In my emergency situation where i need to get $1000?

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I have an emergency situation where i need to get $1000 fast for my car to
be repaired. I need the money fast but I still want to not get screwed over.
My friend suggested an online site that he used before called
instantbailout I looked it over and it looks ok, but I am not sure
what is a reasonable rate for a payday loan. Is there a standard for this
type of loan? Also does a payday loan effect your credit?

there is not a reasonable rate you pay like 3 times if not more back on your loan - it's a LAST RESORT if even that option

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If you truly need $1000 fast you are better to get down on your hands and knees and beg someone in your family to help you out. If you get into the payday loans you may never recover unless you are for certain you can pay them back quickly.

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In my opinion payday loans just ruin peoples lives and credit, they are such a rip off and i really suggest people dont use them unless they really need to as a last resort.

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Yes, it is true that payday loans are mostly used during emergency when we have no other option in hand. However, there are many payday loan companies that are illegal. As far as I know, if you have already borrowed from an illegal payday loan company, you need to pay only the principle amount and not interest and other charges.

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If you just need 500-1000, it shouldn't be a big deal for you. There are so many loan companies that provide the best and fast loan.

$1000 payday loan

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It is not safe to get fast loans from payday loan companies. Moreover, payday lending has been prohibited in most of the states.



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Looks like the payday loan people are actually trying to lure people in with posts. By looking at the two posts before Aarons you can see the exact same post with two different user names. Payday loans are seriously nothing to mess with. Choose to take money from them and you will honestly be paying forever.

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Hi fireyone,

Yes, you are right. Recently many people have been posting in the forums about payday loans. However, rather than helping you out of debt, it increases the pressure of debt.



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