Will there be another stimulus check issued?

Submitted by dorothylewis421 on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 23:42

Put your question here ..Will there be another stimulus check issued?.

I have heard that too and I think its a big hoax. I mean until I hear something official and have it in my hand----forget it.

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I was hearing the same thing. But...what would the IRS base THIS check on..I mean, qualifications, etc? Makes no sense. I actually heard there was a " possibility" of this. Heard the info on the radio.

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Unless Dubyah goes on television and tells us, I guess we can't believe it. Not that we SHOULD ALWAYS BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE POLITICICIANS TELL US> :shock:

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amanda (not verified)

i was talking to a lady i work with and she told me that it would be with our tax refund and it would be 500 for a single person and 1000 for families, i went to find out if i could find something on the net like on irs.gov or something and couldn't find nething just people asking if we were so who's really to say i guess we'll see

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Hi Amanda
Are you talking about the Economic Stimulus payment by the Govt. If it is so, then the Federal Govt has already started sending cash rebates ranging from $300 to $600 if you are single and $600 to $1200 if you are married and has filed tax returns together. To qualify for the economic stimulus program, you should have an income of $75000 if you are single and $150000 if you are married and this applies for the income tax return filed for the year 2007

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JUSTIN..are you saying there is ANOTHER 'Rebate' being sent BESIDES the ones that were sent this past summer? Confused on something: you have to make AT LEAST $75,000.00 to be 'qualified', or am I misunderstanding that?

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crorkz matz (not verified)

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Tracy Allen (not verified)

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