Ways to repair bad credit!

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Hello everyone, I have been hearing about ways to repair bad credit and the services available online to help us make the right move in that direction. Though, I find that my credit score has been good enough, I would still like to know the services that help us in this regard.

i have bad credit because of theft identity. this farm has a contract with sanderson farms. they would pay direct to the lender. i have 5 years experience in the poultry business.

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hey john
if you have any installment of loans then you should pay it off before the due dates. try to keep a gap between the amount of credit you're using and your available credit limits.Always try to use your oldest credit card so that your credit history is regularly updated.
check the limits of your credit card ,sometime lenders may give you lower limit then what you have,so ask them they ll update your information.


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Hi john,

There are many credit repair companies that repair your credit online, for a fee. You will have to fill out the online forms, to get their services. But nobody can remove negative items from your report, within a short period of time, if they are accurately listed. So, you must verify the companies background, before you sign-up for any credit repair services.

I feel it is always best to repair your credit on your own. The bucks you save by fixing your credit on your own, can be used to pay off your debts. Here are a few easy tips to improve your score.

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There are many services available online that will help you in repairing bad credit and making a good credit score. I have had experience of such services for bad credit repair and would hope that they would help you too. Having a good credit score is really important in terms of financial gains and represents a healthy financial status. Check out "http://www.scicreditsolutions.com/" for more details and repair you credit score.

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Always be updated with your credit card limit.
check proper credit score history.

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I had so many collections in my credit report, and I thought I never would qualify for anything with my credit score stucked in the 500s...Then a friend of mind told me about this company, it took about 3 months before I noticed any change, but gradually I noticed that the collection reports were being deleted from my report. In the end there were only 2 collections left out of 20 ! although it cost $ 29/mo it was really worth it..

Centurion Law Firm http://affiliate.yourcreditattorney.com/478739.html

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yes it is really true that one cannot build a credit score overnight. but I strongly believe that instead of outsourcing the credit repair to any credit repair company, one should do it on one's own.because credit repair is not a overnight process.so there is no magic involved in this.

One can ask some guys who have experienced what exactly these credit repair companies do and then after analyzing one can surely use all those processes on your own.

this is the perfect advice for the person who do not want to spend hefty money as well has knows that credit can't be built overnight.

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Interesting responses. I never heard of paying someone to repair your credit for you. Sheash, this website forum is fantastic. lol I'm learning all kinds of neat things.

I don't think I would pay for credit repair either. It's more cost effective to pay your debt or put the money into a savings account. Let your money MAKE you money. :) Actually, I am so skeptical about any kind of company really involving debt. Debt is such a touchy subject in my life, I want only legitimate companies lol I can't afford a scam!!!

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i will simply say one mantra for credit score improvement as
"pay bills on time"
That is affecting imensely .

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You can pay someone sure, but PLEASE be sure to check them out on the BBB before sending any type of payment- with any business for that matter - its always good to do your homework.

Looking for some free ways to repair your credit without a service? I have 2 posts in here.

One called: Clean Credit: How to Improve Your Credit, 5 FICO Steps
-posted Nov 9th

The Second Called: Build Your Credit W/out Using Credit- New Tips!
- posted today, Nov 10th

These easy guidelines can help you not only improve your credit, but better understand your credit score and what does and does not affect your credit.

Our non-profit also provides free budget counseling and credit consolidation services and our fees are nominal to say the least. Check out those 2 articles, i think they'll help you a lot AND you wont have to pay anyone.

Have a great evening!

Michael J. Brazier

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The Fact is that anyone that tells you they can fix your credit within a certain amount of time, is either lying or doing it illegally. And who will pay the price/ You will.
You will pay their fees and be left with the same credit, or paying the legal price for their actions.

The best advice, start slow. It takes years to repair bad credit.
Focus on today. Focus on the bills you have now. Whatever is negative on your report, it is already their, Focus on what isn't there yet and make sure that is paid. The longer you can stop anything from hitting your report as unpaid or late, the better. Also you have to start building credit. The key is to have more new positives and less and old negatives.

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focus on credit card bills .pay ontime that will affect 35% of credit score improvement.

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Barbiedoll123 (not verified)

How can I repair my credit my self

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Have you done any further research or read any of the articles Ive posted showing easy ways you can improve your credit w/out paying someone who may be fraudulent?

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i think credit card may provide you to improve credit history

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If you have past accounts that were due but the SOL on which has expired, you may dispute those debts and get them removed from your report. Such debts that remain on your report may harm your score. If your credit report reflects lat payments, you may request your creditor to get them removed. If you've had a good history of payment with the creditor, he may even oblige you.

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everywhere i look on here, i keep seeing that paying bills on time will increase FICO credit scores. i do pay my bills on time, but i havent really seen any change. ive always paid them on time tho, so i suppose that has something to do with it. raising by 35% though....i've not seen that high of a jump..not for my boyfriend nor for myself.
hopefully it will increase our scores by 35% though! that sure would be nice!!! we'll see. we'll continue to pay on time and see if that DOES make a difference in the future. :)

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MartinaStewart28 (not verified)

Have no enough cash to buy a car? Worry not, because that is available to take the loan to work out such kind of problems. Hence get a bank loan to buy all you need.

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I tried to deal with an agency called 'Credit Solution' in the past. According to them, they are a credit repair company. I did try their services for a while. They asked for a very little "downpayment" to start my case. They had no trouble having me fill out a Money Order for them (I refuse to give CC's and debit card info to anyone). After that..they sent me regular bills with CA's I owed debt to and claimed the CA's and other creditors agreed with their program. When I called my crediots, etc,..I found out that 'Credit Solutions' made no such calls to them and (to make a long story short) were giving me te run around on ALOT of things. I think I would be extremely hesitant about buying a book from an agency I had bad experiences with.

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Thomas Cassimere (not verified)

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immunityinc.co helped fix my bad credit in weeks.

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Jacob Smith (not verified)

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