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Answering A Summons. What else should I do?

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Joined: 06 May 2009
michael_stangl84's page
Posts: 2

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Subject: Answering A Summons. What else should I do?
Posted on Wed May 06, 2009 6:52 am  

I've been summoned to court for my Washinton Mutual account. The amount is 1,475, plus they want interest and attorney fees. I'm preparing to answer the summons in a day or two, but I was wondering if I should also ask for debt validation while I'm at it. Or can I/should I call the attorney's office and try to settle before it goes to court? It's within the SOL still and the account has been bought by a junk debt collector and now seems to be through an attorney's office.

Posted on Wed May 06, 2009 7:34 am  

Hi michael

In my opinion, asking for debt validation could be of help.There is no way for a junk debt collector to prove, that you owe him money because there is only an assignment of the debt given to him and not a contract between you and the creditor. Even if he has purchased the account, it does not make him the original creditor. He is still a debt collector and covered by the FDCPA.

Posted on Wed May 06, 2009 9:49 am  

So debt validation could say that I'm not contractually obligated to pay the debt collector and my case could be thrown out?

OR, could it prove that I actually owe a lesser amount than what they're asking and allow me to settle for a lesser amount either in court or out.

That being said, my main question is this: Can I call the attorney's office that is suing me and try to settle before court?

Joined: 06 May 2009
michael_stangl84's page
Posts: 2

58 Magic Points

Posted on Wed May 06, 2009 2:01 pm  

Sorry, that last post was mine. I also don't know why my avatar is a girl and can't be changed Rolling Eyes

Subject: Answering Summons
Posted on Thu May 07, 2009 3:39 am  

What is also possible is, you convince your original creditor that you want to settle your dues with him, requesting him to pull the accounts from the junk debt collector. In the meantime get your debt validated. If you actually owe the debt, reply to the summons telling the court that you are in the process of debt settlement with your creditor.

You could also negotiate with your creditor. There is a possibility that the debts might be reduced by 40-60%. You can also request for a new structure of payment that is affordable. The last option could be to seek help from debt settlement agencies.


Joined: 06 Jul 2006
Mary's page
Posts: 684

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Posted on Thu May 07, 2009 7:37 am  

Hi michael
You can change your avatar anytime if you like by visiting edit profile option after signing in with your user id and password. However, the height and width of the avatar should not be greater that 150 pixels and the size of the file should not exceed 17 kb.
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Subject: LAtamDATE scam
Posted on Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:10 am  

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Posted on Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:32 pm  

Digital approaches blog

Having looked at Amy Webs video, I hacked online dating sites, Where she discusses her use of big data to crack the uniform dating scene, By becoming worn algorithms and setting about collecting her own much smaller data, To yield the best results. Here a summary of the content video started off discussing a brief back history of Amy Webb troubled love life, Shortly after she describes how she broke down the people of Philadelphia, Then broke that down to find a recommended suitor. From the people of Philadelphia Amy had come to the realisation that on paper only 35 men were potential suitors in such a big city, Showing that big data can sometimes be misleading. She noted that for years people had been matchmaking with such created, But this was on a a greater scale due to much more accessible data than had been the case prior.

One thing that Amy had mentioned was her aversion to completing such forms on sites, Leading to actually incorrect or misleading data, In fact she had actually copied over her CV to the internet site for her bio, Unsurprisingly this very formal CV was not very successful for finding suitors. When she did get a suitor she had a string of comically sad dates. At first she started scoring her dates and made what can only certainly be a wholly unsurprising statistic, the best alcohol that men had consumed on their dates, very sexual they became. The beautiful latin girls point of this was so that she could get a real comprehension of what she wanted, To refine her survey, that enable her to yield better results. This did wonders so from her study she had found her market.

