catalouge company

Submitted by gary on Tue, 09/09/2008 - 15:51

if i have no cca signed at a catalouge company do i have to pay any debt to them at all?

If you borrowed me money without written agreement, do I have to pay you back?

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You should send a debt validation to determine if you have a legal contract with them or not. Make sure that you send it certified mail, return reciept requested so that you have something on file that shows that they have signed for it. If they send you written validation or legal transfer of the debt then you will be obligated to pay it. You can access a sample debt validation letter under the stickies in the forums. If you have other questions feel free to post them.

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Hi Gary
You may have made no written agreement, but if it is an oral agreement also you need to repay back the debt. You should send a debt validation letter to the catalogue company as Goodnatured said and if they can validate your debt, ask for a repayment plan to pay it off if you cannot afford to pay the debt at a time in full. If they have lent you money, they must have some proof through which they can validate the debt even if you have not signed any loan agreement.

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