how can i fight a judgment against me to seize my assets

Submitted by Ishephard on Mon, 06/22/2009 - 21:19

i had a collections agency sue me for an sbc phone bill from 1996 they say i was sent a summons and didnt respond which i honestly dont recall recieving it. well they won by default the deputy sheriff came to my home with a notice to seize my assets and took my car which is worth waaayyy more than what they are asking for in the judgment how can i dispute this? i filed papers to go to court which is set for friday june 26th 2009 @2pm help me fight these people if u can

How much was the bill? Try to reach a deal with them to pay it off.

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the bill was 989.00 but it went up to 1,079.00 (interest) but they already have a judgment against me and took my car for payment i need to be able to get my car back friday when i go to court. and i dont feel i owe this collection agency anything. if they get anything it should be what they paid for my debt am i wrong? i havent used any of their services and feel that i dont owe anyone

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Hi Ishephard,

You must request the court to allow you some time to validate the debt. You should explain to the judge that you did not receive the court summons, when the lawsuit was filed against you. I don't think a collection agency (CA) can seize your car to pay off a debt amount, which is lesser than what the car is worth. It is possible that the court will ask the CA to return your car.

You can try to work out a repayment plan with the CA. In most cases, CAs accept payment offers, as they also want to avoid going to court.

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