still, One thing that she didn account for was her desirable mens lack of great interest in her, Meaning that she didn appeal to her target market. From this she went about tackling her data collecting from two different angles, not very close one, She created online dating profiles of men she wanted to pursue, And noted down type of women they attracted. From this she had a break down of catchwords and trends to be used in attracting her market. In the end she created a dating profile that was fruitful in attracting an ideal match, And she became attracting him, Her data breakdown and analysis generating her finding love.

in the long run, The reoccurring theme from Amy experiment was the idea of taking a huge amount of data, Such as the citizenry of Philadelphia, And breaking it down in a way to be able to her market. your final point of impact was her aversion to be quantified in data charts, If an individual is unwilling to provide accurate data then inaccurate results would occur, This could be prevented by assuring what is the desirable result before going out to collect data.
Ava Ryan

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Posted on Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:27 pm  

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Subject: charmdate
Posted on Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:57 pm  

should be interests in helping thousands coming from all 'abandoned' students having resisted

working certified statistics doctors evaluate where on 300,000 youngsters in spain are located in maintain readily available rooms at any a period of time, and yet insurance quotes deviate extensively.

the us government states you have 118,000 "Orphans" all the way through your kid's families. virtually all come with surviving mothers and fathers, nonetheless,however it occur to be declined by simply these.

Fourteen years old Sonya, which of you well-being by using e Petersburg kid's residential numbers Four, shows a typical report: "photographs appeared i have a couple of situations, and within a healthcare facility the trainer told us i came to be flat, on the other hand I certainly reside long periods, that being said mother and father waived about taking everybody,

simply orphanages habitually impart only the lowest routine of concern, With small to medium sized effort to revitalize and / or school children with specific expectations.

"It never was drafted, It was not ever verbal for, also all of this residence was formerly all of the to be put until it is all the people charmdate pass on, reads Andrei Dombrovsky, Deputy manager along with st Petersburg home.

he can be an outsider brought in because of a kid's charitable trust that will help reform those orphanage. Some orphans appropriate now attend common martial arts schools away from orphanage something that was once unbearable but volunteers external to start using young inside the home.

'Profitable system'But launch orphanages to the outside world is simply a start.

"the author's illusion is metamorph all those schools directly onto why endure couples, alleges microsoft Ostrovskaya.

The the ussr while not having charmdate scam Orphans plan this turning into put together by the Kremlin's kids Commissioner, Pavel Astakhov, calls for many orphans and often being fostered or obtained.

talk about results for engender carers are generally more in St Petersburg they could be equal to on the subject of half the typical net income typically first ed child. while spain all the same does not have the my foundation facilities for children with uncommon will have to be increased just different groups.

experienced person child's privileges campaigner Boris Altshuler informs me significantly income goes into stores something like 1.5m roubles (with regards to 35,000) Per child per annum who officers will, no doubt work so that you can positioning any of them.

"this product rrs extremely positive for harmful paperwork. shoppers every procedure while in spain, example of switching children that would individual concern, can be paralysed but pulled over by the machine over the players towards parliament, he tells.

this particular BBC many times expected mister Astakhov for an interview, without results.

while a plan by means of child care staff recently to advertise orphanages for you tiny to instill mothers offers previously stopped up.

she presenting a class of seven three girls along with four kids as well as offline issues or sometimes definite prerequisites.

my spouse saved that company anywhere from little one's bodies and therefore turned the living.

until among the very little higher education. appropriate now virtually want to log into natural training centers.

But for some patients, it was subsequently years before you start officials agreed to liberate the family.

"in the these kind orphanages ended up opened up, there is was longer communications regarding orphans and plain old ladies, here would not be anymore orphans, they might more or less all really are fostered. but that's tightly clogged by - most countrie software program, she says.

given that reforms begin in some places, as an example saint Petersburg's child the house array Four, several small just might escape a computer that flows orphans that have learning setbacks based on mental asylums although obtain 18, in addition,yet continues to keep these animals institutionalised in their general living.

Sonya, the lady canned to arrival caused by this people, is learning to walk after a period in wheelchair.

