UniFund CCR Partners

Submitted by LT on Thu, 04/30/2009 - 13:07

Has anyone dealt with Uni Fund CCR Partners. How'd your situation turn out?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Lt
Unifund offers collection services to its clients. I personally have no experience with them, but I've heard that like most collection agencies, they also harass people with the debt. Can you share your experience with Unifund so that we can try to help out.

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Unifund has been complained about on different sites. If I were you I would post what your story is here and also google them. You really need to know your rights when dealing with collection agencies. You may be mroe protected then you know especially with the debt validation and statutes of limitations. The mroe we know the more we would be glad to help.

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I have them attempting to collect on a debt they say I owe. They will not validate the debts and will not send any information. I have contacted An attorney to help.

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richards wife (not verified)

I am currently paying an account that I do owe but you have to make sure you keep up with your payments they dont responde so know what you owe

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I would not pay on an account that is not mine.

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How long have you been in business with this type of work?

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gzh (not verified)

The scarest part of this organization is that they take anyone's word about anything and then they file lawsuits, upping the debt level, and driving the debter into bankruptsy.

They only care about what money they make, not about the truth of the debt.

Beware of them!

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I've dealt with Unifund, it turned out badly - partly due to my lack of knowledge and being intimidated to the point of taking no action when served a summons and the being charged with a judgement. The attorneys representing Unifund were Love Beal & Nixon in Oklahoma.

I've armed myself with some information now, and my advice is to act/respond/ask questions as daunting as it can be. In my case I have great guilt over the debt and that can transfer into feeling as though you don't have the right to question CA or their attorneys.

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Can someone give me some 'insight' please? Who IS Unifund?..a CA, etc.? I've seen their NMAE here and there, but, never read any information on who they are or what they do (if anything).

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I think Unifund is a company that buys up old charged off accounts and then begins pursuing the original owners of the accounts all over again - even when the statutes of limitations are expired.

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NO CA can legally start the SOL again without the 'consumer' making arrangements to pay the debt back. However.......LOTS of CA don't 'play the game' correctly, either. They make 'us' feel like we're crap because we owe money. and ALOT of people DO want to try and clear up our debts.

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