CA verified with CRA, did not respond to my DV

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I disputed one account on my credit report. I sent DV to the collection agency and disputed with the credit bureau. CA did not respond to my DV but verified it with the bureau. So the item is still showing. What are my options now?

You always have the right to dispute with the collection agencies and its a smart move. Now since they haven’t responded you need to send a letter to the credit bureau mentioning that you sent a DV letter to the CA but they haven’t replied yet (guess that the 30 days time limit is over).

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Shellie (not verified)

what is a DV letter and what does CA stand for?

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Hi Shellie,

DV stands for debt validation. You will know more in the FDCPA page I have referred below (Section 809).

And CA stands for collection agency. It is very important that know your rights when dealing with a debt collector. Please go through the FDCPA laws to know more about your rights as a consumer:
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


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yaz_bri (not verified)

what does CRA stand for?

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CRA stands for Credit Reporting Acences. They are also known as Credit bureaus and there are three credit bureaus in US - Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

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