Palisades Collection in my credit report - what to do?

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One sunny morning, Mr. Prob was going out to buy snacks and beverage for a weekend party. Suddenly the phone rang and a irritating voice started yelling at him for not paying his loan back. Mr. Prob was shocked. He has been following a good credit habit and did not fall behind with any payment! He tries to convince the collector that he does not have any unpaid balance. The collector threatened of a lawsuit and hung up. Then he received 10 voice mails from the same collector on the same day asking for a person who he does not know.


Collectors sometimes make wrong phone calls. But in this case someone else's credit card account was placed in Mr. Prob's credit report which made the collector to call him. The matter came to his attention when he ordered a copy of his credit report and discovered the wrong information posted there as a negative mark. It definitely lowered his score.

Possible Remedy

  • Contact the creditor immediately and verify.
  • Ask the collection agency to remove the wrong entry.
  • Dispute the entry with credit bureaus and ask them to remove it.


Mr. Prob called the creditor and found them to be very helpful. The representative on the other end confirmed the account not to be owned by Mr. Prob.

Then, Mr. Prob sent out a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. He attached a copy of his credit report with it and pointed out the error on it. He also added a summary of the conversation that he had with the original creditor.

He got a positive response from the credit bureau and the collection item was removed from his file. BTW, he did send out a cease and desist letter to the collection agency that called him as well to settle the case.

Palisades Collection is a collection agency with no BBB accreditation. If you find the name of Palisades Collection agency in your credit report, it means that the you had an outstanding debt which the original creditor has sold to Palisades Collections.

To be sure whether the debt has been sold off to Palisades collection, send a debt validation letter by certified mail. If the CA validates the debt within 30 days from the date they receive your letter, come to a repayment plan and pay off the debt. However, you should try to come to a pay for deletion agreement with the CA in writing before you pay off the debt so that as soon as the debt is paid in full, the negative listing is removed from your credit report.

If the creditor cannot validate the debt, send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus along with the proof that you have asked for debt validation. The bureaus will verify it with the CA and get it removed from the report.

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You can send debt validation letter at any of the following addresses:

1) Palisades Collection LLC
8040 Excelsior Dr. Suite 200, Madison, WI 53717
Contact number: (866) 877-0008

2) Palisades Collection LLC
210 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Contact number: (201) 567-5648

3) Palisades Collection LLC
87 South Commerce Way, Suite 70, Bethlehem, PA 18017
Contact number: (866) 230-8075

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KC10 (not verified)

Does anyone have any information on Palisades collection LLC that could be helpful when you find something on your credit report you have never heard of?????? I read some things on the company that doesn't sound good, but I would love a upper hand

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KC10, as mentioned above there is a wealth of information on the debt consolidation care web page on Palisades, there are a ton of people on there dealing with them that could give you advice and guidance on how to deal with this company.

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jo (not verified)

AT&T charges me on my cell phone while I was deployed, and prior to my deployment, I got on the phone with AT&T and suspended my contract until I return. So now I have this collection of $890 for 9 months now.

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Hi Jo,

I can understand the situation. Do you owe them as much as they are asking for?

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GAJADHAR (not verified)

I,recently got a letter from the law office representing Palisades collection agency demanding 10k,which was from one of my credit card lost in 2002,I,report that to bank at that time now i getting this letter and they also freez my personal bank account,and the law office demanding full amount of money,anyone can give advice on this thankss

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Hi Gajadhar,

Do you have any proof of the report that you made to the bank? Was it within 60 days of the loss of the card? Talk to your bank. They might have it in thei records. Palisades is famous for their forceful tactics. Dont get cowed down Gajadhar.

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Raymond710@hot… (not verified)

If anyone could return to this address the contact info. I would need to resolve my debt issues with palisades as a previos creditor it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You All

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Hi Raymond,

You can discuss your problem with us. We will be more than glad to help you out.

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CHARLOTTE (not verified)

I have been trying to contact this company so that I acn payoff a collection on my credit report, but it seems as though no one is interested in helping me. I had my credit union call just for an address to send the payment to and letter stating the payoff amount. So far no luck. Please help me to try and resolve this matter.

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Please read this Charlotte:

When I was repairing my credit, this was the most beneficial thing to me. I had a couple verify with the CRAs that the information was correct (one being Afni) without ever responding to my request for validation. I sent Afni a firm intent to sue letter demanding deletion by a date or further action would be taken. It was removed. I also emailed their legal staff from addresses I found online.

The CA has 30 days to properly validate. Disputes with CRAs generally last 30 days as long as you dont call in with new information. They can then add another 15 days stating you have added new information, even if you haven't. Better not to contact them during disputes.

Thing is, for relatively old CAs or collections that have been passed on to Junk Debt buyers, they can't provide proper validation. One of their tricky techniques is to say they sent you a letter that you didnt respond to. That doesn't matter. They may send you a letter asking for more information such as ssn# etc, but as long as you provide the account # they are just stalling. Ignore it. 30 days have passed, you can assume the debt is not valid.

