I need 30 pts. in 30 days

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Hello All--

For slightly complicated reasons, it would really good if I could take my FICO from ~725 to over 750 in the next 30 days. My only debt is students loans, and I can't do anything about that right now (still in grad. school). No negative or incorrect items show on my statements, and I have only one new account (a student loan) that is from 8 months ago. I have never had a credit card of any kind, and getting one seems like my best line of attack. Several days of research have me looking at the following two options:

1) Find a legitimate Secured Credit Card that really truly does not check my credit for approval. This costs me money in fees, but does not hit my score with a credit check (finding such a card has proven somewhat difficult).

2) I hear some people saying you can get a credit line from some retail stores that report to the bureaus, without a credit check. This costs me money to buy some of their useless stuff, but may have the same effect as #1.

Any and all advice would be helpful. Any good advice on the above ideas? Any other ideas you would suggest?


Hi bcro,

Welcome to this community :)

I am afraid there is no such definite time-limit within which you will be able to increase your credit score by certain points. Can I know more on your student loan? Can you tell why can't you do anything about it now?

The only way in which you may be able to improve your score in minimum time is getting added as an authorized user on somebody else's account who has a greater credit score than you. that someone can be any of your relatives or friends.

If you apply for a secured card or a store card, the companies will definitely pull your credit report. This can lower your credit score by some points.



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Thanks for the reply. Regarding the student loans, my whole motivation here is to take advantage of a home-buyers assistance grant, the amount of which is maximum with a score of 750, and a whole lot less with a score of <700. Doing so would improve my monthly finances to the point that I know longer need to take out student loans. I simply cannot afford to pay down my current loans at this time.

Getting added to a parent's credit card seems to be my surest route. I've been researching this, and I find some conflicting information out there on a few points. Given that a) all that ultimately matters here is the credit score the bank uses when I go to qualify, and b) I would prefer to come back off of my parent's card once this all done, and c) my parents and I do not pose any credit risk to each other:

1) Joint vs. Authorized User? Something appears to have occurred in 2008 that confuses this issue.

2) Assuming I make no use of the card and they continue to use it correctly, could going Joint or AU adversely affect their credit score?

Thanks again for all your input. I'm starting to wish I had gone to school for Finance instead.

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Hi bcro,

Joint users are liable for the debt while the authorized users are not held liable for the debt. The joint user has a legal obligation to pay off the credit card balance. However, the authorized user has no legal obligation towards the account on which he has been added as an authorized user.

As for the second issue, late payments can adversely affect the authorized user's score.



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This all very interesting. My folks have a credit card they would sign me onto. For purposes of my credit score when I go to qualify for a mortgage, is AU just as good as Joint? I can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere on that one.

I'll keep digging. Thanks a bunch Aaron.

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Hi bcro,

Both authorized user and joint user are helpful for you to qualify for a mortgage, because both helps you in increasing your score. After getting added as authorized user, try improving your credit. After you see quite an improvement in your credit, get yourself removed as the authorized user.



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Thanks a bunch Aaron. The paper work is in to add me as AU on that credit card. I'll monitor my score, and post the result here once I see a change.

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the only thing I know that could deliver those kinds of results in one of those authorized user tradeline programs. There was a lot of disinformation 2 years ago about FICO 08 doing away with the practice but the fact is that it still exists. My wife went through "www.totaldebtsolutionsllc.com&quot; and called their toll-free number to get a 51 point bump in 30 days. Good luck.

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That's alot of points within a short amount of time. What did your wife do to accomplish this? I'm assuming they are legit? I'm still a little 'fuzzy' on Tradelines (have heard about them alot, but, just don't know WHAT they are). Can you explain please?

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I have heard of that but I think they were in the process of making that illegal..I believe they are trying to enforce this process called "piggybacking" to only family members. It would eliminate or at least stop people from being added to strangers accounts. They mentioned to the effect that credit reports are essential in seeing the accuracy of a persons creditworthiness and this takes away from that because it skews and misrepresents the persons actual creditworthiness...

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