Improve Your Credit Score With Secured Credit Cards

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Most people around the world do. Life just seems to come at you and catch you off guard at the worst possible moment. If you are looking to improve your credit, then getting a credit card my actually help you dig yourself our of the bad credit hole you find yourself in.


Hey Stellina99
you are right in secured credit card if you have a good credit history and once its reported to the one of the credit bureaus company then your credit score will definitly increase.Once you start paying your debt within dues then they may offer you unsecured credit card at low interest rate.


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Stellina 99, I am agree with you in this aspect that if one want to increase the credit score the unsecured credit card is a good move to start with.

Initially if you go for the unsecured one and if you are unable to manage the due amount every month then you may fall in a bad trap of the it is always good to start with secured loans. :arrow:

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Missy28 (not verified)

Hey everyone I just wanted to get some advice on this one my husband is paying off my credit cards, and he wants me to close them both down I told him that isn't fair he has a credit score of almost 800, and mine is at a measly 559 it has gone up considerably since last year it was at 402 I can afford my monthly payments but I feel behind last month on one of my credit cards, and then they raised my minimum payment up to more than my credit limit so I'm thinking of just paying that one off, and just making my minimum payments until I can afford to get a secured card from one of the banks any ideas? Should I just close the two high intrest rate cards I have, and go for a secured card or leave these two open w/ no balance?

Thanks for your help 8)

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If the high interest credit cards have a good credit history and does not show in your credit report as delinquent accounts, you should not close it. However, if these cards show as negative delinquent accounts in your report, you can close them and go for secured credit cards to build up a credit history. But I think that if you have no outstanding on these two credit cards and the cards do not have any annual fees, you should keep them open.

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Incresing the credit limits help incres the score. Credit card is an encouraging step if you have good control over expenditure. Credit cards offer many perks that although seem low, can total a good value in a year. You can buy those things that are must for you through credit cards than by cash. Also you have option of buying online. If you have multiple cards, it is good as your total utilization gets divided into two or three cards. It means the non utilized difference (credit limit minus expenses) remains low helping raise your score.

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I was recently looking into a Secured CC.....Applied CC. It looks REALLY good to help raise my Credit score. I haven't done anything with it yet...just trying to 'catch up' on a few things, first. However......I just don't want to get in 'over my head' by having to make payments to something extra. here's the delimma: yep, it would help my Credit. Nope, I don't need another payment, with something else, right now. Any advice?

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Can anyone recommend a particular secured CC...or are they all the same? i just went to and they have all kinds of secured cc information.

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Well, JUSTJADE.........I haven't gotten the this certain CC yet, but, another member, on this site ( named DOC.) had recommended a CC called Applied CC. I went on their site and looked at the card. To me, anyway, it looks pretty good. I just haven't had a chance to get it yet. Actually.......this is a CC that DOC recommends to improve your credit.

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bankrate is a good site. i won't recommande any card but it is really a good info over there. you can go dor any good CC available over there. :wink:

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Are the guidelines for a secured credit card very demanding? As of today my FICO is 569; is this too low for a secured card?

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As far as I know, since the secured credit cards are backed by your own money and you get the credit limit equal to the amount you deposit with the credit card company, the company does not perform credit checks to issue you a card. Although 569 is a very low credit score, but if you go for secured cards, you can get one easily.

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Well put carol, Yes your credit limit will be the amount of money you put up front and they will not check your credit. It will help you build credit as it does report to all 3 major credit bureaus.

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Jack (not verified)


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johnny (not verified)

i have a credit mid score of 597, how many points will raise my credit automaticly for getting a millinium secured credit card

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Hi johnny

i have a credit mid score of 597, how many points will raise my credit automaticly for getting a millinium secured credit card

I am afraid there is no 'automatic' way to raise or improve your credit score. It is also difficult to say what score exactly will get you a secured credit card. But to be safe, a score of 700 should get you a secured card although it all depends on a lot of factors like if you have had any recent inquiries or have had a history of late payments and the like. The reasons may be aplenty. But I guess a score of 700 should work.

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Yes as someone suggested , is good site and you can capture all information through this site.

Best luck

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Just live within your means, be patient and watch your score rise. Everyone lives in a "I want it now" world.

