What if I sent a DV before being served?

Submitted by shnnn_wdrd on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 16:03

I sent DV letter before I got my summons. I still haven't been served. Does this mean I wont be served because they got my letter first?

No, those are two seperate issues, you can however ask the court for an extention and wait to see if they send you validation before the court date. If they do not then use that in court as part of your defense.

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If you have already received your summons, you should immediately file a response to it by visiting the court which has issued summon else a default judgment may be brought against you by the creditor.
Now, since you have sent the debt validation letter, the creditor must validate the debt within 30 days, else the judgment will go in your favor. Even if you have sent the DV letter, you need to file an answer to summon.

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