disowned credit card

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 04/29/2008 - 10:07

Is it wrong if I got someone's credit card inside my hotel room..& haven't shared it with anyone? What about trying a couple of purchases at the city Malls?
Could be its blocked by now..could be I can buy a nice pair of shoes..
How abt that! any probs..??
Regards, ASI

it is not only wrong, it is criminal, you could be prosecuted for it, you are better off sending the card to the company that owns the card. Why would you think you could shop on someone elses card legally, you need to do the right thing.

Hopefully, the owner has cancelled the card by now.

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Why WOULD you want to put yourself at risk like that? Knowing this is someone else's card. I agree....the 'owner' probably cancelled the card by now.

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greta-B (not verified)

How do I send the card back to the company? Will I not be penalized for not informing them for 3 days?

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Well I do not think you will be penalized. Just go ahead and do it.

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If you DID try and use the card, the 'owner' could have 'traced' it, as well as cancelled it ( I know i said that in an earlier post). I would just send it back.

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I too think that you should return the card to the company that owes it. If you fear of getting penalised because of returning the card late, tell them that you got the card only a day before. But you should not take risk of using the card to purchase anything as if you get caught you will be penalised severely.

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YOu need to return the card, it is the right thing to do, how would you like it if someone did this to you. Hopefulyy the person realized that they have lost the card and they will call it in and report it lost.

I would never even think about using a card that was not mine, it is just wrong.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I think you should send the card immediately to the credit card office. If you fear for sending the card late, then just mail the card to the credit card office. Don't try to make any transaction now as the loss of the card might have been reported by now by the owner.

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do the right thing, don't use the card, either destroy it or turn it in. They must not have cleaned the room very well if you found it after people left. what was the name of the hotel chain?

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I agree with goodnatured. If you have not yet destroyed the card do it immediately else return it to the credit card company.

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I just can not imagine someone thinking that this kind of behavior is okay, blows my mind. I guess it takes all kinds.

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Yeah, and some people will take advantage, cheat, steal and lie when they can to get what they want.

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I know a few of these types of people. I am sure we all do.

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Yes and some of them we are related to, but you know what they say, you can pick your friends but not your relatives.

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Tep but as long as you know the type of people you are dealing with then you will be ok. I have only a few people I actually would trust asking advice or lending money to. They have never steered me wrong so if they would need anything I would give it if I had it.

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Times are tight, I think alot of people in my family know that there are no extra funds here, LOL

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I know they know there are none here. I wouldn't even have the priveledge of saying no. lol.

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I found out a long time ago to keep my mouth shut if I have extra money, seems like somebody is always in need, but they have name brand cigs while I am rolling mine, etc, etc.

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That couldn't be truer. I seem to fall for that alot. I have a bro that loves to p;lay the "what am I gonna do now" card and later you seem him drinking your money in a bar. You are very wise to keep quiet.

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Yep, I roll to save money, not so I can give it to them, they need to start rolling and saving.

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Reminds me of a Wal mart commercial. ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING Keep those prices rolling.lol. I would "roll" if I could.

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yeah, well it don't feel like a walmart commercial when I am doing it, LOL

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can only imagine but at least it saves money by cutting sorners. I would probaly smoke much less. Speaking of Wal mart ...I see the prices are really starting to come down along with gas. Still doesn't beat the good old days.

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You can expect the for the prices to fall when the price of gas goes down because the cost of delivery and transportation of the goods is cheaper, so the price break is passed onto to the consumer.

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Yes and it did drop by another 4 bucks but with the up coming OPEC meeting and them wan ting the prices not to drop below $100 a barrell there may not be too much more relief at the pumps ahead..Better than what it was but still outrageous in my books...especially with winter heating around the corner.

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Hopefully it will continue to drop, I sure could use the extra money in my budget, hate spending what I spend on gas to go to work every week.

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I hear you. Just last week we filled up the two trucks on payday and it was over $100 bucks. There is no such thing as extra money these days. I remember when a person never had to worry about how much the fill up would costs because almost always a twenty would cover it.

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I dont think that you will see that again ever. Seems like they jump up a few bucks every year and never really fall to the lowest point that they were originally again. So we have to learn to live with it, I know what you mean though, I try not to run as much. I was really irritated last weekend with all the running that I had to do. Took a day of gas away from me, I had to fill up a day earlier.

