bank of america pain in my ass

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Does anybody have a number to boa to talk to a REAL manager or supervisior. I just keep getting the run around I paid off my cards because they closed them because. two card were mine one was my husbands they closed mine first then a month later they closed his.I carried a high balance never late intrest rates were 7.99, 7.99 and 13.99. I called them when they closed my accounts and asked why the said because i carry high balances on a lot of my card and they feel I 'm a risk. So i said well you close my accounts I'm paying them off and taking my business elsewhere.
Well I called to get the payoff with accured interest for the 3 accounts pay them over the phone the first card got paid the or two didnt so I called and asked when the were going to summit the payments the lady told me that somebody put in the wrong numbers I think routing number and they were rejected, she said I will resubmit them to get paid well thats when the nightmare started they dipped my acct for $5906 2 x's and $1000 2x's i called my bank they got that taken carry of 2 days later they dipped in my account again over drawing it again for the 2 payments called boa they never let me talk to a manager the one girl say I 'm not returning 5906 she said send me a fax about the over draft charges and we will pay them I argued and said you dipped into my checking acct and you need to send it back to the bank she didnt understand my cc was now saying i have a 5906 credit 'stupid bitch' called again and again and again never getting to talk to someone in charge the one guy said he was a manager really wasn't well after 3 withdrws from my account of the 5906 they finally return it but still waiting for the $1000 still dint get that back. so I went to boa and paid the $5906 with a check then called and they said oh you have a zero balance you wont have a charged and now I owe more interest because the time they got the payment the new stmnt was out so now I'm fighting over interest with them.. and with the acct that I paid 1000 too, they are saying they never received a payment it was returned unpaid and they want to charge me more interest. I just kept saying read the notes starting with sept 5th and you will see it is not my fault you company screwed up but they just don't get it. and I keep telling them i didnt receive the $1000 back to my cking acct yet and they keep saying it was processed and I should get it shortly. I want to sue their ass for all the aggravation they caused me each time they withdrew from my checking account i went for 2 days with out any money til my bank was able to adjust the acct. ok I blew off all my steam I just need a direct number to somebody in charge so these acct can be officially closed and not have anymore nighmares about them

Name: Bank of America
Phone: (800) 432-1000
Fax: (704) 386-1709
Address: 100 N Tryon St.
Mailcode Nc 1-007-18-01
Charlotte, NC 28255-0001
Yahoo Map
Original Business Start Date: January 1948
Principal: Mr. Ken Lewis, Chairman and C.E.O.
Employees: 32767

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Hi rileygirl
Your condition is really pitiful. You can contact the number as given to you by Fireyone and then let me know about the outcome. I am sure that you have your bank statement with you which will prove that they have debited your account twice for the same amount. You can also send a certified letter to the Principal officer of the Bank of America with a copy of the bank statement which mentions that the same amount has been paid twice and I think that your problem will be resolved. Whatever be the outcome, please post it in this forum, so that I can help you out further with your problem.

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Hey, that was me, not fireyone, LOL

The sad part of all of this is the large amount that they are messing with. If someone did this to me it would kill my bank account.

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good suggestion 10025543, may I also suggest filing a complaint with your state attorney generals office on this, they will contact them directly and investigate it for you.

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It is good to have your attorney generals office involved, they track companies that act like this.

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The attorney general is such an excellent source to get something done. I would advise any one having credit problems with bad companies to report them.

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If Bank of America do not return you your money back, you can complain against them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General's office in your state. You can file complaint with the FTC online by visiting the link . You should also file a complaint with the BBB by visiting the link . BBB claims that over 70% of the complaints filed through BBB are resolved.

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I like the numbers I seen in your post Justin. 70% is a high success rate. I hope the poster follows everyones advise and reports Bank of Amercia. It will do some good.

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Anonymous (not verified)

well today is oct 4th after weeks of calling I was told on friday the money was processed to be wired back to my checking acct on oct 3rd. no money yet in my checking acct so i just checked boa acct and they applied the money to my credit card acct. which is fine with me but they told me on the phone that they were sending the money back to my cking acct, how stupid are these people that work there it took a month to figure out how to fix this problem and about 50 phone calls to them (called them everyday since sept 10th sometimes a couple times a days

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Seems like so many businesses operate this way and not just in the credit cvard world. I had a new phone put in whe n I moved here and set up to have long distance. The people before me apparently never paid a bill on time and had still owed on money. It took me almost two weeks to get the mess starightened out and so much aggravation. They got a complaint from me almost evryday. In the end I ended up getting $10 off my phone bill every month for a year. At least you finaly got things straightened aroung. I am glad.

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Ruby Izzie (not verified)

Bank of America is over-charging customers. BOA is charging fees even if you pay every month early. What is the Fair Debt Collection? BOA customer service representatives are nasty, rude and unprofessional. Whenever, I call a business and it representatives are rude and unprofessional, that tells me that they are not following regualtions.

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Hi Ruby
I think that you should file a complaint against BOA with the BBB and the State Attorney General's office. You can file a complaint online by visiting the BBB link They should not charge addition fees if you are paying back on time. It is illegal. You can also send BOA a written complaint asking them not to overcharge you as you are paying on time each month. You can also file a complaint with the FTC, the link for filing an online complaint is given in my former post.

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Definatley file a complaint. Justin is right they should not be charging you fees. Sometimes it takes reporting these types of placs to put them in their place.

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I think anymore they are all crooked. I borrowed money on a second mortgage to pay all my bills off about 4 years ago and now I,m receiving a letter from the IRS saying I owe taxes on a debt. They wrote part of the debt off and I had no idea they did this until now. So I guess the bank kept that part of the money. And I still had to borrow the same amount and make payments on money they kept.

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What a crock, How are you supposed get out of debt when you have collectors acting like this.

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You know goodnatured I don't just any of them anymore it's not like they don't get interest off of you to start with. And then pull something like that just blew my mind. I'm in the process of proving they did this and if I can. They will give my money back.

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I wish you much luck with this, please keep the forum updated on how it all turns out, hopefully for you they will have to return all your funds.

What an experience, huh, like there are not enough bumps in the road of life, there has to be people out there trying to make a quick buck and they don't care who suffers in the process.

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It is not just the collectors who are a pain it is also the government. They step in when debt is written off and can charge taxes and then a collector comes a long and can sometimes collect money off that same debt. I believe once they write off a debt a collector should not be able to get it, especially if the original lender wrote it off for taxes and the government came in and taxed you for that write off. It is always at the consumers risk.

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