If they verify with the CRAs and don't validate, it's time for the ITS. A firm ITS. It's gonna be deleted or they are paying you $1,000.

Start by sending the below letter certified mail with return receipt with the correct information:

Your Name
Your Address

Name of CA
Address of CA

Re: Your Account No:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I checked a copy of my credit report and realized that there was a collection reported from your agency on my credit report, which I was not notified about. I do not reject to provide with the debt amount. However this a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b) that your claim is disputed and a validation is demanded. This is asking for proof regarding the debt that I owe and verifying it.
I am requesting you to stop all collection activities including reporting this information on my credit report. I am sure that you are aware of the fact that non-compliance with this request will end up in legal obligations.
Please dispatch copies of the following with your reply:

1. The agreement which authorizes you to collect debt on the assumed debt.
2. The signed agreement from the debtor confirming to pay the debt
3. The documents regarding the payments made on this account and validation of the amount.
With regards,

Your Signature
Your Name

Then immediately dispute it with the credit reporting agencies. Just paying a collection without them properly validating is not in your best interest, even if you do owe it. At the very least, you need to try a pay for delete letter if you feel morally responsible.

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palisadesisabi… (not verified)

I am pretty sure I already know the answer to this... I let this summons go and did not show up in court because I was planning to go bankrupt... I am now having second thoughts because I think my credit may be salvagable without doing so... most on my report are medical.
What can I do now about this entry of default? I can not afford to pay this full chunk which is definately an exaggerated amount. This is not what is even showing at this amount on my credit report through the credit card company that charged off the debt.
I'm probably screwed... but if there is any action I can take at this point, I sure would love to know.

Thank you!

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were you formally sued? IF you were not then once you do pay it you can dispte the listing with the courts for not following the proper protocol

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Denzel that is really cool of you to ofer some assistance.

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dan mcgovern (not verified)

I've been attempting to correction an old ATT Wireless bill that is in collection with Palisades Collection. I sent docmentation to tate & Kirlin attorneys in Philadelphia. The instructed Palisades that's the account was already paid four years ago. However, I can't locate a phone number for Palisades to have them correct my credit report. Does anyone have an address or phone number for Palisades. The attorneys of Tate & Kirlin told me that don't have a phone number either. It sounds like a ghost collection agency, doesn't it ?

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No I have heard of them before so I don't think they are a ghost. It seems your atty should have had a clue to how to get a hold of them. If not google them. I am sure they have some info listed on the web somewhere. Did your atty charge you alot to take care of this matter?

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I would try the debt forum, put it in their search engine at the top of their page.

You can access the debt forum from the top of this page.

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Thats good advice. I sometimes forget to mention the debt forum. I don't go there much myself.mainly hre.

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I think that you can find some of your debt related issues here also.

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I need to go visit this forum. I am registered but find it hard to keep up with two forums at once.

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Charles2 (not verified)

i have palasades collecting a debt from 9 years ago that has just started garnishing a huge chunk of my pay how can i stop this i am a single parent of 2and head of household living on a annual salary of 20,000

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Have you made any payments on this debt? Surely the SOL is up after 9 years. What state are you from? Did they take you to court to get this garnishment? Legally they have to do this. It should have went through a court hearing in front of a judge and you would have gotten papers in the mail or by sheriff that they were going to sue you, when the court date was and so on. Please explain a little more so we can help.

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There are certain states where the Statute of Limitation for written contract is 10 years. Since the statute of limitation depends on the state where you have signed the loan agreement, you may be sued by the creditor if the SOL has not expired. Now your wage can be garnished by the creditor only if he has sued you to the court and brought judgment against you as Firyone said. We will be able to help you more in this matter if you can tell us the state in which you have signed in the loan agreement, your actual debt amount, the date of your last payment and the amount they have already garnished.

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Thats what I have been trying to figure out aNTHONY. i CAN NOT SEE HOW THEY GARNISHED HIS

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sorry...I can not see how they garnished his wages without a court hearing. Wouldn't he ahve recieved some type of summons by mail before they could take him to court? Is there a possibitity he didn't get the summons for the court date and missed it? If so I thought you actually had to sign to show you got it before they could take you to court. I am not real familiar about this process.

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Did you pay the account off or do you have to pay money on it yet? Did your ex wife pay off the debt? Is she still on your account? You can go do a search on the better business bureau website. If you can't come on back and we will help you find it, just google or the company name and you should be able to find it. goodluck, if you need us, we are here. You should register with us and get some points for your participation.

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Sometimes it is easy to get upset when someone elses debt troubles your life. Call the agency again and let them know that you spoke to this kevin guy. Also is it possible to contact your ex and see what this debt is all about and if she took care of it?

