Validation of a debt I am currently paying to CA?

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I have starter making payments on a debt to a collection agency that I did not validate. I did fax back a signed agreement to pay the debt. Can I still validate the debt from the collection agency or am I stuck paying them because I agreed to pay on their terms. I have been working on my credit report and when we called to verify the debt they couldnt verify. What should I do? Thanks
The Collector is P. Scott Lowery

I believe you can still send them a validation letter. Your problem may come since you sent a signed agreement to pay the debt back. You can however dispuite the amount if you think its wrong. You would have to write a letter outlining the details and send it certified mail. What you can also do is stop paying, send letter protesting the amount, wait on them to send you a new collection letter and have them validate that letter. What you also need to send is a cease contact letter. Look the CA up with your State and see if they are registered or filed with your state, if not they can not collect if your state requires this. Good Luck, its a long battle but it worth the fight.

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Thanks, LT. I will go and get a validation. I do believe the amount is very disputable. I will call the original creditor to get the correct number.

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How do you find out if a collection agency is registered witha certain state. Is there a website on this? Also I would check and see if the letter ytou signed is still legal if they can not provide validation. It may not hold up if they can not show ownership of this debt. Maybe you could call the FTC or atty generals office in your state and ask, unless someone knows the answer here.

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Hi Enriquecpr
You can ask for debt validation, but by continuing your payments to the creditor. Only if the creditor does not validate the debt within 30 days of receipt of your DV letter, you can stop making any further payments. This is because, if you first stop making payments and then ask for DV and the creditor validates your debt, there may be a late mark in your credit report. To avoid this late mark in your report, continue making payments while asking for debt validation. Always send debt validation letter by certified mail with return receipt.

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ORfNsz Great, thanks for sharing this article. Will read on...

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