How can I locate a valid address for Douglas Burgess law off

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I am getting repeated phone calls from this law office and now voicemails are being left on the boyfriend's voice messaging system. I am too afraid to call, but I need to send a cease and desist letter with a demand for their reason for calling. Can someone advise where to obtain this? I cannot locate any information.

thank you so much!

"Douglas R. Burgess Law Offices, LLC" aka "Burgess Law Offices, LLC"

2265 George Urban Blvd.
DePew, NY 14043

Phone: 800-359-0751

Fax: 716-681-2892

hope this helps. You can try these numbers first to confirm. Please dont be scared that will only let them take your advantage.

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You can find some really good examples on the debt forum for the cease and desist letter. You can access it by clicking the link above at the top of the page.

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Well we can create for this forum as well. Let me see whether I can. :)

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guest in SC (not verified)

I'm not sure of ANY address for Burgess Law the collector ... I phoned them several times (on behalf of someone who lives in my home) the only address they would give out was a payment address (4246 Ridge Lea RD, STE 1, Amherst NY 14226) ... they were very nasty & trasferred me all around & each one refused to give me a street address to mail debt validation/donotcall. They knew where I was calling from on their CID even though I'd *67 and called the NON-toll free # ... there has been NO letter from Burgess rec'd here ... but Burgess said they had sent one ... I told them not rec'd. Burgess folks are awful ... they told me mail other than payment goes to one of many address (other than payment address) but they refused to divulge address. I'm smart enough to know not to ignore such creeps. Really need to mail certified letter but must know a GOOD address.

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The address mentioned by Carol dint help you guest?

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Brian (not verified)

I did a reverse-phone lookup on the number they keep calling me from which is 716-833-0188 and it gives 4246 Ridge Lea Rd, Amherst NY 14226... The name at that address and phone number comes up as Pelosino Law Office

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Thsi 'Burgess person' called me ,several times, reguarding a PDL ( one that I never had). When I called them back, (according to them..) they needed me to " update information" with them. Never heard of them. Thanks for posting the information above.

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shann (not verified)

If you google the name "pelosino law" you will find many complaints filed against this fraudulant company! Please research before mailing them ANYTHING! This company from my dealings is fake~ good luck! I chose to answer and then hang up immediately when the call my residence. Keep a close eye on your credit report to make sure they do not file any false listings on there as well~ They are scam artists trying to make a quick buck off the innocent!

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Shann that is what I am finding too. They really seem to be a shady company. I don't think the OP said whether either of them owed any debt or if they are just recieving these calls at random. Hopefully they come back and give a little more info.

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Have you read the rip off report on this company? Is there one out there. You can find out what others experiences are by googling "rip off report" then plug in the company name.

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I never knew you could do that. I have googled companies before for myself and to help others out. I am glad people post about these types of companies. You can also find lists of bad companies and collection agencies on the b.hibbs site.

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Rip off report is where people who have dealt with these companies put their experience if it was a bad one.

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a2sad (not verified)

It is in regards to an OLD Credit Card that was not completely paid off (I was 18 when I received it - Stupid). But I talked to several people at the (716) number and now they want me to provide a checking account number or a lawsuit will be filed against me. They are calling all my family - which is pretty embarrassing considering I am trying to work with them. I'm a bit frustrated with them because I asked for paperwork documenting the debt and an address for them so I can do my own research. One guy said "You have our number because you returned the call, what more do you need" and I guess they think I'm an idiot and would just give them my account information. Because I don't know what else to do I myself have contacted an Attorney whom I meet with next week.

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How old is your debt? They are not allowed to harass you in the way they have. Hopefully you will consider stopping back and letting us know what the atty said. Someone else around here is sure to find the info helpful.

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Hi a2sad
You should not provide your checking account number. First you should pull out your credit report and see whether the debt they are demanding is in your credit report or not. If it is not in your credit report, then it may be that the SOL and the seven year listing period has expired. If it is so you need not repay the debt back. However, if you find the debt listed in your credit report, you should ask for debt validation by certified mail. Until and unless they validate the debt, they cannot bring judgment against you, even if they sue you to the court.

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True they have to validate before they can sue you.

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I am in this boat with one that is suing me know, I have requested it twice and have not gotten it, the credit reporting agency will not remove it because of pending legal action. I am waiting for a hearing to request it verbally in front of some one that will say put up or shut up to these jerks.

