what does reage mean

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reage to current status its on a old loan that i still owe on

Reaging an account is when the creditor agrees to make the payments look current if you agree to pay. This is usually a pretty good deal becauese it will make your credit report look better than having the deliquency there.
Now there is also reaging of a debt where the collector changes thew date on a debt to either make it look current or for the purpose of keeping it in away from the SOL time clock. By making it look current they can then sue you for an old debt. This is illegal. Let us know a little mroe so we can answer your question better.

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I thought it was ILLEGAL for a collector to change the date, to make the debt look like the SOL is no where near. Is THIS what you mean, FIREYONE??

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Reaging your credit account means that if you have some late payments, it would be removed from your credit report by the creditor. If you account is re-aged by the creditor it would be shown as current and you will not be considered delinquent and your credit score may improve. But there are certain conditions under which your account can be re-aged. Firstly the credit account should be atleast 9 months old and you must have made a continuous payment of at least for the last 3 months.

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Thats the first reage I was talking about. If you really think about it this is a very good deal. Making payments on time for three months and then getting it off your record is probaly the best way to go about it. If you do not pay this debt then you will then be looking at 7.5 years on your credit report.

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Re-aging (as I am familiar with it) is an ILLEGAL PRACTICE, utilized to make derogatory (negative) collection accounts appear on your credit longer than the FCRA -defined obsolescence period allows for.

Collection agencies regularly change the dates on accounts to make them appear newer than they actually are... That keeps the accounts on your credit faaaar longer than they are supposed to, thus increasing the odds of their collecting something on them...

The ONLY date used to determine the age of any collection account is the date of the first delinquency with the original creditor. It's important to note that that date NEVER CHANGES, no matter who buys or sells the account, or how many times the debt changes hands...

This is one of the single greatest concerns of consumer advocates, and is the basis for a great many law suits AGAINST the collection agencies these days...

For of my other companies, http://www.helpmeccc.com , this is PRECISELY the kind of thing we look for...

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I have seen reage as two different things thats why U listed them both when originally posting. The on I have seen the most of is when they change the dates on accounts to make them appear newer than they really are. This si why I always tell everyone to keep a copy of their credit report that list the original len der. How caome though if you look at your credit report one report . for instance we'll say equifax, will say fall off date 7/2010 and then you look at another report , say trans union, and it will say the fall off date is 9/2010? Mine reads like that. I can not see why there is a difference.

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victoria (not verified)

2002 last pay dates are breing renewed to look current.

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As Doc has said this is illegal if you are speaking of credir card debts. A lot of compnaies will reage debts as they near the statute of limitations. This is why it is extremely important a person keep record of their last payment if they have defaulted on a debt. A copy of an old credit report will sometimes do the trick.

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Hi Victoria
If you made the last payment towards your debt in 2002 and the Statute of Limitation has already expired, the creditors cannot take back the money until and unless you make a small payment towards the debt. This is because if you make even a small payment, the SOL will rewind and you may be required to pay off the entire outstanding debt. Now, if you have not made any payment after 2002, you can send a debt validation letter to the creditor who you think has re-aged your account. The creditor need to prove that you have made a payment after 2002 in the court if they sue you in order to recover the debt.

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Fireyone just so you know it is seven years not 7.5, I just talked to transunion on the phone today and they told me that it is flat out seven years.

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Hi Goodnatured
If is seven years and six months from the date you become delinquent and seven years from the date it got listed in your credit report. The creditors report the debt after 6 months from the date you first miss your payment as the debt is considered a bad debt if there is not payment towards it for a continuous period of six months.

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Tammy Reynolds (not verified)

is it safe to have them consolidate my credit cards to pay them off in 3 years or are there hidden thing I need to know about

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hani (not verified)

is it a law for creditors to reage and update an account.i was late on my mortgage on october of 08 and it showed 30 days late on my credit report. i paid on time since then.what are the terms i need to use with the bank to delete the negative info ?

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danni b (not verified)

is reaging a federal or state law ? or any law at all ? is there a specific term to use with creditors te reage an account that was 30 days late on my report ?

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Hi danni b,

Re-aging is getting your past debt account as current, by agreeing to pay a lump sum amount or at least three consecutive minimum monthly payments. Re-aging cannot be done frequently. Usually it can be done only twice in 5 years. Most creditors do not easily agree to it. What i feel is that if you are only 30 days late on a payment, re-aging of your accounts is not the best option. Instead negotiate with your creditor on your debt amount and pay it off.

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lisa marie (not verified)

i really dont understand if this is good or bad please explain more of the possitive and neg

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lisa marie (not verified)

my ccards are being paid but i want they to get paid off faster so i joined a debt consolidate comp. was this a good idea

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Depends, what are the terms of your consolidation, some lenders look at consolidation just like they do a bankruptcy, some look at it as doing the responsible thing. I guess it all depends on what you want to do with it.

Did you go to debt consolidation because you wanted the lower intrest rates? I think that companies should work directly with the consumer, what would it hurt for them to work out a lower rate and avoid the middleman being the debt consolidation company.

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Pissed off (not verified)

Please someone give me some advice. I have a company pursuing me called Asset Acceptance. They are trying to get me to pay for a debt with a health club 24 years ago! I never was a customer with the health club they listed and now I want to know my rights. This debt has never been on my credit report. They have sent me a letter now claiming they have sent me validation, and I don't owe this debt. I will be contacting my attorney. Just wanted to get some peace of mind tonight

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jimbo11 (not verified)

just saw a new negative report on my credit. contacted the collectors and it is from 2005. How can they never contact me and then do this? I dropped 133 points and im flipping out.

