Does Consolidating Credit Hurt Your Credit Score?

Submitted by jayben on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 20:48

i have quite a bit of debt from an unsecured personal loanand student loans i took out and was wondering that if i consolidated them if that would hurt my credit score?

Hi Jayben,

Debt consolidation is good idea, if you wish to lower to interest rate and get the extra fees and charges waived off. However, I don't think you can consolidate the loans if your student loan is federally granted. If it is a private loan, you can do it. Yes, debt consolidation hurts your credit score, since it indicates that you are unable to pay off your bill normally. This gets reported on your credit report and the potential creditors or lenders start viewing such people as 'risky' borrowers. As far as the score is concerned, it will take a hit, but exactly by how many points, it is impossible to say.

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If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it will ruin your credit. The notation will stay on your credit report for 7 years and on your public records for 20

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justin and SIA...thanks for your comments. they've really helped. i guess i'll have to continue to get some advice to see what the best route will be for me.

but thanks again

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lisaroberts2384 (not verified)

Hi Jayben.
Your credit card score will not get affected by using a debt consolidation program. Credit bureaus will make a notation on your credit report but this will not affect the credit score. The problem, however, lies in how your future creditors may view such a notation. Some may take it as a positive thing showing that you are taking responsibility for your financial situation. Some view it negatively. This notation is removed once you finish or terminate the debt consolidation program. Debt consolidation is a good idea especially since a good agency may be able to get your interest rates reduced, waive or reduce late fees, financial charges, etc. This results in you paying less money to your creditors in the long run,and, in a quicker amount of time. But make sure you choose a reputable Debt Consolidation agency – a non-profit agency which has third-party accreditation and has a proven track record. Check for a rating with the BBB. The best rating is A+. You should deal only with certified professional credit counselors.

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it depends on the kind of debt consolidation. Do you mean through credit counseling? this will affect your score but it is better than defaulting.

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Aaron (not verified)

Hello jayben,

I am afraid that debt consolidation does hit credit score. This is because by the time you start settling your dues, you may have had a no. of late payments recorded on your credit report.

However there are ways to boost the score. Firstly check the status of your accounts on your credit report. Once you settle the dues after consolidation, your report should reflect "Satisfied" or "Settled" instead of unpaid. Secondly negotiate your account status with the creditors and go for a pay for delete agreement with them. Then ask them to update your account status as "Paid in full" or "Paid as agreed". Thirdly keep some credit accounts open. And yes last but not the least get a secured credit card.

And one more thing is that you won’t be able to consolidate the student loan.



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one issue with this kind of credit counseling is that your first payments go toward dues rather than your bills. Leaving your bills unpaid this way can cause serious if temporary problems. You should consider whether you can negotiate settlements on your own and save the fees.

Also, while student loans cannot be settled in this way, there are many ways of deferring payments. There is also a program where if you work in public service for 10 years, the loans can be forgiven.

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Sharon (not verified)

Hi jayben,

Attempting a debt consolidation means to get together all your loans to pay off the greater debt. In general it may not affect your credit score in any major way. But the credit score also depends on how you deal with your current financial situation.

After you go for the debt consolidation program make sure that you use your older accounts. Also check the status of your accounts on your credit report. Once you settle the dues after consolidation, your report should reflect "Satisfied" or "Settled" instead of unpaid. Then negotiate your account status with the creditors and go for a pay for delete agreement with them. Then ask them to update your account status as "Paid in full" or "Paid as agreed". Also make sure that you get a secured credit card.

And one more thing is that you won’t be able to consolidate the student loan.



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Debt consolidation will not hurt your credit score and is also a good idea to think for then just going for chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. I personally suggest you to go for it. But Debt consolidation is also a loan to pay off others so try getting out of it fast.

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miller29 (not verified)

I want to increase my credit score within a year so that I can possibly get approved for a car. Will paying the negative accounts on my credit help my score, and if so how much will they help!

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Hi miller,

There are various ways in which you can try to improve your score. However, it would have been much better if you could have given details of your present credit condition.

You will have to go on making on-time payments on your credit accounts and remove ant wrong items from your credit report. You can remove the wrong items from your credit report by sending dispute letter to the credit bureaus.

If you had went delinquent on any of your accounts, or if you have collections on your credit report you can try removing these through "Pay for delete" or Goodwill letter and disputes. All these together can help you to improve your credit score.



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Hi Guest,

Yes, debt consolidation does not hurt your credit score as you are not required to miss payments. However, if you enroll in a debt consolidation program, it gets listed on your credit report and gets removed once you finish paying off your debts through the program.



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Credit counseling will not hurt your credit but what it will show on your credit report that you're in a debt management plan and that may reflect poorly on your credit if you're trying to apply for more credit because it will seem like you're trying to get help in regards to your debt.

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Debt consolidation is unique to follow and very good tool to decrease the interest rate and ultimately save income.
it may not be useful while some one is educating and is student , because u have a very sort income resource , however it will be good in your personal loan

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MaryO (not verified)

I'm really confused about debt consolidation!! I heard that it majorly destroys your credit because in order to put your credit cards on the plan, they must be closed, thus lowering your score considerably.

