Who can report on your credit?

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Who can report on your credit? Ok, someone is selling me their house owner finance can they report or just real businesses? I want them to report the good credit....is that possible?


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Hi Nikkia
Any creditor from whom you have taken a debt or collection agency to whom the debt has been sold, can report your debt to the credit bureaus if it remains unpaid for six months. In other words, the creditor can report the debt after six months from the date you made the last missed payment. The creditor should however be registered with the bureaus to report any debt to the credit bureaus.

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I agree with Anthony. I think that the house owner as an individual cannot report anything to the credit bureaus. Only if you take a loan from a creditor who is registered with the bureaus, your payment history will be recorded in your credit report which will help you to improve your credit score. Even, if you do not repay the debt on time, the home owner need to hire a collection agency to report the debt to the credit bureaus because he cannot do it by himself. So if you want to improve your score by taking a loan and repaying on time, it is better to borrow it form professional credit agencies who can report it to the credit bureaus.

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report agency who creates your credit reports. there are many different types of companies those provide credit report

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Companies send information to these agencies and they compile a report and that is how your report is generated.

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Yes, only registered credit companies can report the debt to the credit bureaus who in turn updates it in your credit report. However, if you are not a professional creditor and in spite of the fact you have given money to somebody as credit, you need to contact collection agencies to report the debt of the borrower to the bureaus, if the borrower somehow fails to pay you back as Justin said.

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