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I was just thinking about you on another post Gn. does the atty's take into account their image? You always hear abolut people reporting to the BBB and other places and how companies have really bad reps. Suppose you had one of those companies and if and when you did go to court you alos had this info along with them not validating. Wouldn't it put extra icing on the cake?

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erin (not verified)

Hello Everyone, sorry to hear that you all are experiencing these scumbags!

My husband received a phone call today from Burgess, and as a result of our interaction with another attorney in Buffalo (Vincent Cignarale) we didn't answer the phone and immediately Googled the name and #. Of course, we knew instantly that they were on the same level as the Vincent once we found all of the websites, posts and complaints about this so-called law firm.

I am from Buffalo, and am familiar with the streets that they claim to have offices on. I've even sent family members (usually my retired father) to check out the addresses. Also, another wonderful aspect of Google is to look up the addresses with and look at the 'street view' to see if the neighborhood is residential or commercial and it always turns up a very remote residential area or doesn't exist at all. I know folks are working out of their homes these days, but every single office that is listed? huh? If you can even find it.

As my husband did before with Cignarale, we will respond to the Burgess vermin with a letter asking to provide:

> Documentation of any and all papers that bear my signature connecting me to your claim
> Documentation of your calculations on your arrival of the amount owed
> Documentation to whom the money is owed
> Documentation of your right to practice law in the State of New York

We sent that letter along with another letter to:

New York State Office of Attorney
Grievance Committees
Eighth Judicial District
438 Main Street, 8th Fl
Buffalo, NY 14202

Office of Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

As well as the Attorney General in our state.

They stopped calling, and another firm from FL contacted us, and we sent the same letters out. Never heard from them again. Now Burgess is calling, but we have no fear. These guys are crooks!

Do not be afraid to stand up to these guys, we have rights and they will do whatever it takes to scare you into paying. You have the right to see documentation of their accounting, your signature (and contract) stating that you owe them the money and their right to practice law in the state they are in. If they refuse to send it (which they always do), they are not a legitimate company!

I feel so sorry for the older folks who don't have the internet and aren't able to find out information like we can today.

Good luck to all that happen across this page!

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erin (not verified)

And I forgot to mention when you are sending out your letters, send them certified, registered or FedEx, however you can track the letters is best.

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Unfortunately Erin they will probaly keep passing this debt so my advice for you is to keep copies of the letters on your computer and just change the address to the current company that holds the debt.

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Never talk to collection agency.
Never provide any financial information to CA.
Send D/S letter with CMRRR and request all information in writing. Keep paper trail.
If you are willing to pay, send money order.

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Isn't there a way they get bank info regardless? I have heard on the forum of creditors dipping into peoples bank accounts without their approval and then the person having to fight to get their money back. If it is a debt collector and not the original creditor I can n ot understand how they come across such private, secure info to do this.

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erin (not verified)

thanks, fireyone! i have all copies of the letters, and will keep fighting the battle with these guys.

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That is the spirit. I wish you the best of luck. I know dealing with these collection agencies can be very stressful. When I moved I got the number of someone who had disconnected their phone over collection agencies. I had them calling here nonstop even though I explained I just moved to this area and the person they were asking for no longer owned this telephone number.
They would never believe me. That on top of one of my own collection calls brought many stressful days. Hope you can get all this resolved .

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We have done some time consuming research and came into some interesting information that will be landing on the hands of several federal law enforcement agencies.
If you are willing to add your name to the list just reply to this email. We are mad and upset that we have been taken by unscrupulous people like Douglas Burgess.

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Rebecca (not verified)

Like a fool I gave them my checking account and this fake company has wiped me out! DO NOT give them any information!

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I always tell people to not set up a repayment plan using your checking account. If they have to do it this way you can set up one just for them. Did they take more than they were suppose to or agreed to? If so you may be able to dile a complaint with your bank and they could help you get your money back. In the meantime are you sure they will not do this again? you need to go to your bank and either close that account or set up something to keep them from withdrawing future money put into that account.

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Rebecca (not verified)

I have went to my bank and closed the account. They have taken out of my account 3 times with huge amounts each time. I didn't have the money in the account to pay for them, so they were returned back to them. I was just left with overdraft charges, which the bank refunded. I had to get the bank mail a letter explaining the fraud to Certegy checks to get all the "returned checks" cleared off my name. These people need to be stopped before they truely ruin someone's life!!

