Anyone ever try a credit repair expert?

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I’m looking to pump up my credit score from 640-to 700 to get a better interest rate on my mortgage. I’ve heard opening new credit card accounts can help (some say it could hurt) the score but i doubt that would be enough. I surfed the internet and read about credit repair experts that could help. Has anyone tried these guys? Do they really help and if they do how much can they help. The agency i talked to there name was Lexington, but not sure if they can help as much as they say they can.
Thanks for the advice

I see your point, I have paid off a few and they still linger in the negative column of my report.

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See no kickbacks huh? what ever happened to you scratch mine and I'll scratch yours..

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collection agencies don't care about what they leave behind, they will leave it on your report unless you take action in the beginning, when you are trying to settle it out.

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Guess they would see alittle more of this action if they would do a little something to help the credit report look better and use a nicer tone right?

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unfortunately their only concern is getting their money and making a buck off their investment, especially the junk buyers. That is why it is really important to know the laws and rules of collection, especially those that surround your state's statute of limitations because if they can talk you into a dime, they have talked you into starting your statute of limitations all over again just by wanting to take care of a debt. So make sure that you are aware of it before going in, unless you are willing to set up and keep payment arrangements it may be a good idea not to set anything up until you have the money to pay it off completely.

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markdeviz1 (not verified)

This is better option if you choose best credit score first you have to make sure whats your credit history. thats shows bad please contact those who provide best free credit reports and score online. some sites is here thats suit
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I think you must contact to best services providers of credit score there are various services providers on net please search best expert those who arranges free credit score online and reports.

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dwilliam (not verified)

I have gone through the site, and there was no information on how to get a free credit report and score from them. I think this is a spam.

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If you are just looking to view your report you can get a copy of that at It will not give you your credit score though unless you pay a small price.
GN, I try to just let the ones past SOL go. If I had the money straight out tom pay and be rid of it I may consider but I won't risk starting the clock over. Plus you always read stories here and other places that tell of a debt being paid and then years later it being picked up again. Yes, sure you can show you paid it and not be responsible but if you lose any documantation due to moving, fire, or misplacement..then what? Pay again.

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As per the amendment made under the fair credit reporting act, the three credit bureaus are to provide one free credit report every one year and for that free credit report, you can apply online at or call them at 877-322-8228. For the free annual credit report, you need not contact the three credit reporting agencies separately.

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I never knew that you could call them too. What kind of hassle is it to get a copy of your report if you call them? How would they verify who you are?

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I did not know you could call for a copy either, it is really easy online to get one so why wiould you call if you can just go online and get instant access to it. Unless you do not have computer access, but if you are here posting a question, I can only assume that you have a computer or have computer access.

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Yes on line is a,ot faster. I seen a site at the fair and they have a brochure thet lists all the ways to access your credit report.

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aNNUAL CREDIT rport request service
Po box 105281
Atlanta GA 30348-5281.
Just thought since it was handy I would throw it out there in case anyone needed it.

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thanks, I am sure that someone will be able to use the information.

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Its hard to believe but I imagine some people do not have net access or maybe feels insecure about doing it on the net.

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Some are technicoligically challenged, something like that any way.

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I can not see why. Just think of the things they are missing, like credit forum.

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yeah, some people are so backwards they would not know the first thing to do on a computer.

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To raise your credit score you can try out the following
First sent a DV letter to the CA and on getting a validation of your credit score sent them and checked whats is your status if your staus is good u can easily take lot of loan.

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I have tried this and have not been successful at all, do you have a particular letter that you use when disputing these to be successfull in getting some of the junk removed?

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Yes that would be of great help. If a debt is past SOl and you ask for deb t validation can they start coming after you for the debt again or only if you make a payment. I wanted to send a DV letter to an old med. bill that was wrongly charged to me but didnt want to start the harrassing phone calls all over.

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they can always, always, always try to collect the debt even if it is 550 years after the statute of limitations is up, the statute of limitation only stops them from suing you.

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True and there is always some relative happy to give your new number.

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I would be pissed if I finally got them to stop calling and then some relative gave them my number to get it all started again, did someone do that to you fireyone?

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Anonymous (not verified)

sometimes they will continue to call them even if they don't know who you are.

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Anonymous (not verified)

why would they continue to call relatives

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I would say if CA's, CC companies, etc, are calling relatives, they are breaking the 'Privacy Act.' Ya know????,,,,,WHOEVER the collector happens to be, they don't care WHO they call, they just want their money and try and 'go about it' illegally.

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They are allowed to contact third parties, until they have ascertained your whereabouts. Immediately upon doing so, they have no further reason to contact the third-parties, and shouldn't.

