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how if I don't have any job,do the credit card company can give me a credit card?do you know a company that can give me a credit card even I don't have any job.but I graduated as webpage programmer.

Even if you do not have a job, you can build up a good credit history by going for secured credit cards. Such cards do not require any credit history. All you need to do is to keep a security deposit with the credit card company and you get credit limit equal to the deposit you keep. Now, you can build up a credit history with this secured credit card and once a good credit history is established, you can go and apply for an unsecured credit card.

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Yes, Mary is right. You cannot get an unsecured credit card without a good credit history. So you should go for secured credit card. Make regular payments like you utility bills, grocery, etc with your credit card and repay the debt within the due date. Doing this you can expect to build up a good credit history in a year or two. After that you can apply for a normal credit card.

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Try sign up for a free membership card to a video store where your credit is not checked. Choose one where you needn’t list a place of employment to get a card.

Once you receive the card, you can use the account as a reference when you apply for a real credit card.

hope it helps.

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Hi luvnet,

Credit card companies will quarantinly ask for your job if you have good credit history in your record then you can get credit card but they will offer you for secure credit card. You must have to pay deposit amount to get it & if you have bad credit history then they will proceed very hard to give credit card to you.

Thanks & Regards.
Secure credit card will help you to improve your credit score faster.

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