Need a decent credit card.

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Need a decent credit card? Here are some credit cards that actually got the best rating:
Capitol one Prestige: 7.9% interest and they will not raise rate due to you defaulting unless you make a payment three or more days late and more than twice a year.

Clear/American Express: 0% for 12 months and then 5.9% on balance transfers for life. They claim this one is really liberal with one month grace periods. No fees for late payments, cash advances or over the limit fees. They even give you your free credit report WITH your score once a year for free.

I know we all do not have good credit but for those who have finally gotten there and post here to help others these cards could be a wise choice. I know when I had bad credit it was the over the limit fees and annual charges that helped set that bad credit ball rolling. Hope this helps anyone out there looking for a decent card.

Thanks for the posting. I DON"T have the 'best' credit, but,...I'm working on it. I know you posted ( I think it was you..) about % rates going up on 'good credit' CC's, too. I don't know if I would want to pay all of that % again.

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The best thing SD is staying away from the cards all together but the fact is if you want to have a credit rating or build your credit you almost have to have a credit card. I just thought I would list some of the better ones. You will get your credit back on track. It seems like you are really trying from reading your posts. Just hang in there and you'll get your score back up.

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I don't think i can be 'accepted' from 'bad credit' CC's if I already 'defaulted' on a few, in the past. Orchard and Imagine....I posted these in another thread. Gosh, though....I understand it may raise my score, may be starting the whole CC thing over.

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If you can't get a regular credit card, you can apply for a secured credit card, which will also help you rebuild your credit.

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True.....that WILL help. Will a Secured card change into a Non-secured card if you make regualr payments? Can you tell me some 'good' secured cards, I can apply for?

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Not sure here SD. Never had to do any. Just started with the store brand. I didn't have it as bad because my husband has had good credit. I didn't even get on the last loan because I new a still had a bad mark to fall off and we really needed the loan. I didn;t want my credit screwing up the chances of it being approved.

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A secured credit card cannot be converted into an unsecured credit card. If you do not have a credit history, you need to go for a secured credit card, which requires a deposit as security for the amount you would like to take as credit limit on your card. Now if you make purchases on your secured credit card and make timely repayments, you can build up a good credit score. On the basis of this credit score, you may apply for a unsecured credit card.

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Would the % rate be 'decent' on a Secured CC? Timely payments WOULD help with my score. Do they check your credit for Unsecured CC's?

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not real familiar with all this SD. I hope Mary can answer this question for you.

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Your info is completely wrong.

I've got BOA secured card 2 weeks after I got off the airplane, with 0 credit history, 9 mos later BOA graduated my secured card to fully unsecured with CL $500 more than I had and returned my security deposit.

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Hello, CREDITPRO...Publishing USA?? They are secured CC's? Never heard of them, but, I'll look into it. Thanks for the advice.

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Hi 1002543
Most of the secured credit card do not have a conversion option. If however, you secured credit card had a conversion option, it would be converted into an unsecured credit card if you use your secured card responsibly to make purchases and paying it off regularly, thereby making a good credit history.

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Yea..i see, MARY. Can you take an 'advance' on a Secured CC? SOME CC's you can take Cash Advances on MORE than you have on the card. I don't know about Secured CC's.

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Anonymous (not verified)

SDCHARGERS. They are not secured credit cards. They are unsecured revolving credit limits. They are new!

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Hi chargers
Yes, you can take cash advance on secured credit cards, but for that you need to pay a cash advance fee. However, as far as I know, the cash advance cannot be more than the remaining credit limit on your credit card. But on unsecured credit card too, you have a credit limit as well as a cash advance limit, beyond which you cannot get a cash advance. Cash advance can never be more than the available limit they provide you on the card.

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Mary is right, but sometimes based on your expenditure and repayment history, some credit card companies increase both the credit limit as well as the cash advance limit on your credit card. So if you use your credit card frequently, you can call up the card company and ask for an increase in credit limit. However, if you want to increase your credit or cash advance limit on your secured credit card, you need to increase the security deposit with the credit card company.