At no time should they ever disclose that they are debt collectors, or that they are attempting to collect a debt. That is a violation of federal law...

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I had a loan with Cash Call, at one time. When I was late on payments, they DID contact me ...obviously they DID know my whereabouts. However....they contacted my References and a relative of mine. Cash Call told the references/relatives all of my 'business' with them. I think that was a violation of the HIPAA.............don't you?

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It is a third-party disclosur, which is a violation, but unless the bill was medical, HIPAA was not an issue...

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OH YEA!!!..when Cash Call called 'references', relatives, etc., they DID tell them everything about my 'account' with them. EVEN WHEN THEY KNEW WHERE I WAS!!!! ...after they had contacted me, themselves. Could I have done anything..about them calling others, when they knew my whereabouts?

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Sd chargers if this was recently and you have relatives to verify they did this you could try and go ahead with a suit. It takes people stepping up to the plate in order to get these type of collectors in there place. It is a violation when the discuss the details of an account with family members. I have one to this day that calls my brothers house. Never used him as a reference but think they were pulling numbers with the same last name to get my number. They only thing they left was a message saying they were a law firm and needed to speak with me immediately. after a while they quit but when it is sold they start again..maybe if you sued you could end yours once and for all.

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No, wasn't recent;y. This was the beginning of LAST year, sometime. Was it Cash Call you were having trouble with? That 'pulled names with the same last names? Is that what CA's do....get last names ( somehow) and numbers that were never given to them?

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I actually believe it was but many of the creditors will do this. After recieving a million calls for the other couple who use to have this telephone number I actually ran into a few who were willing to talk and give some of the collecting details. They use top of the line skip tracers which tell them what name the number they are calling is listed under. This they say iks because so many people will say that they reached the wrong number. They also say it is normal practice to pull numbers with the same last name in attempt to reach a relative of the person they are trying to reach so they may get a new number for them.

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"..normal practice to pull numbers with the same name.."...........correct me if I'm wrong, but......isn't this 'invading the privacy' of those NOT involved? Can ya 'see my point'?

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sdchargers are you still dealing with them? What ever happened with that account, if you don't want to put it out here, you can pm me.

They are viscious and don't care about the laws

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Sure..!! I'll 'put it out there'..LOL Well........Cash Call 'sold' my account to a CA ( Global Acceptance). I just got into some 'financial' problems and couldn't make he payments with them, either. When I DID call Global, I told them I could make a 'partial payment' ( % payment, etc.) however, they said they "don't accept patial payments." Yep...this account is on my CR. But..........I can send them alittle bit at a time. Just kind 'stuck' on what to do to try and remove this debt from my credit.

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It is very difficult to remove this negative listing from your credit report until and unless you pay off the debt in full. Now since they are not willing to accept the partial payment, you can negotiate for a repayment plan to pay off the debt. Now since the debt has already been sold off to the collection agency by the original creditor, the Original creditor listing will stay in the credit report for seven years. However, you can remove the CA listing if you can come to a PFD agreement before you pay off the debt.

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I must ~politely~ disagree with at least part of this... PAYING OFF A DEBT DOES NOT REQUIRE DELETION, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS WITH A COLLECTION AGENCY, OR THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR. This is a huge misconception. In fact, furnishers of credit information are told VERY CLEARLY that they are NOT to remove paid items...

Now, you must also understand that, if you pay an original creditor, as a result of the collection activity from a third party (including reporting to the bureaus), the third party is not REQUIRED to remove their listing either. Most times, though, they can be convinced to do so.

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Yes, you can never remove correct information from your credit report. But, if you can negotiate with the creditor for a pay for deletion agreement and the creditor agrees to it, the negative information can be removed once you pay off the debt in full. However, if the debt is sold by the OC to a CA, and you come to a PFD agreement with the collection agency, only the CA listing can be removed from your report, but the OC listing will stay there in your report for seven years.

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If you are talking about Credit Repair companies, I think you need to be careful of alot of tem. I've tried a few myself and there is nothing that THEY aren't doing that the consumer can do for themselves. This forum has helped me ALOT in what to tackle on my credit. About SOL on debts, how CA's work, etc. ALOT of Credit Repair companies want alot of money for "fees", etc. and that would be shelling out more money than the consumer may be able to work with.

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I've tried crecreditservices. They took my money and did nothing for me. A phone they provided to me is now disconnected. They are a scam.

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I do want to add anyone can fix their own credit by paying attention to what the forum experts say on the forum. Slowly but surely anyone can repair their credit, obtain a higher credit score and you won't be paying someone else to do it.

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