i need help ....

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I don't know where to start. It's so bad that i can't even get myself a loan from the bank. i tried lookin around town and everything. and i just don't know where to start. :(

Well, you have to explain a little more so we can know where to start. Is the loan you are trying to get to pay bills, necessities or what?

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You will definately have to give us more information, really don't have a clue where to start with you like Lorri said, please give more details on what you want the loan for.

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First thing even before you give us any details is to calm down. Working yourself up doesn't help your situation or yourself. We all come to times in our lives where we don't know which way to turn. You made a very wise choice and asked for help. Tell us a little about your problem and we will see what we can do.

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Credit Unions usally are more generous than banks, try them.

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It makes you wonder what happens when people post--never to return again.

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Hi asktiny
You can never get a loan at affordable rates with bad credit score and so to get a bank loan, you need to improve your credit score. For this you should first pull out your credit report from the credit bureaus, send debt validation letters by certified mail to the creditors or the collection agencies whose name appear on the report and come to a repayment agreement with them as soon as they validate your debt. However, if the SOL has expired for a particular debt, you need not repay the debt. Now, before repaying the debt, you should negotiate with the creditor for pay for deletion agreement and if they agree, get it in writing before paying off the debt. If you can negotiate for pay for deletion, the negative listing will be removed from your credit report and your credit score will improve as soon as you pay off a debt. However, if they do not agree for pay for deletion, ask them to list it as "paid as agreed" in your credit report. After you pay off the debt, try to build up a good payment history by repaying the debt on time whenever you purchase by using a credit card.

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Anthiny gives it straight to you here. Bot once you get bad credit it is like a monster that follows you around for like 5 years. Why are credit unions more likely to give loans than regular banks?

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