Deleted Charge-Off... Now What?

Submitted by jenaywins on Tue, 06/15/2010 - 15:58

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for your responses. :D

I had a charge-off deleted from my Experian report just literally yesterday as part of my battle to clean up my credit. I am looking to purchase a house this year and am dilligently paying things off for deletion, etc. My question is... How much will a deleted charge-off raise my credit score, and when should I see the results?

Again, many thanks for your responses.

Hi jenaywins,

It's good to hear that you were successful in removing the charge-off from your credit report :)

Removing a negative from your credit report can increase your score by some 50 points. However, I am not sure if there is any certain increase in score when a charge-off is removed. Your score may increase within a few days of the removal of the charge-off. Get a copy of your credit score from for the updated version of your score.



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Anonymous (not verified)

Aaron, thanks for your response. I do actually utilize Equifax and Experian to monitor my reports, as well as for my 3-1. I haven't really seen an increase in my score, but it was very recent that this was deleted so perhaps I will check it in a few days! :D

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Check it in a month or so after the change was official. The update may coincide with the original reporting and/or billing cycle or it could be updated by the bureau in their regular updates.

Also, ensure all 3 are reporting the same - including removals and updates as not all data btwn the 3 is shared or updated accordingly.

Good luck on the house and congrats!

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