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Fri, 09/04/2009 - 16:59 Permalink of the posters had stated to get a Millennium Secured Card, a Shopping credit card, etc., to 'rebuild' your credit. That actually does sound great! However.....some people don't have the money to put on a Secured Card. I understand the concept of trying to raise your credit score,.....however......doing all of these things (getting all of this 'credit') will put you in MORE debt.

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Thats true.

But if you want to borrow money in the future you need to have good credit or you cna live on cash all your life

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Well.......i do know a few people who don't have CC's ( because they don't want them). They're slowly, but, surely, paying their debts down, etc. And, yes...tthey DO buy just about everything they have, with cash. It's almost like a cycle: you need to have good credit to barrow money and you are in MORE debt to pay this 'extra' money back. Gosh!!

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Your credit score is becoming increasingly more important to your everyday life. Not only do banks use it to qualify you for credit cards and loans, insurance companies use it to price your monthly premiums, and even employers use it to decide whether to hire you. These days, it’s hard to get by with a low credit
score. It has too much impact on your life.

If you want to improve your credit score, you should first know the things that influence your score.

1. The timeliness of your bill payments is 35% of your credit score.

2. The amount of debt you have is 30%.

3. The length of time you’ve had credit is 15%.

4. The number of recent applications is 10%.

5. The mix of credit (credit cards vs. loans) is 10%.

Generally, you can build a good credit score by paying your bills on time, keeping your credit card balances low, having a longer credit history, keeping your credit applications to a minimum, and having
experience with both revolving and non-revolving credit.

Your credit score is directly influenced by the information on your credit report.If you want to know what’s hurting your credit, you should order your credit score or credit report or both. Your credit score generally comes with an analysis of the things that are influencing your credit score. You can get a free credit report
by visiting the only government-approved free credit report site online, With your credit report in hand, you can reference the accounts that are hurting your score and begin figuring out what you need to do to improve your credit score.

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Just some corrections

It is not just timely payment on your ills, but also on your credit card accounts, loan accounts like car loan, home loan,personal loans etc

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owen (not verified)

By how many points will a secured card raise your score? I know that it "depends" but there must be a range! Don;t answer if you don;t have an answer.

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‭Hi owen,

‎In the subject you have mentioned

None of you answered the question

I am sorry that you did not get the required help. However, can I know where is your previous query?

‎As for the secured credit card nobody can tell you by how much points your credit score may increase if you take a secured credit card. There will be a gradual increase in your credit score as you make the on-time payments.



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Hey everybody I just desired to obtain some guidance on this 1 my husband is spending off my credit rating cards, and he would like me to near them the two down I told him that isn't fair he includes a credit rating score of nearly 800, and mine is at a measly 559 it has gone up considerably because final year it was at 402 I can pay for my monthly obligations but I really feel behind final month on 1 of my credit rating cards, after which they raised my minimal payment as much as much more than my credit rating limit so I'm considering of just spending that 1 off, and just producing my minimal obligations till I can pay for to obtain a secured card from 1 from the banks any suggestions? Ought to I just near the two higher intrest rate cards I've, and go for any secured card or leave these two open w/ no balance?

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Hi kakucis,

I just near the two higher intrest rate cards I've, and go for any secured card or leave these two open w/ no balance?

Yes, it is better ti leave the cards open, and use those for minimum purchases.

You can get the secured credit card from any of the banks you have an account with. If you don't want your husband to use your cards ask him not to. If this does not work, you can change the account details.



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I have been steadily working on my personal credit score and history for the past 2-3 years. Regarding some of the other posts about getting credit repair help, or seeking out companies, I have to say, the best credit repair company is Me, Myself & I.

I brought my score back up from a 535 (atrocious) to a current score of 696. The long and short of it is this. There's no magic bullet, but you have to be willing to invest a little time (and a few dollars) into it to get the results back. Persistence!

While I had to do some school loan fixes and things, I focused my attention over the past year or so to my bank accounts/cards. My bank is BOA. Back in '06, they charged me $300 for a $500 secured card. I got my deposit back in '08 and to this day, they will not raise the limit. But, six months ago, I walked into a Credit Union and got a $4000 credit card unsecured, just like that.

