iligimate collection practice

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what would be the best way to respond to illegitimate claim, such as credit card account balance for card you never had?

is it better to ignore them?

never ignore them, If you never had the credit card than the best way to respond to them is to send a debt validation letter and make them prove that the debt belonges to can also dispute this with the credit bureaus as well as the collection agency.

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I did this and it wrecked my credit score for about 4 years till i tracked it down and disputed it.

I contacted all the credit agencies and filled out the dispute form. they then verify it and if they can't prove it they remove it.

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Has the creditor send you collection letters or have they reported the debt in your credit report?
If they have send you collection letters, you should send a debt validation letter by certified mail within 30 days from the date of receipt of the collection letter else it will be accepted that you owe the debt and the creditor can bring judgment to recover it from you. Now, if the creditor has listed the debt in your credit report, then as Fballman said, you should dispute it with the bureaus and get it removed.

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