GC Services & Am Ex both trying to collect same debt

Submitted by claudia06 on Sat, 03/28/2009 - 18:24

I received a collection letter from GC Services (a collection agency) requesting payment to them for a debt I owe to American Express. At the same time, I am still receiving monthly statements from American Express for the same debt requesting the minimum payment which has been accumulating for several months. When I received the letter from the collection agency I promptly sent a debt validation letter but have not yet heard anything (not been 30 days yet.) I wonder how American Express and GC Services can both ask for payment? Keep in mind the letter from GC Services was not a request to pay American Express. GC Services wants me to send them the money.

I would wait until you get a response from American Express before you do anything else. Don't send any money to this GC Services.

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You should not send any money to GC services, until you get a proper validation of the debt from them because the collection agency cannot collect the debt until and unless they validate it. If AMEX sends you monthly statements, pay directly to AMEX, because sending monthly statements means that they still own the debt and the debt has not been sold to any collection agency.

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RICHARD..I do have a question. If American Express STILL owns the debt, than how did GC get information on the account, if American Express din't 'sell' it?

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It may happen that AMEX at some point of time or the other had authorized the collection agency to recover the debt and so the CA must have got the information from them itself. Later, when AMEX found that the borrower was repaying the debt on time, they took back the account from the collection agency and started collecting it themselves.

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That's alittle 'unnerving' just thinking about it.......all of these CA's having information on you..ya know? No wonder there is so much Identity Theft ( just thinking outloud, here)!!

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Randel reynolds (not verified)

GC has called me on behalf of a Debt from Wells farg I owe. They called and said that if I pay it off in 3 months they will give me a 50% break which means three payments of $333 approximently. But I looked them up on the web because they only conduct business via fax, no internet or mail. They gave me a phone number to verify 1-800-523-0118 but the company name is Media Incorporated. Sounds to me like someone is trying to scam us although we do owe the debt to Wells fargo. What do you suggest.

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Randel reynolds, Always be wary of a business who does not work through the mail. First off this debt needs to get proper valdiation. Send them a debt validation letter by certified mail requesting debt validation within 30 days. Remember a copy of the bill is NOT validation. They should have a copy of the original signed contract that you had with the original creditor. Once they validate (if they do), then get the settlement offer in writing down to the detail..three payments of so much will satisfy..and so on. Do all of this before making a payment.

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THE HUNTER (not verified)

GC Services is a Texas based Company , The Collection laws in Texas are almost non existent. I work as a debt Broker and deal with Collection companies all the time, When a company like this starts yelling and screaming it is a sign of desperation because they do not have what they need by law to sue you or do any of the many things they will threaten you with. When GC Services went after a member of my family I called them, they tried yelling and screaming at me demanding all sorts of forms I do not need to provide them. after I mentioned a few basic rules/laws under the "fair debt collection practices act" I do not expect to hear from them again. Companies that yell, scream and threaten are very profitable and they make allot of money because many do not know the laws and pay these companies because they think these companies can do the things they say they can do! These companies can not afford to face any legal action. If you need help I recommend you use Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc.
PO Box 151
Farmingville, NY 11738

RapidRecoverySolution. com

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Gary Brewer (not verified)

I made an agreement with GC Agency to pay off a student loan debt!! They made the agreement with some plan called WDFord that since iam disabled and on disablity checks i could pay $5.00 monthly! Now they want to increase that amount and claimed they were a Federal Government collection Agency and they would garnish my checks if i dont agree and pay more !! Can they garnish my disability??

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I do not believe that they can, five dollars a month does not seem like a whole lot and it does not seem like an amount that a government collector would agree too, just seems to small to me and it would take forever to get the debt paid off.

Have you look into who they are? Are they actually a collection agency who is trying to give you the run around or are they actually a legitimate agency?

I would say call the social security administration and see what they have to say about it.

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Gary, First of all even if this was a valid and they tried to sue you in court, they may win but they can not attach your disability check. They however can attach your bank account so you need to make sure any persons, like a judge and the bank, know that this is what the moeny in your bank account is from.
I also do not believe they are in anyway related to an government agency. If it were me I would call my states atty general and inform him or hew of this situation. I am sure they would very quickly get to the bottom of the problem.