Thank God for credit unions, much more flexible! Once I did that, I also read about how you need to keep extending new positive lines of credit, keep them in regular use, paid on time, but carry under 25% of your availability charged at any one time.

So in addition to the CU card, I went out and found an online store called Enchanted Attire (, where I was able to take out a $5000 credit line, do some shopping every so often and pay it right back off. It costs a little, but it ran me less than that BOA card and I am getting 10 times as much credit.

I'm looking for other credit now online. In fact, they seem to come easier as more and more open. All in all, I'm up mainly because I got that $5000 line from EA. It's taken some time, but I'm getting it done myself.

Bottom line...there are options. If your bank won't help you, or if it is one of those mega banks, go find a local community or credit union. They're more flexible. My case is proof. Once you do get those new bits of credit, don't go wild! Keep all paid on time and let the positive history of those accounts take hold. As the other negatives fade over time, you'll really start moving.

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Fereix7 (not verified)

What would certainly be great with this discussion board is if perhaps you were able to sign up to threads that you generate; Is this possible?

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On 'secured' CC's, you (the consumer) put money on it every month. As you use your OWN credit and make monthy payments n it or pa it off every month, the the CC company shpould report your payment history to the CRA's. Remember..a 'non-secured' CC you already have the credit card. On a 'secured' CC, you hae to build your own credit. However much mney you may have on the CC is your credit limit (on a 'secured' card).

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I would like to add, as well, ......I was looking Secured CC's up on the web for a friend of mine. I'm surprised to find there are actually a few Secured CC's that don't have in their 'fine print' that they report to the CRA's. I thought they ALL did.

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broudy (not verified)

I went through lexington law its kinda expensive $99 a month but they helped tones they don't remove the debt but they get it removed from your report they usually get 1 item off every month from all three credit bureaus

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debo (not verified)

I am reading a few of the post and in regards to secured cc. I have two secured cc with applied bank. they are good and it did help increase my credit score. i also have a secured cc with wells fargo and an unsecured cc with applied bank.

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crorkz (not verified)

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bolojo1 (not verified)

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Shipman (not verified)

I recently got my credit score checked and ever since I have been stressed out. My score is 479. I didn’t understand credit entirely when I got my first few cards. I failed to make payments on time, I closed two cards out shortly after opening them, and my third card was sent to collections then i got referred on discus to contact, 2 weeks after contacting them my score was improved to 820 and i did not pay a dime until it was fixed.

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Gareth (not verified)

thanks for referring Credit Repair Agency over here, i have contacted their service and they really did a great work on my credit scores by removing all negative items such as medical bills affecting my scores, now i have a good credit score ranging 780 and above, also i can now be approved for a high credit card limit, so i guarantee for you for any credit repair issues

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Betty Whales (not verified)

All the lenders that I have talked to in my area - northern California, want at-least a 580 for an FHA loan. I've talked to and interviewed about 5 lenders and they all said 580.

In November I received about $4000 ( With the help of a consultant )in financial aid so my husband and I paid off about 9 credit cards.2 of them were capital one and we've had those accounts the longest. The others were only about 2 years old.

To my understanding, goodwill letters, are when you send the creditor a letter stating that you paid your balance and you are asking if they would remove some late payments on your credit report, or other scenarios. My husband and I got into financial difficulty in 20014 and spent 2015 trying to catch up on bills and finally in December we were able to pay off half our credit cards. I couldn't believe that it took a year to catch up on bills but I am happy we didn't go the bankruptcy route even though I thought about it several times.
A private consultant/ A Programmer who we found found FICO forum session
( Lonmond @ programmer . net ), was the guy who finally helped us with the repair process . I was craving for just 580 but thank God I am 740 currently just after months.

I think its better than using credit repair companies because they delay and at the end you end up with little or no result.

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George Blast (not verified)

Betty Whales, your message was the first message I ever saw in this forum , I came back 2 days after and right there I added up the contact email of the programmer . I contacted him yesterday and he is working on my Credit Score already . Please stay I will give you feedback when he is done working on my scores .
Thank you again for the recommendation.

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Aponte jessica (not verified)

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