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Doesn't asking for a card limit increase look bad for the card holder? I would imagine it would especially if the card holder is near his limits.

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They will look at the last time you requested or they have granted you more credit, they will look at your payment history, are you making more than minimum payment, are you on time, etc, etc.

Does it look bad, maybe, it will certainly make them take a look at you for sure.

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Yes, before giving you an increase in credit limit, the credit card companies generally look at the repayment history. However, the cc company may also pull out your credit report to find out your outstanding debt before they process your request and so there can be a hard inquiry in your credit report which may lower your credit score a bit. However, since you have only asked them to increase the credit limit over phone, and have not authorized them to make a hard inquiry in your credit report, it can be easily removed by sending letters to the inquirers asking them to verify your authorization or remove the listing. In most cases the inquirers remove the listing because they cannot verify your authorization.

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Anonymous (not verified)

What are the cash advance fees on secured credit cards? Do all secured credit cards offer cash advance facility

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Hi Chargers
Secured credit cards do have a cash advance facility but there is a cash advance fees on these secured credit cards which is generally 2.5% to 4% or $2.5 to $10 whichever is higher. If you go for a Wells Fargo or Washington Mutual Bank secured credit card, the cash advance fee would by 4% on the amount of cash advance or $4 whichever is higher. Again HSBC bank has a cash advance fee of 3% or $3 whichever if maximum. This cash advance fee may differ from one company to other.

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SD we have a discover card and the cash advance fees are usually like 3% but only for a certian time limit. It is best if you do take out a cash advance you try to repay before that time limit is up.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Cash advance fees have to be paid whenever you opt for cash advance both on your secured and unsecured credit card no matter whether you pay it by the time limit or not. Once you opt for the cash advance on your credit card, you are not entitled to the interest free period that you generally get after making purchases on the card. Moreover, in addition to the cash advance fees, you will be charged with interest rate on a higher rate on the amount of the cash advance.

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Thanks..I appriciate all the replies from ya'll. Discovered CC's are for the 'good' credit I think ( lack of a better word.) I don't think they have Secured Discover Cc's, do they? Anyone know?

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No I am not to familiar with secured cards. It isn;t because I have perfect credit. My credit was pretty bad up to a few years ago. I had a couple bad debts on it but I worked hard and rebuilt it because I knew I would need it all my life and it made me feel better. Although mone isn;t perfect now it is pretty average. It is my hubbys credit that gets us the loans and lower rate cards. So hang in there won't get there overnight but you will aventually. You may want to ask GN about secured cards. I know she did some looking into them a few months ago. I am not sure what she found.

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It would be nice to expand our forum. Please consider joining us.

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Cash advance fees on secured credit card for most of the credit card companies is 2.5% or $2.50 whichever is higher. However, Bank of America and Washington Mutual charges 4.5% or $4 for cash advance on secured credit cards. What I think is that credit cards should only be used for making purchases but should never be used for cash advances, because you will have to pay not only the cash advance fees, but also the high interest rates.

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GN did some a link to me, FIREYONE........really interesting stuff in there!! You're repair won't happen overnite. However......I'm 'getting there'. Finding different resources, etc. to help me with it. SOOO much I can start with!! Just trying to decide which is the Best, for that '1st step'..kind of thing.

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I think after the economy straightens itself around alot of people s going to find theirselves working to repair their credit. All you see anymore on the news is how people are falling behind in credit card debt. Most are having to use thier cards to just get by until the next payday or to put dinner on the table. I seen one guy complaining at the pharmacy about having to use his for prescriptions. We all know how much perscritions and groceries can add up to. You figure both arew monthly bills and it wouldn't take long to rack up a high credit card bill.

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Well..........I DO wanna say this. Even though the price of gas is falling, everything else is climbing, in cost, to 'make up' for the seems like it to me, anyway. Just really tough to live this way.

