Hard Inquiry on your Credit report

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if you have a Hard inquiry and have sent a letter for them to have it removed and write back and say you applied for a Credit Card on line and this is why we checked your Credit Report but do not send any proof back with your letter which stated to send back proof what will the Equifax , Trans union or Experian say to this?

You can try to get the hard inquiry removed from your credit report by disputing it with the credit bureaus if you are sure that you did not apply for a new line of credit. The bureaus will get it verified and get it removed from your report.
You can send them a second letter asking them for the proof that you applied for the credit card online. You may also threaten them in writing that you will complain against them to the State Banking Commission and the FTC if they fail to verify your authorization.

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SCOTT..........do you take the same 'approach' here?..I mean when you Dispute items with a CA, they have 30 days to respond. Is it the same with someone/company who made a Hard Inquiry..you have to give them so many days?

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Hi yes scott is correct you can contact the credit bureau directly and file a dispute with them. This is the best way at doing this.

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A hard pull on a credit report is different. It does affect your credit score. Anytime that you are actually getting a loan or a new credit card, the lender conducts a hard pull on your credit report. This stays on the record. It also lowers your credit score by about five points for six months. For this reason, it is important to guard your credit report from too many hard pulls. If you get a store credit card just to save 10 percent on a single purchase, you have hurt your credit score. That is probably not worth the 10 percent savings. Some banks even use a hard pull if you are opening a savings account, so be sure to check your potential bank’s policy. Additionally, the incentives that credit card companies offer for signing up may not be worth the hit to your credit score.
An inquiry is a record of someone checking your credit information. Inquiries come in two distinct categories: "hard inquiries" that occur when a business views your credit report for the purpose of an application and "soft inquiries" that occur when your credit is checked for other reasons. If you apply for a new credit card, a hard inquiry record will appear on your credit report and may impact your credit. When you check your own credit report, or when it is checked for a pre-approved marketing purpose, it is considered a soft inquiry and will not harm your credit score.

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Medwards (not verified)

I've tried to contact the creditors that pull my credit report with out me authorizing it. they told me they can not remove it. I have to dispute it with the credit bureaus and they will do there investigation. on the other hand the credit bureaus are saying I need to call or send a letter to the creditors first and what ever result i get to send it to the credit bureaus. can anyone please help me. thanks Medwards.


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Anonymous (not verified)

dudes how do we know who did the hard inquiry?

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Hard inquiries are reflected on the credit report as account review inquiries. This is done by the lender or creditor before providing you the loan or the credit card. Hard inquiries are done to check the reliability of the customer. Thus, if you had asked for a loan or a credit card, while checking your credit report, you will definitely know who did the hard inquiry.

However, not all hard inquiries are done with your acknowledgment. If you find any account review that have been done without your knowledge, you can dispute that with the credit bureaus or the company itself.

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Dianne (not verified)

I have had the same experience as "Medwards" above. Transunion says their is no way to dispute a hard inquiry from their end. I have to call the bottom-feeding collection company who ran a hard inquiry on me on a debt that is over 10 years old and ask them to send a letter to TransUnion and ask them to remove it. What are the changes the Collection agency is going to time and effort to do that for me? None!!! I don't think it is right that bottom-feeding collection companies can run "hard" credit checks long after collection accounts have expired. Soft credit checks, okay, but hard credit checks that affect your credit negatively for two years everytime they sell the debt to a new bottom feeder is wrong.

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Meeshell (not verified)

I am so frusterated!! I have a hard Inquiry on my credit from a collection agency who is trying to collect on a very OLD debt (the original creditor doesnt even exist anymore). I have sent letters to both the credit reporting agency and the the collection agency asking them to delete the unauthorized hard inquiry...experian says they cant remove it and to contact the collection agency. The collection agency ignores my requests though I have sent these dispute letters certified mail. What can I do to make this right?!?!?!?!

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simply me (not verified)

I believe hard inquiries last for 2 months. You can have then disputed but only if you know it was done without your authorization

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Mmm...I was told 'hard inquiries' will stay on your CR for 2 years. Actually, right now, I have an 'inquiry' on there that I know has been close to a year since it was put on my credit report. It does say, somewhere near the 'inquiry' when it was put on your CR.

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Tarazona (not verified)

How I delete fro my credit the dispute? I apply for a home loan but they want to delete from my credit the dispute How can I do it?

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A hard inquiry occurs when a retail creditor pulls a credit report for the purpose of attempting to extend you credit. These inquiries can be seen from Local Banks, Credit Card Companies when you are trying to get a new credit card, employers. Each hard inquiry is viewed as a negative and can affect your score between 1+ points. Because every credit report is different and ever changing there is no way to pin down exactly how much an inquiry hurts your credit.

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Leo (not verified)

Okay, while it's true that hard pull inquiries will stay on your credit report for two years--this is of interest only to lenders. And it's perfectly reasonable to have 1 to 2 inquiries at any given time.

However, the effect on your credit score lasts only for one year. For instance, your FICO score may take a modest 5 to 10 point hit immediately--but this gradually fades after 6 months and by the 13th month your credit score should be fully recovered from that hard pull.

Hard inquiries are the trade-off for opening new lines of credit--or applying for higher credit limits with some companies. Obviously, you should try to limit them to yearly events at best. Having many more than 2 inquiries of record in a 24 month period could drop your credit scores significantly. So, do try to make them count.

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michel.holt46@… (not verified)

I recently purchased a truck for my husband and asked the dealership to find us a loan with the best rates. They dished out to 10 places who did hard inquiries. I read somewhere that if there are several hard inquiries done within a month by the same type of loan companies, (car loans, house loans, etc) they credit agencies, Transunion, Equifax, Experian will unite those as 1 hard hit, knowing that it was caused by finding a specific loan with the best rates. I now have 10 hard hits in a 1 month period because of this. How do I get rid of them or get the 3 agencies to combine them as 1 or 2 to help my credit score. I can't wait 2 years to be able to apply for credit again.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I am trying to figure out whether my situation fits a HARD INQUIRY or SOFT INQUIRY. I have recently applied for apartment and they have pulled my credit which is fine with me but I was not expecting it to be a hard inquiry. I would appreciate if someone could give a clear answer on this one. Thanks very much in advance.

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crorkz matz (not verified)

g9Z4tt Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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Bey (not verified)

Hard inquiry's stay on for two years exactly and then they are dropped. I applied for a credit union and it was dropped exactly two years later. I accepted a brand new car loan and it recently went away exactly making it two years.

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Iris George (not verified)

Do you have hard inquiries, late payments, liens, evictions etc. on your profile? Do you wish to upgrade your credit? Do you need a hacker to help rejuvenate your credit profile? I know hackers that can get the job done. They are called XAP CREDIT SOLUTION, they came into my life when I was at my lowest point and revitalized it by increasing my score and clearing all my negatives. I owe everything I have today to them. Text 972 597 9704 or send them a mail via XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM and let them help you!!!

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