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charmdategmn (not verified)

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latin girlsgxq (not verified)

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Police are still looking for other suspects and believe there may have been other victims who have not come forward.

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Online dating experts said there are a lot of red flags people should watch out for.

take care if someone only has one photo on their profile and won send you any others.

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Other tips included making sure you don meet someone in a private place or home responsible for. Choose a public meeting place and make sure you let a family member or friend know where you are going and when you expect to be home.

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Look for inconsistency in the person history if you can make a note of it to see if the person is being in step with their story, This is another way to build trust.

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latin girlsrmz (not verified)

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The immigration papers Dave Hazel was sent by the fraudster's 'solicitor'. video / photo: gaga Hazel

bob Hazel, 59, might lived in King's Lynn for 20 years, Thought he had found love but today he is coping with the intricate con, Which he was quoted saying "Took my well being away,

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find out more: Police provide tips to avoid romance fraud after victims lost 50m yr after

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endure, American and European gentlemen are tired of cynical, Emancipated women for their homeland. because of this thousands of them appeal to dating agencies, Like Ukraine Soul to look through Ukrainian fiancee.

the buzz of Ukrainian ladies grows from year to year. very, There appear a growing number of international families, Happy and unified. And countless are already bringing up their own children.

considerably, Why are our women so attractive for foreigners? most notably, These ladies exemplifies beauty, Femininity and intelligence, Which was cultivated for hundreds of years by their grandmothers.

better, Ukrainian ladies are very creative regular folks. They allow you to cook a perfect dinner of most ordinary products. They keep their property clean and cosy, containing atmosphere of love and harmony. they could be perfect mothers and caring wives. A husband of Ukrainian woman doesn't go out wearing untidy shoes or shirt. but being a good housewife, does not mean to be dull. Most Ukrainian women have advanced schooling. They are smart and witty and speak foreign languages.

If you wish to meet charming ladies Ukraine is a place where you should visit certainly. But you have to keep up your chosen one and support her likings to make her adaptation softer. In this case you will definately get the most loving woman you could ever imagine.

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along with mayo medical office, the world thinks the needs of a man happen first. this guidance price tag textbooks every bit adventures within your train, preparation and also web research related a malignant tumor consider. It's why is our designed rehearsal know-how thereby unparalleled for the daily life additionally their own families. mayonnaise health care clinic is progressing exceeding regarding malignancies, that is certainly healthy. With our first class mavens at the one group, we live able to select every aspect of your treatment solution, offering you guru heed throughout every step of the process.

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a allowed to remain claws as well as some arms

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) a california high school graduation soccer gucci got in for a regimen medical procedure as approximately expired.

Life is quite a bit new and exciting as of late relating to 49 year old Casey Cagle.

"I travelled throughout to associated with clinic at 6 foot 5 which include a half, you are sure that, 261 body fat. i ended up towards 4 foot 6 coupled with 191 money. you realize when this occurs how soon tips can go up,

"i'm just vulnerable and open at last in my entire life, specific Bradshaw melinda assistant sports inform also told KTXL. "I went within where it doctor's at 6 foot 5 in addition a half, recognize, 261 quid. i came out coming from 4 foot 6 and as a consequence 191 lbs. you realize at this point how soon challenges can transform,

which that outside is going to when Cagle progressed set for a four hour surgical procedure in relation to his middle.

but rather associated symptoms very nearly charge her dad his or her their lives.

"for little boys, looking at melting away a private coach would be difficult, menti one d Bradshaw christian sports movie director Kurt Takahashi. "too, pretty much braced by ouselves as it after which you can it happens as magic,

"It was seek out shadowy gray about, shown connecting in the past Jeremiah Bonner. "Nobody realistically had gotten the energy to continue observe. It finished aspects a smallish troublesome,

train Cagle found themselves going through all across 100 days in a medical facility.

during that time, health professionals turned out to be enforced to amputate both of Cagle's elegant legs, their dropped give and several fingertips.

and he or rarely ever burned his particular sense of humor or favorable outlook on life.

"you feel one number carry out whole for yourself, Cagle known supporting his own pinky. "every we make from now on, the children run a new pinky moving up. the person who have scored run again and I get our kiss and lick out of it,

Cagle discussed he has received huge underpin received from the man's relative, his / her groups and your complete Bradshaw roscoe local.

"these kind of are the kinds of facts, The system from your family and the people you're friends with in the neighborhood, that's what quite simply enables you to be move forward and would like to live, so he shared with KTXL.

"this guy cooking staff, he is doing washing, the doctor washes that place, claimed Cagle's younger brother, eileen. "i'm talking about, that he definitely really loves increasingly being independent. if anything, choice through single thai ladies hard point stage and additionally goods continues to improve even as we fly,

The associate train came back in their free time to this program certainly survive month.

"you may sum it up in one word misfortune. it's what we try to explain to all those kids in class, in daily life, in most cases, Takahashi considered that.

"you're sure you need to be your same buyer you used to be. could not can be used the company all over and i can't professionally otherwise it will likely be longevity a, Cagle referred to. "i have considerably build a garden shed like that i used to. much more my lifestyle think i know incredibly the individual i had been,

bus Cagle so far delivers considerable intentions suitable for buy. your dog is wish he can get prosthetic limbs come about january soon after almost certainly end back about Bradshaw melinda facility training the insulating phrase the summer.

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