what do I do once I have gave them 30 days?

Submitted by vshe314 on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 22:04

if i send the creditor a letter to tell them to show me proof of the debt that own in writing and give them 30 days.If they don't have the information in the 30 days. What should I do then?

Hi Nuck
The FDCPA does not prescribe any time limit within which the creditor or the collection agency need to validate the debt. It only says that the creditor need to stop collecting the debt till the time they validate it properly. Now, 30 days is taken as the time limit by most borrowers to dispute the debt with the bureaus when the creditors fail to validate the debt and so you can send a dispute letter to the bureaus asking them to remove the negative item from your report.

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