Why would credit score go down

Submitted by dannystark on Thu, 10/02/2008 - 14:30

I had some old collections that had been paid,removed from my credit report.my credit score was 615 but dropped to 576 after these negative items where removed.I expected my score to go up ,why would it go down?

WOW I am not sure. Especially if they were totally removed from your report. Are you sure they were removed ? I will let someone else take a stab at this because I just can't see why it didn't go up.

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danny stark (not verified)

Yes ,I looked at my credit report and score on line

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oops Sometimes this thing posts before I am ready. Please copy your report and keep it in a safe place. It is good to have it for a reference or keep track in case any creditor tries to change any dates on it. Hopefully you will see a rise in your score soon.

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Did some positive fall off as well? Are there inquiries on your report? There are many things that could have done this that may have nothing to do with the old debt.

Check out the inquiries, you can easily have these removed.

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If you are talking about how to get your report it is free at www.annualcreditreport.com. Three free pulls a year. Other than that If you are talking about how to get inquires off your report...you can dispute them.

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What happened is that the scoring module which is the computer system that shoots out these credit scores was immune to these negative credit marks. So it was not even taking them into consideration since they have been paid and not to mention that they were old. You must understand that anything older than a year does not really get looked at by the scoring module. When you went in and removed these accounts it caused a minor wave and could have caused an upset with the scoring system. Removing old negative marks to increase credit scores is one of the biggest misconception here in the U.S. when it comes to the credit world.
Also, how many more bad marks do you have reporting vs. good positive tradelines????
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I am no a pro or an expert.

Removing any negative information is extremly important if not scorewise than manual review wise. I do not think this a misconcept.

IMHO, your score dropped because you enterd different bucket or pool or different category of customers and score should recover pretty fast.

Good Luck.

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I agree, I think your report has to have time to recover and reorganize if that makes sense, I think if you give it a little while that you will soon see the increase that you are anticipating. Let us know what happens.

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I would try not to check it all the time. It won't effect your score but checking it all the time will just make you more anxious to see a change that needs time to take place.

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Yeah, you need to give yourself a break, give your report some time to change. Your mistakes did not happen overnight and neither will credit repair.

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Spoken like an expert. Its like falling to the bottom of a hill...you just have to get back up and start climbing again...you can not wish yourself to the top.

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i think one of the best option to go increase the credit score is be timely on your credit card payment. If one follows this for months surely it will improve your score very nicely.

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Sally Nachelle (not verified)

There may be some hard inquiry on your credit report, which have dragged down your credit score. You need to review your credit report on a regular basis in order to check whether or not any new negative items have been added to your credit report. When you remove negative items from your credit report, it will always improve your credit score.

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'Hard Inquiries' can remain on your credit for 2 years. If your check your OWN credit score, that doesn't go aqainst you. Just remain paying on the debt you have down and (slowly but surely..) your credit score will go up.

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crorkz (not verified)

oCHBP6 Very neat blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on...

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Get the copy of your credit report again and review what's really on your credit report. And must know what causes your credit score goes down.

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it takes time to the report to change and update
but dont worry, it will change and your score will go up.

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creditrepairqueen (not verified)

Hey Danny -

There are a couple reasons why your scores could have dropped. When you are given a certain score at a given time, you are placed on a particular scorecard, meaning you are compared to other people with similar credit report items. So if you do not have a lot of positive credit items listed on your credit reports once those negative accounts were removed, your score will decrease because now you are compared to people without collection accounts on their reports.

You also want to pay attention to your credit card utilization. If your balances are more than 20% of your credit limit, then your scores will suffer also. So, take a look at your credit report and make sure you have a balance of positive open lines of credit and that your balances are below 20% of your limits.

Hope this helps. If you need a more detailed explanation, I can help you.

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