another person account info given out

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Card Services (Aspire Credit card) company called my parents while I was there. I answered the phone and a man asked for my mother by name and I asked may I help you?. this is when he went into MS._____ I wanted to see if we could set up a payment plan on your account you are only a few months behind and we will take off the interest and this will mean that if you pay 54.00 now this will put you on a payment plan and if you can't pay this then it will be 26.00. you may pay with your debet card. So I said what is my balance. he gave it to me. I then stated when was my last payment. he gave it to me as well. I said will you put this in writing and send it to me he stated a that a letter was sent on April 11th. Told him I lost my job and was unable to get any payment out and could he wait till next month and he said that this offer was on good for a few days. So I asked what card this was on he said Aspire and I asked for my Card number this is when he asked for my last 4 of my SS#. this is when I asked for his supervisor. A supervisor pick up the phone after I was on hold for about 3 minutes and I stated to the super that the person (gave his name) did not make the statement that this is a call to collect a debt and any information ................... This super had nothing to say and I started to let him know the law has been broken ........and he hung up on me. who can I call now to get this info on this company

rachael (not verified)

Hi Taffy,

You have been intelligent in not giving out your social security number (SSN). Did you ever request for a debt settlement or a reduction in the rates of interest from Aspire credit card services? If not, then it sounds fishy that they suggest it on their own. Legitimate companies generally do not ask for your card number or your SSN over the phone. It might be a case of identity theft. The crook knows your account details and wanted to get further information by tricking you.

I would suggest contact Aspire card services immediately and inquire on the authenticity of the calls. Without further delay you can also request for a credit report from your credit bureau. You should tell them that you suspect identity theft. The credit report will contain a list of inquiries you have had in the last 12 months, usually with the person's contact details. This will give you clues to the thief.

Be very careful if you receive any further similar calls. Let your parents know about it, in case you are not at home. Do not give out your account details to anybody on the phone. Note down the name, contact number, and address of people making debt collection calls. You can also submit a complaint to the FTC. To complain or to get free information on consumer issues, visit the FTC website.

Hope that will help.

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I'm not sure if you understand my post I was trying to say they did not verify who they were talking to and gave me info about my mother thinking they were talking to her and they gave me all her info. Is this a law breaker or what?

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rachael (not verified)

Hi Taffy,

In that case, there has been a mistake on the part of Aspire Credit Card Services. It might happen sometimes as there are too many callers in a particular credit card company. In your case it might have been an inexperienced caller who did not verify in details whom he was speaking to and gave out all the information. You can report this to Aspire Credit Card Services and request them to take the necessary steps. To prevent mess up in future, you could ask the company how you can be on the "don't call list". I am sure most companies have these facilities available. Your local phone company may also offer some "custom calling services" like Caller ID and Call Block which can be used to limit unsolicited calls.

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They still should not have given all the mothers information because they did not verify that it was her. This is not good, you should report it to your states attorney generals office and the fair debt collection office. You can find both offices by conducting a google search.

Inexperienced or not, these people should not be giving out personal information, it violates that account holders privacy and that is against the law.

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