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Prices never seem to fall down to the original low that they were.

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That is what we refer to as inflation, fortunatel we have cost of living allowance raises where I work, it is also built into the social security and veteran benefits programs. It does not keep up with the price of a loaf of bread but it is an increase to try and help people stay afloat. It usually happens around november time frame, I know it goes on the veteran benefits the first check in December.

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My hubbys work did this too. They call it the energy crisis help. They add so much to each paycheck to help defer gthe cost of gas. It is about $45 a pay and that does help. He really works for a wonderful company and they just recently added a bonus program. For evry 6 months you are with the company you get an employee award. It goes from $650 than if you are there for like say three years it will go to $8000. They will issue them twice a year, once at Christmas and then again in July when it is vacation time.

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That is good, gives you a little incentive to go to work and put in a good days work. How long has he been at the company now?

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It has been a little over three years. He enjoys it but the hours sometimes get him on the cranky side. I am greatful for this job especiallt the medical part of it. My sister and I was talking about how much we did not get done this year due to the employment incline at work. I told her I couldn't even get a meesly $200 dentist bill paid becaue I had soo much to catch up on and tehn taxes. She said how would you like to have one for 800? They have no dental and every cavity costs over $80 to fix. Ours is only like $16. Another reason why the gas stamps bonus for people under 31000 upsets me.
If we were entitled to med and dentist we could be using that extra towards gas. But instead we are penalized for making more than others. I am surprised there hasn't been a big uproar about this yet. Maybe because it is still in the beginning stages.

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I have not heard anything about the stimuls that we are talking about. Have you seen the new package in writing.

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No just a little NBC news talk every now and again. It keeps changing from time to time. Before this it was PA stimulus money was going to the state to repair bridges. I would rather see this then be discluded all together. Even though jy area never sees too many repairs.
I love how they redo the bigger city roads that don't even look as if it is needed while mine around here are falling to pieces litrerally. We vacationed in Hershey PA a few years ago and they were redoing roads that looked in excellent shape. Unreal.

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I train done in the Harrisburg area, I know they are really nice down that way, I think that this government bail out and the stimulus stuff is gonna make us all hurt later. Some how some way this money has all got to be paid back, so those of us that go to work everyday will be bringing home less. I think they need to cut some programs that are enabling people, get them out in the job market so they can start paying for some of this junk too.

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Well let me just make your world a little brighter...PA is going to have to raise our taxes next fiscal year if not sooner because since people aren't out shopping so they can collect the taxes we are now in deficit. So who do you think gets to bail us out?? Okay no genius needed here...just a working,middle class American.

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I tell you I am about tired of paying the way here. Where I work I see so many people laying on welfare and ssi, these are young capable people that need to be off their lazy butts and contributing to the tax base instead of living off it.

There is a program where I work that gives these ridiculous incentives. If you keep the job for three months you get $250, if you keep it for six months, you get an additional $500. This is crazy, paying people to keep their jobs. I think they should be restricted from collecting welfare if they quit the job. They quit after six months and go right back on welfare.

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You have really got to be freaking kidding right? Cash incentives to go to work. How long do they do this and with whos money? Ours? I agree once they prove that they can work why should welfare let them back on. They wonder why our economy is failing and this is a big contributor. The sad fact is the state and goverment is cutting programs that actually could use funding to get the budget and economy in order when all they had to do is look over ss and weldare.

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That is what I mean, how about using the incentive of "If you don't work, you don't eat" I am really tired of paying ways for people who are very capable of working.

Now with this bail out, I suppose there is a ton more taxes for some reason coming out of my paycheck, JUST can not wait to see what is going to happen.

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You know it will definately be something. And just to brighten your day they are retalking about the second stimulus ..and yep for those poor fellows that "REALLY" need it. whatever.

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F and GN.
Have you thought how many H1B workers are here in the States and why there is a need in those workers. Some jobs where H1B people work are not blue color (IT, nursing etc.).
My comclusion is, that Americans become lazy and so eager to work, preferring to get unemployement check, so gevernment found that giving money to people for going to work is cheaper than paying unemployment.

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I hear you, they are liking their welfare checks too. too damn easy to take the easy road out.

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