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Question about Credit Scores and FICO

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Joined: 19 Jul 2010
Katrina's page
Posts: 51
Location: Atlanta, GA

1067 Magic Points

Subject: Question about Credit Scores and FICO
Posted on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:22 pm  

Has anyone pulled their credit report and score from all three bureaus AND MyFICO at the same time?

Did your FICO scores match your credit scores from the matching bureau or were they 'off'?

If they were off, how much did they differ?

What about that Vantage Score, any one every pull this one?

Just curious to see how they all add up. I know way back when, I did and the scores from the bureaus were 20+ points lower than my actual FICO scores, but I'm not sure with all the changes if this is the case any longer.


Joined: 19 Jul 2010
Katrina's page
Posts: 51
Location: Atlanta, GA

1067 Magic Points

Posted on Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:48 pm  

O.K. - So I am totally annoyed at the CRA at the moment, not so much Equifax - but good grief - I spent half the day trying to get a single TransUnion and single Experian report and score. What a bunch of greedy b$%#@%ds!!!!

I actually had to go thru MyFICO to get the TransUnion report/score because you couldn't get it direct from the TU site w/o signing up for monitoring.

Absolutely couldn't get out of the whole stupid monitoring thing with Experian and after 2 hours threw in the towel and just signed up for the damn thing - which I WILL cancel on Monday.

After looking at both of those reports its obvious that they are more into marketing their product and monitoring service than keeping their records up to date (to my benefit I'm happy to say).

To answer my own question, EQ & TU scores were within a couple of points FICO - not a clue about Experian though since they don't offer a FICO score.

They really have a racket going - geeze.


Joined: 13 Aug 2007
sdchargers_63's page
Posts: 1883

1916 Magic Points

Subject: credit
Posted on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:03 am  

LOL.....KATRINA!!! Yep...seems that way. I've recently checked all of my scores. They were 590, 580, 601. Let me tell you.......those are ALOT higher than they were a few years ago (About 6 or 7 years ago, they were in the low 400's).

Subject: Credit
Posted on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:55 pm  

Hello Katrina,

As a consumer you will always get none FICO scores or outdated FICO scores. The only exception to this is when you purchase an EX score from myfico. That EX score will be the only score that will look similar to a score used by a creditor.

They got us by the b%$#s.


Joined: 28 Oct 2009
FreedomDM's page
Posts: 105
Location: Florida

2329 Magic Points

Posted on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:40 pm  

Katrina - ur rant made me laugh, thank you. We've all endured that once or twice and probably will a few more times. It gave me smile at the end of a very long day, thanks again.

Did u remember to cxl?
Michael J Brazier
Performance Based Debt Relief

Joined: 16 Aug 2010
kakucis's page
Posts: 5
Location: London

137 Magic Points

Posted on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:31 pm  

So I'm completely annoyed in the CRA in the moment, not a lot Equifax - but great grief - I invested half the day attempting to get a one TransUnion and one Experian statement and rating. What a bunch of greedy b$%#@%ds!!!!

I really needed to go thru MyFICO to obtain the TransUnion report/score simply because you couldn't get it direct in the TU website w/o signing up for monitoring.

Completely couldn't get out from the entire stupid monitoring point with Experian and following 2 several hours threw within the towel and just signed up for that damn point - which I WILL cancel on Monday.

Following searching at the two of individuals reports its clear that they're much more into marketing and advertising their item and monitoring support than maintaining their records as much as date (to my advantage I'm pleased to say).

To solution my personal query, EQ & TU scores were within a couple of points FICO - not a clue about Experian though since they don't offer a FICO rating.
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Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
Posts: 2632

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Subject: credit score
Posted on Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:28 am  

Hi kakucis,

It is always better to buy your score from Myfico.


Keep in touch Smile
Jessica Grigori

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Tracy Allen

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Clifford Devin

Subject: How i got my credit fixed
Posted on Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:50 am  

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