Please help me.

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Hi Friends,

Here i have question about Mortgage Credit score & Regular Credit Score.

Can Any one know that what is the exact difference in Mortgage Credit score & Regular Credit Score.

Because this time i need to increase my credit score so i request you please help me.

I hope you will give me satisfied answer.

Thanks & Regards.


there really is no difference. What there is a difference between is your FICO score and the score that most credit monitoring services offer you when you sign up for their services. Some just give you an estimation on what your FICO score is but this truely not your credit score.

Just make sure that when checking your credit score that you are getting your FICO score and you will be fine. This is the score that almost all lenders go by when applying for credit.

Hope that helped.

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Hi cbass1017 ,

Thanks for reply. I don't know exact difference in this both credit scores.

Which one is my important credit score?

Are this both credit scores related with each other ?



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