Credit cards

Submitted by markdeviz on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 08:27

Which credit card is best. because I want credit card for online shopping.

I use for online shopping my Citi card (virtual number) or PayPal debit card which is linked to PayPal Buyers Line of Credit.

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I here paypal is a pretty good place to do business with. I have yet to set up my own paypal account due to time. I also am very wary when making any type of online purchase. I always suggest people not to use their bank card because it would be easy for someone to empty an account. A regular credit card is better because if something like this would happen you are only liable up to $50 on most where as your bank you would be liable for it all until other wise proven so.

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paypal is awesome, very secure, reliable and will back you in a dispute.

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Hi markdeviz
You can go for virtual credit card for secure online transactions.In addition to this, American Express credit cards are also safe for making online transactions. The American Express cards use secure encryption technology which helps to keep your account information secret and you are not even liable for the $50, if your card is misused. Apart from this, these cards have fraud detection services which automatically suspends your card as soon as it finds any unusual payments on your cards till the time they confirm with you that the charge on the card was authorized. In addition to making online purchases, you can also chose to pay your bills online with these cards.

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There are actully many credit cards now offering all this. My only problem with it all is I personally would not pay my bills with a credit card. Wht pay interest and rack up charges? I feel it is better to pay bills as they come in and use credit cards less often.

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You listed all pluses of Amex, but you did not mention any minuses.

1 Amex is the fastest lender to punish. They implement CLD, FR and/or account closure much faster than any other CC company. According to some internet forums (FW, CB) they decided to slash CL to 50% of card holders.

2. Their CS is no more the best.

3. Amex ceased being "best of breed"

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hi 1002543
I agree with you 1002543. I have just pointed out that AMEX cards are highly secured for online shopping. But AMEX no doubt has a bad reputation in the market in relation to customer satisfaction which has many times been discussed in this forum.

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