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Hello!...Needing help!!...Well, I have a judgment (unsatisfied) reported on my TU credit report (see TU info below)

Type: Civil Judgment Court Type: Common Pleas Date Filed: 11/2002 Responsibility: Individual Plaintiff: ******* INSURANCE Amount: $14,712 Estimated date that this item will be removed: 10/2009

Now, It is not reported on my EX or EQ credit reports...It says on TU that the estimated date of removal will be 10/2009

Also, It seems to be outside of PA's statue of limitations...And I was never contacted since the beginning of the actual judgment.

My question to everyone, is that even though this is a unsatisfied judgment, will this actually come off my credit report in 10/2009?

The Statute of Limitation on Judgment in PA is 4 years and so if the judgment was passed against you in 2009, the SOL has expired and the creditor can no longer collect the judgment money. However, you cannot get the judgment removed from your report before 10/2009 even if you dispute it with Transunion. Judgment, whether satisfied or not remains on your credit report for seven years from the date it has been passed.

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If the judgement was filed on 11/02 and is set to fall off on 10/09 than that would seem correct(7 yrs for the judgement to be removed). I would just simply wait for this to fall off of your credit as opposed to trying to remove it yourself.

If you were to contact the credit bureau and they inturn contact the court that the judgement was filed you start getting contacted by the court again to resolve the judgement. I would just leave it be.

Good luck

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Yes i agree with the posts above as it is almost been 7 years it not worth trying to get it removed as it will be removed within a few more months.

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Yes, I agree with Mary.
Because in my opinion as Mary says The statute of limitation on judgment in annual is 4 years and so if the judgment was passed against you in 2009, the SOL has expired and the creditor can no longer collect the judgment money.


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I am from PA and my sister had a judgement against her on an old car loan. It did fall off in the seven years and they never renewed it before the four year SOL so she was safe. Just wait it out and it will fall off shortly. Just try to remember how long it took to get this off your report and keep all your bills current and your score will increase. Good luck.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thank You!!!

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cleve (not verified)

I have a judgement and I have talked to the creditor about having it removed if I pay the amount off, he pretty much told me that all I have to do is go to the courts here in Chicago and show I have paid off the balance and they will remove it.I'm stuck between a rock and hard place because I want to pay it off but if this will not remove it and all the creditor will do is show it being paid I will rather just make payment arrangements with them instead of paying it off, because pretty much they will send me the letter of payoff either I pay it off or set up arrangements.....Help

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Hi Cleve
Judgment is a public record and it cannot be removed from your credit report before seven years. Now, if you pay off the judgment money, it will get reflected in your credit report as "paid judgment" but cannot be removed before seven years. However, judgment has its own Statute of limitation and the creditor can recover the debt within this period either by garnishing your bank account or your wage if you do not pay them back.

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cleve (not verified)

Thank you Mary

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althea carter (not verified)

Yea, even though a judgment falls of you're credit it is still in public records, and if it is not paid it will haunt you bad, you will not be able to get a home mortgage, because you have to be able to get title insurance and they do a title search on the buyer and the seller, The loan company would not do it because a lien can be put on the property.

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Hi althea,

I think you are confusing Statute of Limitations (SOL) on credit report with SOL on judgment. SOL on credit report is the time limit for which the judgment can stay on your credit report. However, SOL on judgment is the time within which the person who sued you can try to collect the judgment amount.



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Vijay (not verified)

Hi,I rented from soemnoe and in the lease it states that if my utilities went above a certain amount, I'd pay her. She has been harassing me for months for more money without any proof of my owing her anything (I haven't received a single proof just hateful emails and texts). She now insists she is going to report me to the credit bureau. Is this possible? She doesn't have more than my name on file as I only rented for one month. Thx!

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