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You got that right. save here spend extra there. I go to the store with a grocery list and a budget. I make sure I only buy what I will need for that week. I found that by doing this it has really helped out. I also seen theat they were going to start raising credit card rates or go over how much peoples debt to income ratio was and if it increases alot so would their rates.. so when I see people using their card to pay for groceries I always think "thats goona cost even more later." BUT some have no choice.

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This site is like a shopping network. You can buy books there and apply for credit. Is it for real? I have never seen something like this before. It leaves me feeling a little wary of the site. I do not need it myself but I would hate to see someone from the community go thee and end up with even more credit troubles. I would really investigate the site before applying or buying anything. Not saying it isn't valid but just foesn't seem real to me.

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Will have to see what this is about although I no longer need the card...may help the others in the community to have a little m ore info...gotta tell you guys there are listing there for some good cards. If tour in need of one you should stop in there.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Which credit cards have lower interest rates - secured credit cards or unsecured credit cards. What to do if I do not qualify for an unsecured credit card.

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Unsecured credit cards generally have a much lower interest rates as compare to secured credit cards. Moreover, most of the unsecured credit cards do not have an annual fee, but secured credit cards have such fees. If you do not have a credit history and you want to make one with an unsecured credit card, you can go for departmental store credit cards which also helps you to build up a good credit history.

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Just keep in mind that most department store cards do have a higher rate of interest. Also be sure if they are running a zero percent interest offer they usually expire with in 6-12 months and you need to see what the rate will go to once that time frame passes.

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(Why are the MODS, for these posts, not erasing all of this crud??) The sublect was 'need a decent CC'. depends if you have good or bad credit. Just a few of the 'bad credit' credit cards are worth having (I have one myself and it's pretty decent). I have a $250.00 limit on mine and that's good enough for me!! I see so many people that have thousands of dollars in CC goodness!! When you DO get a credit card, keep paying on that card in a timely manner and your credit will improve.

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Andrew Harryson (not verified)

I contacted South Creditrebuild Advisory on a referral from a friend. My credit had suffered since the recession because I had to put my family before paying high interest rates back on credit cards - bottom line. I slowly paid the bills down on my wife's credit cards first while I continued to work hard. Eventually my wife's cards were paid off and then I started paying on my own. I made the mistake of settling cards at low payoff rates (thinking I was doing a great job) only to pay income taxes on the exaggerated differences the creditors had recorded on my report - this whole time never having called anyone such as South Creditrebuild Advisory for assistance. I was trying to handle it myself. Finally - after I had paid everything I thought I should pay and having the mindset that my credit should be great again - I was rewarded with very little improvement in my fico Score and was left with the scars of the recession history and late payments. I had known of Raymond Harleysville for over two years before I finally decided to hire him. I hadn't hired him because I just wasn't sure if my money was going to be well spent because and according to law they couldn't guarantee results and even though you only pay for results I couldn't make the call. Finally decide to write to Raymond Harleysville five times (on his personal E m a i l) I felt that is was the right choice and signed with him. My credit score when I signed with him was 615. They immediately jumped into action sending letters to the collection agency disputing erroneous remarks and data. As they had suggested that I sign up with to monitor the progress I was able to see rapid incremental increases in all three bureaus as the new reports indicated the true nature of my now good great excellent credit! Within 48-72 hour my credit score went from 615 to a middle score of 796! I FELT ALIVE AGAIN! For too long I had let it go not believing that it could be that easy. Please don't let creditors leave scars on your Credit report like I did. Get them removed - its worth every penny. Real Customer - Zack P. West Palm Beach Florida. Raymond Harleysville is Absolutely Amazing. The owner knows his stuff and has a professional staff that is diligent, punctual, and professional. I have recommened them to anyone I know who needs those services. If you need him to work for you reach him at raycreditrebuild AT GMAIL DOT COM.

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Emma Wiliam (not verified)

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