10 year old Phone Bill Charge- Texas

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10 yrs ago I had a $400 billing dispute with the phone company that was settled 3-4 mnths later when they admitted that the wrong long distance rates had been charged to me. I had received a collections letter prior to that.
After the matter was settled, I had no problems for 10 yrs, no adverse credit reports nothing..then last week, I received a letter from a collection agency that I owed them over $4000 for that bill.

Can they even do that when I dont have any outstanding debt to the phone company?? Also, teh SOL for texas is 4 yrs. Can i write back to these guys I tell them that?

First ask for a debt validation. Sometimes these CA's have no idea about the debt that they are collecting. I am sure they cannot collect on this debt because

  • you have already paid it (assuming you have all the written documentation of the same)
  • the SOL is also over, you are no longer liable to pay if at all you owe. However in case of any monetary transaction the SOL will reopen.

So once they are back with their validation (which I am sure they wont br able to provide with), provide them with the required docs. Remember always keep copies of whatever transactions you make.

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Hi Steelman,

The SOL of your state is 4 years in all the cases
*Oral agreements
*Written Contracts
*Promissory Notes
*Open Accounts.

Know these things:
1) Send a validation letter to them without which no deal can happen. They have to validate the debt.
2) You have paid your debt a long time back. Do you have all the communications and papers recorded at your end? Then tell the agency to stop collecting on this debt because its invalid and you have paid it in full.
3)Dont pay even a penny to them...that will open the SOL.

Hope this helps...keep in touch.

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Alex has given you some real good advice, this is probably just a collection agency hoping that you don't know the statute of limitation. Don't pay them a dime.

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Just curious, who is the collection agency that is calling or writing you? I am wondering if they are a junk debt buyer?

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Can this person get it deleted due to SOL. I think these old debts are ridiculous. Who keeps documents for 10 years? I have recently started keeping mine after reading posts like this.

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This is nuts, especially since the bill was paid some time ago, how does it show on your credit report?? or does it at all?

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That is what I was wondering. Surely if a debt that old is listed someone at the credit bureau would take note of the debts age and file 13 the debt.

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