Why so many comments saying it doesn't hurt your score? Are there "credit counselors" on here trying to drum up business?

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Wilhans (not verified)

I am in the same boat 15k in debts. I didn't bother tnyrig to get a consolidation loan because I already knew I wouldn't get approved. What I did do though is go to Money Management International since I didn't want to file bankruptcy. I signed up for a debt management plan. This plan is similar to a bankruptcy in that you can't have credit cards (all accounts are closed) and you can't finance anything.The differences 1) No bankruptcy on your credit report for 7 or more years.2) Completely optional. You don't have to include every creditor and your creditors don't have to accept any proposal. Because of this the 1st month or two can be a bit hard on the nerves.3) You can end the plan anytime. but your creditors will come demanding payment in full immediately on everything owed and don't count on them being willing to make a deal.4) If you miss a payment on the debt management plan your creditors can (and probably will) cancel their participation if they wish.

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Ten million peopleThe National Police Chiefs' Council said firms have a social obligations to prevent abuse on their platforms.

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which is it's so incredibly demeaning, Infantilising and downright offensive to see such things as the NSW Police's Facebook status last week, In which they riffed off Beyonce's Single Ladies for a 'cute' post warning women about keeping themselves safe while uniform dating:

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Gladys Walker (not verified)

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Gladys Walker (not verified)

Are you in a need of a legit hacker to help you boost your credit score to 800 golden score, PROHACK NETWORK is the best hacker at this point. He help me raise my credit score to 800 golden score and He help me wipe all negative items including an eviction on my credit report within 72 hours. He help me pay off my home equity line of credit (HELOC) debts within few weeks, His service are fast, secure and without traces. Hit him: , +1 (252) 307-3167.

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So concerns Around For Date

One of the biggest issues people have of online dating is the fear of "All of the crazies in the market, russian women certainly, in reality, "anyone crazies" Aren't just on the online dating services sitesthey have to live and breathe and exist somewhere and most likely at a city near you!

So now you happen to be completely paranoid and ready to stop the dating process completely and resort to becoming a spinster, conclude! I have some dating safety tips to guide you to in ALL of your dating scenarios; international dating, Blind ukraina dating dates and date requests from the sexy man in the produce section of the market!

Involve Your Friend Remember when you were a teen and your folks always interrogated you as you were walking on your way "Who are you going out with? When are you back? Where considering going? What are their parent's name and contact number, completely, don't allow my Mom know I said this, But that was a really good safety idea. when you're meeting up with someone for the first (and perhaps even the second) moment in time, you'll want to have a friend who knows who you are meeting, Where you are meeting and after you're meeting. for this "which in turn, contain his name, mobile phone number, And whether you met him on a dating site, Which site wonderful handle.

you ask your friend to either text you or call you 45 min to an hour after the date starts just to check in. (you may even use this as an exit strategy if the date is going poorly.)

Select or Agree to a Public Place for the first few Dates There is safety in numbers; So be safe! Only agree to a location where various people for example, A coffee shop, restaurant, Bowling street, Putt putt the game of golf, thus. Some not so good ways for the first few dates taking a hike on an off beaten path, Going to the forest to shoot guns, Going for a drive in high altitude climates or visiting a secluded beach. Be very clear about what works. If they offer a hike in the forest for the first date, You doesn't have to be snotty about it, specifically say, "Ya appreciate, I don't be pleased with that for the first date. How about a picnic neighborhood, If they insist on having a hike, turn down THE DATE! Your safety is crucial than his "self-esteem,

Always Meet Him for the First Date Now I am a fan of along with Gentlemen acting like ladies and Gentlemen, But dating basic safety always comes first. alright then, i'll try that again, This time with dating safety in mind this means I meet him at the restaurant or coffee shop where we have planned on meeting. this prevents me safe by not disclosing my home address and gives me access to my car so I am free to leave when I choose.

Trust Your Gut This one plays the main. If the guy gives you that creepy feeling in your gut LISTEN, get rid of there. You have no need to make a scene, But end the date and get over it. This gut feeling is your safety device at some stage in your dating journey. Don't be afraid to become your gut.

i will bookmark admit, with this "Crazy rest of the world" Dating can look like they are a scary activity however, I would challenge you to ponder the considered that life isn't any crazier or scarier than it was before; With the birth of online and the increase in media coverage, The craziness is now more available to us.

With a person, You have the choice to put your head in the sand and remain single OR you can create the relationship of your dreams. If you decide the later, Keep these dating safety tips in mind and open yourself up to everything about many new wonderful peopleand maybe even Mr. just.

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Bodaway Cliff (not verified)

760PLUS CREDIT SCORE is reliable and efficient credit company to work with. A Colleague recommended 760PLUS to me after I confided in him about my poor credit situation. I contacted them immediately on +1(304) -774 -5902 and they increased my low credit score from 420 to 810 in less than a week. Removing all hard inquiries, charge offs and eviction. Guess what? They even added some positive trade lines to my report. I want you to contact them, they can help you. Here is their email: 760PLUSCREDITSCORE@GMAIL.COM /+1(304) -774 -5902. Cheers. Don’t forget to mention my name when you text.

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