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Rebecca, I am glad you got this all taken care of and your bank was so helpful. This is how companies like this work. Just chalk this up as a lesson and NEVER give your account number to anyone..especially a collector. The only automatic drafts I allow on my checking is for my bank payments and car insurance. Now make sure you a careful to watch your new account. I have also heard of them getting a hold of peoples account numbers without them handing the collectors the information. I am not sayting this will happen just be sure to monitor your new account.

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I've dealt with this 'Law Office' before, with a debt they SAY I owed. Kept sending me letters and calling often. They DID ask if I wanted to "make arrangments over the phone." I said no....that I needed them to Validate my debt to them. They weren't going to do that. Just kept repeating "we'll debt your account for the payments." I KNEW not to give them my bank account info.........I sure learned THAT from THIS site.

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This is basically a bit of ghost operation within another major collection corporation... If you have ANY contact information on them, get it to me, and I will be happy to get you the EXACT office responsible for taking your money...

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Is there a way at this point to get the money back? I would think that a legal route should be able to be pursued in this matter somehow. I heard of this happening to someone I know and the bank actually got involved and had the money returned. Hopefully the poster will stop back and get the information to you so she or he can get something done about it.

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WOW!!..DOC. Sound like you have 'connections'!!LOL I've read several complaints about this 'Law Office'. The BBB SURE doesn't speak 'highly of him'.

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I imagine if you are going to be in the business there is a lot of learning to do. There are massive debt collectors and if they are trying to collect on a debt then repair people probaly woul,d have alot of day to day dealings with these people...not a job I would want or envy after talking to a few myself. Guess you have to know how to handle them.

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Mom2four (not verified)

I am having a similar problem with this company. I googled the number I have for them and there are complaints left and right. Under the Fair credit law, I have an attorney and I'm going to sue them. Don't let this company scare you or rip you off. If enough people complain maybe they'll go away!

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BLESSD04 (not verified)

Has anyone that paid had any success getting their money back? Unfortunately, I gave them my info cause I was recovering from surgery and I just wanted to be left alone.

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Antony (not verified)

It is very difficult to get the money back once they have debited the amount from your checking account. Most of these companies call you over phone and take your routing number and bank account number along with your confirmation and they get payment from your bank based on such confirmation. So it is always advisable not to provide any company with your bank account details and confirmation over phone unless you are sure you wish to make the payment

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wolfgang (not verified)

480 Ridge Rd W
Rochester, NY 14615-2823
(585) 581-1060

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Most collectors will not give your money back after they have recieved it, they are pretty adiment about thinking it is theirs at that point.

Can you contact your bank, if it has been 10 days or less you may be able to get your bank to retrieve it for you.

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That is what I was going to suggest. In a way these banks make me angry. With all their computerized equipment companies sould not be able to continually dip into an account. Also the ones who do it without your consent,as you say you have had done goodnatured. I wonder why the bank was not suspicious when all those amounts left the posters account.
Sometimes all you have left to do is cloose the account and this really syinks when the account is of a good age. I know even with my internet I had to make sure they quit debiting when I left them. If not I would have had to pay the bank a fee to get them to stop. I am sure they probaly only had to press and then colect my $29. I think that is also a crock.

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The bank has more power than the everyday, average Joe does and they have ways to get the money back that we do not. Anytime I have an issue with a company, I use this source, it usually works for me.

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It is a good source but you have to have one willing to go to bat for you. You can always tell if you are with a good banking establishment by how much they push the bar for you. Recently we had trouble trying to check if we owed a debt. I did not have the last years credit report since I misplaced it. My bank had one from then and looked up the information for me. Choosing a bank is like choosing a husband got to be able to have a good relationship. LOL

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good samaritan (not verified)

if you got a mistake and you gave your checking account number and routing number to them, maybe you need to go to your bank quick. cancel your overdraft protection plan and go to your bank website and transfer only the payment from savings to checking.Or cancel your checking account pay them with money order.All payment arrangement must put in writing then send a payment.Keep a copy of all the payment for yourself.Ask for a release letter if you are already paid in full.They cannot touch your money on your savings.You can also open another checking account to any bank. on that way, you can pay your utility bill on line.

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