"we we live by myself. this is why i'll school. i'm sure i will start off advance, she says.

But it's decades before with the rest of Russia's orphans go along a right out the system.

wrist watch ricky Whewell's full set of BBC Newsnight on saturday 2 April 2013 at 22:30 BST on BBC Two your subsequently within the BBC iPlayer and Newsnight online store.

Posted on Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:31 pm  

contraceptive Could Change Human Attraction

Science tells us that humans have evolved year after year to make better decisions about whom to choose as a spouse, But a growing body of studies suggest that women could undo all that evolution with a simple pill many are already taking.

contraceptive pills, According to overview of the literature published today in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, May alter the menstrual cycle in such a way that both women and men are affected in their appetites for the opposite sex.

But researchers caution it is too early to draw conclusions about results of the pill, And some even doubt if science could ever answer how much hormones dictate human fascination. "in order, creditors, I wouldn't like to raise any concern among the pill users, Just awareness that these type of effects might also be possible,

with time, Research has helped scientists hypothesize on how women might be attracted to variety of men at different points in their fertility cycle.

at about the time of ovulation, Women would be more attracted to men who could provide good genetic material to their kids. for the other hand, During periods just after they were moldavian girls less fertile, They would be attracted primarily to men who would make good father figures and provide time and funding for offspring.

the men, in the mean time, Have been found to be more attracted to women whilst the month when they are most fertile. One study of exotic dancers published last year suggested that those who were not on the pill would see a rise in their tips around the time they reached peak fertility.

Research has suggested this to be, just because when women were on the pill, The movement in attraction do not swing as wildly, And exotic dancers who had been using birth control did not see significant variation in their tips as the month progressed.

But even if this speculation becomes a well evidenced theory, It most likely will not mean women should go off the pill.

"We have to weigh the benefits besides the costs, claimed Dustin Penn, Director and senior researchers for the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology in Vienna. "If it happens to be true that the pill alters [unique] Mating preferences. They may be willing to accept those consequences given advantages of renting computers that they enjoy from the pill,

It is similar, he said, To the case of a drugs that might reduce symptoms but prolong the illness itself slightly.

"We might choose to be sick another day because we do not want to feel bad, considered Penn.

doctor. Karen Boyle, A fertility expert at the Greater Baltimore facility, Said doctors are pretty clear about what the pill can do to a woman biologically.

"Some of the newer birth control pills, the ones that have different hormone combinations that make menstrual cycles disappear, Have been known to customize the moodiness with the cycle, understood Boyle. "The pill is also sterile against ovarian and endometrial cancer,

But Boyle was a little intrigued by the sudden increased a fixation with the pill by sociologists.

"The interest that science and the community at large has had with female sexual health has changed over the last period, She told.

But while Boyle would like to know whether the pill could influence who we settle down and marry, She doubted whether any studies could prove the anchor text.

"You could scale from the pill, But the women who use birth control have other biases their education levels, Their heart to heart talks skills, celebrity fad Boyle. "It's interesting but because it's such a difficult thing to study, It hasn't been something that we would discuss with patients who are going to start the pill,

Would a Genetically Similar Mate be Humanity's demise?

by far the most controversial, And most pressing arguments for studying the pill's effects on mate selection was the impact on future generations.

A few small studies in the published review found a genetic distinction between the men women find attractive during a natural cycle, And the men women found stunning while on the pill. Women on the pill found men who were more genetically similar to themselves more pleasing, While women who were off the pill found men who were genetically dissimilar that much more attractive.

Animal reports has shown that genetically similar mates have a harder time producing offspring, And the young they do produce are less fertile in turn.

then again Dr. bill Hurd, A fertility expert at the University Hospitals Case clinic, Was suspicious of the jump from the animal kingdom to modern problems with infertility.

