is this still hurting my credit

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In June 2005, I missed a payment on a credit card by 5 days. The bank raised the interest to 24%. I got a loan of 500K with low interest to pay for this credit card. However, I decided not to close the account. I have since then used been it for balance transfers because the bank was offering low APR on balance transfers. I have no other late fees on my credit report on this account but for the large balance.

Is it possible that the late payment made so many years ago and the high APR is still hurting my credit?

Hi Brown,

It is true that you had been late in paying the dues. However, many years have passed from then and you have paid off the dues too. Thus, this should not hurt your credit anymore. Moreover, your account isn't showing any late payments. Thus, may be the high balance on your credit report is hurting your score.

Can you tell me if the APR is being shown on your credit report or not?

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If you pay off your debts, then it should not bother you as the late payment is not showing on your credit report.

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rblack, that is not always the case. Sometimes when one pays off the debt, the collector does not remove it from the debtor's account. Therefor, it remains on there. In some cases, the debtor has to take action to make such things go away off of their credit report.

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I am not sure but it might affect your credit report. You might try to settle this so that it won't be a problem when time comes that you need to apply for a loan.

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