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Pay to Delete Record

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Joined: 04 Jun 2009
jgevertz's page
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Subject: Pay to Delete Record
Posted on Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:33 pm  

Is it possible to have a creditor that you do not owe $ to, but had multiple late payments to, delete their credit record on your credit if you pay them to do so? Is this legal? Would they be willing to do this? Thanks.


Joined: 02 Dec 2008
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Location: McKinney, TX

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Subject: Not ILLEGAL
Posted on Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:46 am  

In order to maintain the integrity of the reporting systems, the bureaus and the regulating industry organizations urge AGAINST deleting paid collection accounts, or any other pay for [x] arrangements...

They still do it, for sure, but the practice is definitely discouraged...
-Doc Compton, Omega Credit Repair
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Joined: 11 May 2009
rachael's page
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Posted on Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:46 am  

Hi jgevertz,

If you have few 30-60 day late payment, you can request your creditor to remove them, after you have paid in full. If you are able to convince your creditor, with some valid reasons for making late payments, he may agree to remove the negative remark. But if you have been late in making payments for more than 180 days, the creditor will charge-off your account. A charge-off remains on your credit report for 7 years from the day you became delinquent.
Looking forward to a debt-free life.

Posted on Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:26 pm  

Florida man lured to his death through online dating service

Adam Hilarie, 27, of all Auburndale,was found shot to death at his apartment Friday.

Policesaythe single father had arranged a date last Thursday with 18 year old Hailey Rose Bustos, Who he met on the online dating service "PlentyofFish,

The pair took the bus bowling, while using Orlando Sentinel, And Bustos texted him after, reporting, Had a good time and plan to see you again. Arranged to see some other the next night, But police sayBustos broughtthree other men to Hilarie flat to rob him instead. this robbery, the primary men allegedlyshot him in the head.

Was pestering for his life, He was not putting up all fight, And was telling them that he had a 5 year old daughter, based on arrest reports.

Police sayBustos was paid $50 to go on the dating site with the intent to set the man girls in spanish up for a robbery sooner or later it ended in his death.

"Once she got room, They talked each and every; They worked out the main points and then went back and committed the murder, Auburndale police arrest Deputy Chief Andy Ray said. "I think the plan was that he get robbed and that they take his stuff,

Bustos, 18, pointing to Auburndale; Andre Warner, 26, of predominantly Auburndale; Gary Terrell bleak, 31, coming from all Lakeland; as well Joshua Ellington, 26, Of sea Alfred, Were arrestedand charged withconspiracy to commit robbery, robber with a firearm/deadly weapon and first degree murder.

Posted on Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:55 am  

Military announces start of Syria disengagement

Military said Fridaythat ithas begun extracting from Syria,Initiating a drawdown that has blindsided allies and would spark a scramble for control of the areas that American troops will leave. "Out of concern for functional security, we will not discuss specific timelines, Locations or troop stances,

Defense Department officials said that initial withdrawals would be limited by equipment and that no troops had yet departed. Forces and air and sea assets stationed elsewhere in your neighborhood are expected to assist with the operation. your desired goals in Syria, the actual final defeat of the Islamic State and preventing its resurgence, Protecting Syrian Kurdish allies that Turkey has vowed to attack when the Americans leave, And forcing Iran to take out its own forces and proxy fighters.

But there was little indication of how those targets, Which White House national security adviser John Bolton outlined during a visit to Ankara, poultry, immediately, Would be practiced.

assistant of State Mike Pompeo, On an extensive tour of nine Arab capitals, Said Friday that the country and Poland plan to host a "world wide ministerial on Mideast peace" next month in Warsaw, joined in by "Dozens of countries from all over,

[Pompeo uses Obama as foil in mopping Middle East speech]

"We will build out the world coalition" With regions "produced by Asia, From africa, From Western Hemisphere gets, western world too, the middle East of course, Pompeo said in a Fox News meeting in Egypt. Troops from the region have been President Trump's primary goals in the middle East. He has also emphasized the advantages of other countries, Particularly in the region, To step up their own contributions to fighting against the Islamic State and to containing Iran.

simply Trump's Dec. Troops from Syria's complex battlefield sparked fears that his goals were incompatible and that Iran and Russia would be the prime receivers.

Trump's own comments subsequently have added to the confusion. At quite a few times, He has said that he rejected military entreaties for more withdrawal time, But that the travel would be "gradual,

Asked later what he made, Trump asserted at a Jan. 2 Cabinet attaining that "in no way thought said fast or slow, Referring to the four months military officials said they had received to withdraw, Trump defined, "i did not say that either. I'm escaping,escaping. We're stepping out of Syria,

Bolton said Friday in which Trump, in a much Dec. 23 telephone while conversing with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Had desired to know Erdogan "to be certain not to harm the Kurds who had fought with us against ISIS, An acronym to Islamic State.

