Credit Report Inquiries

Submitted by LT on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 14:54

Does anyone know how long an OC has after they have charged-off a debt that they can still pull a credit report without your authorization? Is there a limitation? And does your credit report have to show that they are pulling an unauthorized inquiries for that specific purpose?

I would imagine as long as you owe them the debt they can continue to pull your report. I am not sure of this but I think thats how it works, someone may know better so hang in there.

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Yes, normally once your debt is charged off by the original creditor, it is sold off to a collection agency. Now, the Original creditor can pull out your credit report so long as the debt is with them. Once they sell it off, they are not longer authorized to pull out your report. Moreover, if the original creditor pulls out your report without your authorization and it gets listed in your report as a hard inquiry, it can be removed.

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To remove a hard inquiry you would have to go through the credit bureaus to have it removed. If you feel someone is pulling your report that does not have the right then you can dispute it. Now if they are the most recent collectors of the deb then they have every legal right to pull your report. Look on your credit report and see if they are still the owners of the account by checking the data. Hard inquirieas can damage your score.

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I have filed suit against the OC they were given the chance to state the reason they pulled the report. I go to court next month, I will keep everyone up to date.

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