Guidelines & Rules

Submitted by Seth on Fri, 09/01/2006 - 08:21

We welcome you to be a part of the Creditmagic forum and add quality presence to our community. We have updated our community rules and guidelines as mentioned below. General forum rules & guidelines

  1. Our forum is an open platform. The topics and comments made by community members/guests solely belong to them. Creditmagic or its parent company does not assume any responsibility for those comments. Creditmagic does not assume any responsibility for enforcing rules or filtering statements made by users. All statements made by users are merely opinions of the authors themselves and Creditmagic is simply providing a platform for expressing such opinion. Not all users may be well equipped to express their opinion and may resort to exaggeration in their expressions or distaste regarding the activities of others. Such expressions must be taken merely as outbreak of pure opinion. Neither the administrative staff nor the website/parent company of the website holds any responsibility for remarks made by users that others may categorize as offensive or defamatory. The authors must be held solely accountable for their actions. The power of the administrative staff of Creditmagic, to remove statements if they be found offensive, holds true.
  2. CreditMagic forum does not solicit religious, racial, national, sexual, gender and war related topics.
  3. Any kind of personal attack is not encouraged. Posts criticizing any other forum or any forum member or using derogatory remarks against them will not be entertained.
  4. Any type of foul language, inflammatory posts or promotional texts will be edited/deleted without prior notice.
  5. Providing email address as link in posts is not encouraged in the forum because it often results in spam. It will be deactivated by the Site Admin/moderator. However, e-mail addresses may be allowed in the signature.
  6. Posts made by members shall be subject to moderation if and when required. Members are also requested to bring to the notice of the moderators or the Community Manager in case they come across any violation of the community rules.
  7. With effect from 01.01.2011, our forum participants will be considered for payments on the basis of their post-quality and only if they are found to have registered from the U.S. Such participants will also have to satisfy our other forum-posting guidelines to be entitled to forum payments.
  8. In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA), members below the age of 13 years will need a full release from their parents before posting any messages in the forum. If members are found to violate this rule, they may be refrained from further participation in the community.
  9. With effect from 18.01.2010, the community has the right to ban any member found to be using multiple accounts. In such a case, magic points earned till that date will also stand void and no payment will be made to the member.

General e-etiquettes

  1. Participate with a fair mindset.
  2. No spamming allowed.
  3. Do not indulge in unsolicited advertising.
  4. Introductions of new sites or directories are prohibited.

Duplicate content

  1. Posting of duplicate content in the community forums harm the credibility of the community and is strictly unacceptable. By duplicate content we mean an exact copy of information taken from:
    • Creditmagic
    • External source
    • Any personal blog or website.
  2. Duplicate content detected by the system will be transformed into image or shall be deleted if required. Members if found to be posting duplicate content will not be considered for forum payments.
  3. Repeated postings of such duplicate content may subject the member to be banned from further participation in the community.

Linking policy

  1. Self promotional links in forum posts are prohibited.
  2. The Community Manager/moderators of the Creditmagic forum may delete any external links to a website or a blog, at any time if they find it in the best interest of the forum to do so. This may be done without any prior notice or even without citing any explanation for such action.
  3. Active links may be provided only if they are .edu and .org sites.
  4. Active links to .com sites may only be provided if it is a community based/non-profit organization.


  1. You may not have more than one link from the same page.
  2. Links from gambling, dating, pornographic, or any site that deals with anti-social activities or those that harm the interest of Creditmagic community are strictly prohibited.
  3. You may provide links to financial sites but these sites should not be promotional/commercial in nature. Violation of this rule will allow the Community Manager or moderator to remove the link from your signature.

Moderator guidelines

  1. Delete irrelevant posts and spam messages.
  2. Participate in discussions.
  3. Shift discussions to appropriate forums, if required.
  4. Ban member ids if needed.
  5. Report technical problems in Announcements and Feedback Forum.
  6. Delete duplicate posts as and when required.

Please note that these are guidelines only and can be modified to fit the needs of the community through community suggestions/consensus or as the Community Manager would find it necessary. Members seen to violate the forum guidelines in their participation shall at first be warned with a Private Message. Then the member shall be banned from further participation in the community forums if the problem persists. SameBox response Sometimes companies or individuals have insinuations posted against them. To counter them effectively, we have the SameBox response program, such that the response can be made by the target of insinuation in the same posting box. By allowing the response in the SameBox, we hope that it will maintain the context and help the community clear their doubts without resorting to censorship. If you are a company or an individual who wants to make a SameBox response, you will have to give proof of your identity to InterNext and the response that you want posted. Once we verify the proof of your identity, we shall make the SameBox response on your behalf. To start the process of making a SameBox response, send an email to "" with "SameBox response by <your> on <the>" as the subject of the email. Regards, CreditMagic