Removal of Car Loan Inquiries?

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Hello again,

My situation is as follows...
I recently purchased a new car, and did a decent amount of shopping around in the process.
Well of course this left quite a lot of inquiries on my reports; upward of 20, depending on the bureau.

Now I could have sworn that I read some where that in regards to car loans only, that if the inquires were all made within a 30 day period they would be removed.

So am I mistaken or is there some validity to this?

As always, any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Sean C.

You could do the online disputing and the funny things is, they will erase it in a couple of days. I had over thirty inquiries and in about 2 weeks I got all of them removed. I disputed three to five at a time after they notified me that the investigation was complete.

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If the hard inquiries were not authorized by you, then they can be easily removed from your credit report. However, if you have applied for the car loan, it means that you have authorized the creditors to pull out your credit report and make a hard inquiry. In such cases the inquiry cannot be removed from your credit report before two years.

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Anonymous (not verified)

They may be hard inquiries< but I am telling you what I did at Equifax to get them removed. Sounds hard to believe, but true. I did this at the end of January 2009.

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I had the being "counted as one" confused with the removal of the inquiries! Oops! :oops:

Now all my car loan inquiries fall within a 17 day period. Can I assume that they are not affecting my credit scores from the three bureaus?
(I don't know my fico score.)

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ambickike (not verified)

I want to donate my car to a charity. I do want to recieve a tax deduction, but I don't want it to go to just any charity I would very much like my car to go to a needy family. I am in the Houton area. Can anybody help me or have any sugestions.

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