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If he has a payment register that reflects the amount of payments, and that he has been making them on time, I think he has a good shot in beating them in court since they agreed to the payment amount and that none of the payments were missed.

Do you have copies of your agreement? Hopefully, you can carry a copy of that into the courtroom.

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Yes this is true. I would look into getting the records to show you continued to honor the agreement. They should actually consider that they are lucky to even collect the five dollars a month since the income is Social Security. This is usually unattachabkeexcept for government debt and child support. These collection compaies keep getting the upper hand because the government themselves have not stepped in and pulled there power. Look at the credit card indusrty. The government stepped in but gave them so many months to reform...so we get pounded with bigger interest rates just as their reform time is about to expire.

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Hopefully these new regulations will make the credit card companies wake up and treat their customers with a little more respect.

I only have one, it is very small and I just use it for sales, I make more than the minimum payments that way I can keep it for an emergency gift.

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Yep...GN..I have one CC, as well. Low credit limit and it's reported on my CR. I pay off the balance every month....try to, anyway. Sometimes it's MORE than a minimum payment, if that's all I can do. However..it's in 'good standing'.

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I am not sure that I want to get into credit card ownership again, seems like something always goes wrong for me.

Mon, 01/04/2010 - 15:04 Permalink

Credit card ownership does take an extreme amount of responsibility. It is so easy to rely on credit cards when funds are low. We fell into this trap a couple years ago and have not completely gotten dug out. Almost there but it has taken so much. Paying more than the minimum is always a good thing. It looks good to the creditor and lowers the over all amount of interest you will pay. Good job SD on keeping your purchases paid as they accumulate.

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I think that is why the store cards are good, unlike a regular ole visa or mastercard that you can use anywhere or for anything, I know when I had those cards I was down right stupid about spending, If I wanted it, I bought it. Now I don't have a visa or a mastercard now, just a store card that I rarely use.

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You are right in some ways. We have a discover that we can use anywhere. It has really come in handy at times when things were finacially rough for us. We used it to pay for fuel in the past and tires. We keep it paid down to a low amount and the interest rate is great on it compared to the store cards. At one of our roughest times we had almost $4000 on it. The payment was only $70 and over half of it went to the original debt and not interest, I really like disocover. They have been a great card.

Thu, 01/07/2010 - 02:52 Permalink

I guess if you are disciplined enough to use it only in emergencies then it would be a good thing to have. I don't know if this is something that I need in my wallet right now, LOL. I have some civil problems with the mother in law that is costing me two arms, two legs, my head and butt. Hopefully this will be over soon and I can get back on track.

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fred (not verified)

i have a settlenent letter from GC Services that requests a money order to be written to Amex (who is my creditor) for settlment of the account balance ... il states "the account is considered settled if the payment is received by a certain date". Is that enough or do I need a letter from Amex ... or GC to spedify in the letter that they "represent" Amex?

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Spike The Dogg (not verified)

Cool...got calls and notice from CG about a past due AMEX. The calls (multiple) came from Mr. Duane. Received monthly AMEX statement showing balance due (no mention of collections) including past due amount (payment previously sent). Amex calling my wife constantly. Today, a nice advertising offer from Amex to apply for an Optima Card and giving consideration if total payment on account is made and to contact CG services...WOW! Talk about coordinated attack! All Spike can say is "Bite Me!"

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bigmama (not verified)

Just agreed to follow plan to student loan recovery without checking into GC Services first. Has anyone had legit experience with this program through them? First promise is to restore title one rights which means I can once again take out student loans and fund continuing education. The other promise is that my loan will be payed free and clear and I will be able to cosign for a family member etc. all I have to do is pay the designated amount for four months on time and a lender be found to subsidize. This would take a great wight off off my shoulders if it was true. Can anyone give me any feed back. And yes I did authorize a transaction.

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crorkz (not verified)

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