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Tara (not verified)

I pulled up my credit report and there was this Palisades Collection Agency that I have never heard of. The original collector is GTE Southwestern Inc. I have never had GTE Southwestern in my name or have heard of it. How do I go about getting this off my credit. Do you have a # of Palisades so I can contact them and get this taken care of? Thanx

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Hey a little busy at the moment but if no one else looks it up for you I will but you can google them and it will give you a web site and a number. If you think this is a fraudulent remark or listing on your report you have the right to dispute it.

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Hi Tara
Palisades collection is a Collection agency to whom either your debt has been sold off by the original creditor or the right to collect the debt has been transferred by the OC. Now, since you are sure that you do not owe any debt to the original creditor, you should send a debt validation letter by certified mail and wait for 30 days from the date they receive your letter. If they cannot validate it within this period, send Palisades a second letter asking them to remove the listing from your report.

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This is really good advise. You also should send the letter to Palisades requesting them to remove it from your report certified. This way if the do not validate and you can prove it and they do not remove ir from your report as asked (which you could prove by sendng the request by certified mail.) you would have preety good luck disputing it and getting it removed.

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Definately send it certified, keep copies, keep all reciepts. Make sure that you send it return receipt and signature requested. I can not stress anything more than to keep your reciepts and signatures.

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Hey Gn what is the difference between certified and return recipt requested? Is this the same thing and they automatically have to give a return reciept?

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moose (not verified)

my bill wasnt as much as they say i owe. any phone #'s

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You can contact Palisades Collections at the following addresses
210 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
990 Stewart Avenue, Garden City , NY 11530
87 South Commerce Way Suite 70, Bethlehem, PA 18017 and
8040 Excelsior Dr. Suite 200, Madison, WI 53717(201)

Moose, here is the onfo I came up with. The bill is probaly higher do to interest and other fees. Most of the time these collection agencies add on lots of stuff to raise the bill..its never what you thought you owed. You problay will be able to bargain with them. They may settle the debt and agree to let you 50%-70% of the balance.

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Bryan (not verified)

The debt actually turned out to be mine. (Ex-wife ran up some old charges) but they were on my I'm responsible. Though I contacted Palisades to actually PAY the debt...Their demeanor was so hostile and confrontational that I almost hung up before the transaction. Do these people go through any training or just employed to argue? Some assitance would have been much more effective for resolution. I didn't call to argue with some teenager, but to pay the bill. Next time, I think I'll opt for tht attorney fee and save myself the headache.

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Bryan, Believe me when I say we understand your frustration. Some of these companies thin they can just treat people rudely. I have heard much frustration from others before and even had a few workers come here and warn the members about working with their past company. They probaly give them 24 hour training and then a phone to start making calls with. Its over and done with now so just be glad of that. Hope your day gets better.

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Hi Bryan
Palisades has a very bad reputation for their behavior. However, before making payments you should check whether the debt has actually been sold to them or not. You should first send a DV letter to be sure that Palisades actually owes your debt. If they can validate your debt, you should only pay it off, else you should not.

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Thanks for the info call girl/boy. This is a collector alot of people have problems with. You seem to have taken all the correct moves and I hope you did report tthem to the atty generals affice. If more consumers would report them they would not have as much power as they think they do. Your debt is well past SOL and if there was a judgement then you could pull it up at ypur courthouse and look at it. I would check just to be sure..this place is pretty dirty.

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Thank you for the Link, I went to check it out. I see that there is quite a big charge for even just a list of creditors. You are advertising the complete list for $149. I am sure that no one would possibly need a list of over 500 collection agencies, most are only concerned about the one trtying to collect their debt. I also see you offer three disks on debt collection about disputing the credit bureaus and such for $24.95...we do offer this advice for FREE here.

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The fees are publicly posted in the Client Service Agreement...

$249 for individuals, and $449 for couples.

Tue, 12/02/2008 - 13:37 Permalink

Thanks for informing me. Yes that does seem quite a bit lower. Now is this for complete repair of credit or say someone had a credit nightmare does that fee stay the same? I imagine for some peoples credit it would take a lot of work. I know because I repaired my own a few years ago and now have an excellent credit rating. It took some hard work and time but it was worth it.

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kisha (not verified)

I received a letter from them saying that I owe $8.861.62 from a credit card. I only had 2 credit cards and both o them is paid of. There is nothing on my credit report about it, I don't know what it is.

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I would send the a debt validation letter, if you don't owe this then they can not pursue you for collection, you will want to take care of this though or these nuts will be taking you to court and suing you next, especially for the amount of money that they are saying that you owe.

You can find sample debt validation letters on this site under the stickies and there are some really good ones on the debt forum under the do it yourself area, you can access the debt forum at the top of the page.

Make sure you send all letters to them certified mail, return reciept requested. Keep copies of everything, including the signatures that you get back when they sign for it.

I hope you get this cleared up, nothing worse than trying to prove that you don't owe something. I would also contact the original creditor on this account once you find out who it is and have them write you up a letter that you do not have an account or never had an account or had an account and it is paid off.

goodluck and keep us updated.

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