"In a persons world, Infertility from genetic similarity is actually not found to be true, Even though everyone has started to suspected it, assumed Hurd. "Doctors tried for years they thought that recurrent miscarriages were related to genetic similarity, But they couldn't find a model,

Hurd said doctors used to test infertile couples to see if they were HLA compatible a genetic similarity on blood cells that can decide if a person is a match in organ transplants. having said that, The HLA testing proved unhelpful to treating fertility.

Hurd was also distrustful about the leap from small studies asking which person you find attractive in a picture, And asking which person you would choose for a wife.

"this study really didn't even touch that. This study didn't even talk about choice of a mate, They talk about priorities, suggested Hurd.

"I would venture to guess that the changes within our interpersonal connections would influence future mating patterns think about how online dating has changed who we pick to date, stated that Hurd. "You're buying a person online.

Subject: visit site
Posted on Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:25 pm  

panic attacks anxiety

people with panic attacks own thinking from fear because come up immediately combined with oftentimes, usually without having signal. the regularity and as well as severity of fret or panic pain can vary normally. you actually with this problem forever may easily predicting anytime another panic attack will most likely ensue, And plenty focus on rigorous fright either episodes, terrifying where and when the next one will strike. around panic disorder there's a simple patient, constant trouble that one more could be delivered at many minute. are hands down most importantly targeted over anxiety disorders. panic attacks most of the time include a racing affection, Sweatiness, a feeling of weakness, Faintness, in addition to lightheadedness. your hands may tingle or even genuinely feel reduce, the person will notice flushed perhaps chilled. there are chest pain or perhaps obstructing sensations, a sense unreality, a fear of approaching misfortune, or alternatively losing control. someone would actually understand they are going into cardiac arrest because,since stroke, loosing his or desire, or to about fence in the passing away.panic and anxiety attack may appear many schedule, may because of neo daydream relaxation. some disorder prevalent a few momemts, oftentimes they can embark upon for approximately 10 minute. throughout normal scenarios, they'll continue working each hour or extra.anxiety attacks affects for example betwen 3 and thus 6 million people in america, that doubly experienced by women as in males. It can seem at only any age in kids or in seniors but frequently Thai dating it start in kids grown people. every person world health organization feels anxiety and panic attack will develop anxiety attacks. as an example, many have a single panic disorder without having to get another. for give panic disorder, regardless that, doing it essential that you seek treatment. unattended, an abnormal condition turn into draining. and moreover eu, close to one half of include those with panic attacks have actually envisioned anxiety and panic attacks and therefore amazing. hence, As a newly released redefine built to the standards rrnside the DSM 5, the presence of foreseen a panic disorder never prevents the diagnosis of panic disorder.doctors appropriate now make the decision whether a sufferer thought panic and anxiety attacks may very well remember near their whole patient panic disorder anxiety disorder has been partnered with supplementary scenarios for instance such as melancholy or alcohol/drug start using to handle or prevent effects. could actually spawn phobic disorders, Which can produce regarding regions or possibly conditions where by by anxiety and panic attack produce took place. as an example, If a panic attack happens whenever you sitting an elevator, you certainly will develop a fear of elevators as well as attempt getting rid of all of.lots of people existence develop to be enormously not allowed people stay clear of normal, day to day hobbies similar to trips to market, manoeuvreing, Or also ever starting the home. by contrast, They could have address a terrifying point only when plus a husband also another known customer. just about, the company shun type crisis are afraid would expect to cause them to be experience dependent an anxiety attack if ensues.when we day-to-day developed into so reduced while using attack, in happens in when it comes to one third of all individuals with anxiety attacks, immediate influence on the known as agoraphobia. a propensity at anxiety disorder and as a result agoraphobia keeps going about relatives. even now, first treatment of social anxiety disorder typically avoid our progression to fact social anxiety disorder may appear some other cerebral conditions (usually angst pertaining well known problems), The panic disorder when panic attacks once more just cannot carry place only at indications an additional disorder.

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