He and also Pompeo, Bolton told radio stations host Hugh Hewitt, "thought of President Erdogan to have made that commitment,

Trump made no reference to the Kurds in a Twitter posting he wrote the same day about what he called a "Long and prosperous" Call with Erdogan.

Bolton's subsequent visit to Ankara this week made to calm concerns, Particularly about the fate of the Kurdish fighters and the unfinished deal with the Islamic State. Officials said had been agreed upon with Trump, Erdogan was offering you a political speech elsewhere in the city. Demands for Kurdish coverage, he was quoted saying, got "an impressive mistake,

"It isn't feasible for us to swallow the message Bolton gave, Erdogan described. Turkey points to them terrorists, The Syrian branch of Turkish Kurds could possibly fought a decades long guerrilla war for autonomy.

Bolton said Friday that america is in discussions with Turkey over the issue and that "The Turks should not take any military action that's not fully synchronised through military to military channels with us,

But Turkish self defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Visiting Turkish troops massed opposite Syrian Kurdish forces on the border between your two countries, Said that formulations for an offensive operation against the Kurdish fighters were "deeply" moving forward with.

In the Hewitt job interview, Bolton scoffed at the thought that there was any daylight between Trump and his top national security aides. "I think I spoke to the president four or five times by ukraine chat phone" when playing in Israel and Turkey, he explained, And all of his talking points had been fully decided.

He suggested that Turkey's visible intransigence had more to do with domestic politics than policy differences with nation. "There are nation's and local elections in Turkey on March 31. Midterm congressional elections, Bolton defined. and as a consequence coalition airstrikes.

unfortunately, The expulsion of Iran originally from Syria, Pompeo stated to Fox News, "Is part of a more substantial effort" To end what he called Tehran's attempt to destabilize the location. "It'll be a broad range of methods we do that. We're not going to discuss what those tool sets are precisely. But make no mistake with this, Whether this is the support of Lebanese Hezbollah, The support of a portion of the Shiite militias in Iraq, The funding that would flow to Yemen,

Pompeo traveled earlier now to Jordan, iraq and Egypt. looking for brief visit Friday to Bahrain, He headed to the u. s,usa Arab Emirates. Other stops in the local Gulf include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar additionally Oman.

Posted on Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:11 pm  

Woman testifies her infant daughter was in the bed when former police man raped her

The woman who says 24 year old rookie cop Ryan James Bruggink broke into her home in the Godfrey Lee neighbourhood, Assaulted her and then raped her in the same bed where her infant daughter was sleeping took the stand wednesday, March 11, In Wyoming location Court.The woman said she met Bruggink through an online dating services service in January of 2014. She said the two immediately began an intimate relationship that ended almost a year later when she found out via Facebook that he was dating another woman.Under curious by defense attorney Robert Hackett, The woman said that throughout the break up, She sent text messages to Bruggink saying that his dishonesty in every thing has become could result in a spurned ex girlfriend being mad enough to "put in danger" His full time job, His interaction and his future in general,I told him to exit every thing has become more gracefully, She claimed.She said in that case time, They remained friends who dated each other a couple times a month.But on the event of Nov. 24, He allegedly called and sent sms to the woman saying he wanted to come over to her home in the 1100 block of Wheeler Street SW,I kept recognizing him 'No, now don't come over, The woman told Assistant Kent County district attorney Robin Esslinger.She said she knew that Bruggink was at a bar drinking that night and she did not interested in him.But under pondering by Hackett, She did say that she had told him at one point that he could come over if he brought her a gift.She said Bruggink uncomfortable to break down the door and began rattling it, Leading her to open beautiful moldova the door a crack and her foot blocking it from opening further.The alleged victim said she did not call the police that night because she did not want true to escalate, She did not need to wake her children and she was afraid to call police because Bruggink said he had "associates" On the Wyoming police force,I was scared to call law enforcement, She assumed. "He was criminal,She said she eventually called mi State Police, immediately after time Bruggink was arrested.Bruggink, A Byron Township person, Was hired in June by law enforcement department and had not yet worked a solo shift as of November. He was off duty in case the alleged incident occurred.Bruggink was placed on administrative leave the day State Police alerted Grand Rapids of the allegations in December, And he resigned the very next day, in city officials.important: Grand Rapids police man charged with raping ex girlfriend resigns after months on the jobAfter the testimony Wednesday, Esslinger asked Judge Steven Timmers to send the case to Kent County Circuit Court for felony action and added two more counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct to Bruggink's case. If found guilty, He could face a maximum heading of life in prison on three counts of CSC 1 and a count of home invasion.

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