

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Hi Kristy
Even if you owe them the money, the negative listing should come out of your credit report after 7 years and 180 days from the date you have made your first missed payment towards the debt. I think that you should dispute the debt with the credit bureaus and get it removed from your report. You can get sample dispute letters if you visit the link letters of credit.

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Gamilla (not verified)

First of all I am VERY thankful for this website that allows people to share similar issues / resolutions. I confirmed that MCYDSNB that Rebecca wrote is a Macy's VISA card if you had a Macys Card (like I did previously). However, they automatically issued me a VISA card with Macy's (without my awareness) and could be used outside the store. I called the number 866-593-2543, they confirmed that I used to have a Macys card that was closed on Sept.30,3009...the Customer Service agent told me to call on Monday Macys New Accounts dept. 800-627-2909 to report this and they are the ones that work with all 3 Credit Bereaus.

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If they are willing to do the refince and you really want to stay in the home, they may give you zhoerbr onrvr you yhr pp

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