Can I reopen closed accounts?

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My score is in the 700's. But I have been turned down for credit card a number of times because my credit records lacks age. My oldest account is about 1 year old. I had paid and closed all my accounts and about 5 years ago. I had defaulted on many payments. Now I would want to know whether it is possible to reopen a closed account. I don't want to wait till my present cards get old enough to allow me get new credit. I also want to know what should be the length of the credit history.

Hi mabgh,

You can request the credit card company to reopen the closed accounts. Even if the company agrees to reopen the old accounts, they will definitely review your current credit records. The credit card companies would want to see whether you have been using your credit accounts responsibly, after closing the accounts you had with them.

If you are successful in reopening the old accounts, you should check whether all your past payment status appears on your credit report. It will be best, if you are able to convince the card company to not report any default payments related to the accounts. Having the account listed on your credit report as "Open" with a remaining balance of $0, will have a positive impact on your credit score.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi mabgh,

If you are not able to reopen the closed account, there is another way to increase the length of your credit history. If you have a friend or a close relative who has an old account with very good payment records, you can just ask him to add you as an authorized user in the account. You neither have to know the account number, nor ever use the accounts, but the good payment details will show on your credit report. Isn't that great? :D

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Hi mabgh,

I also want to know what should be the length of the credit history.

I'll just try to explain this with an example. For instance 'A' and 'B' are two individuals having the same credit score. But A has a credit history that goes back to about 10 years. On the other hand B's credit history is only 5 years old. When both A and B apply for credit, A's credit application is approved, while B's application is turned down.

So, the summary of the whole matter is that the longer your credit history, the greater will be the chances of qualifying for a new line of credit. There is no exact length of the credit history, that is accepted as standard by the creditors/credit bureaus.

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Negotiate with the old creditor to reopen the account. You can create the terms. You can also do what is called piggybacking, by becoming an authorized user on someone else's account. That way, all of their credit history will appear on your credit report. Even if you close the account after 90days, the history will remain on there. This is your best bet. Whatever you do, just don't fall into the "seasoned trade lines" trap. New laws are cracking down on that method, and its putting people in a worst position than they began.

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los (not verified)

will creditor offer to reopen an acount after you paid off the debt.?

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Wow that is very helpful information. I have never heard of the piggybacking method before. So you never have access to the account they just add you as an authorized user of one account. So how does their whole credit history get reported if you are only on one account. I know when I bought my land I gave someone the cash and then they cosigned for me a loan for the same amount. I made the payments for 6 months and paid it off. Now on my credit report it is listed as a joint account. But the cosigners credit history didn't end up on my report. So can you tell me the difference in piggybacking and a cosigner? Why would one show their credit history and the other one doesn't?

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FrICO (not verified)

Regarding this method of hopping on to someones account as an authorized user: My sister added me to her major credit card as an authorized user back in 2005, and she maintained a good credit history with that credit card. By the time I turned 18 I had already wonderful credit so applying for my first credit card I was instantly approved with a higher than "starting limit" than my other newly adult friends. On top of that I had the best interest rates. Okay, so a hasty teen goes on a couple shopping sprees and even maxes out her own sister's card, (as an authorized user). She loses her job can't pay it off, and I never had the money to pay it off to begin with. So this credit card ends up with the highest possible interest and here I am struggling to pay it off. IMPORTANT PART: recently when I have been calling to make payments (minimum hardly covering interest) the representative always says "as the authorized user you are not responsible for this debt". Also the credit card no longer shows on my Credit report (from all 3 bureaus). Pretty much... signing on as an authorized user onto credit cards will NOT do anything to your credit score. As an authorized user to a credit card only gives you permission to use the card. That is it. This is something that has developed recently (in the last year or so). My statement only applies to authorized users for credit cards. Cosigning is a different thing

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Hi Arshad,

Can you tell me whether or not the loss was reported to the credit card company? If it was, then to reopen the card, you need to talk to the card company. They will instruct you as to what you need to do to reopen the card account.



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Hi Alex,

This depends on the credit card company. However, generally the creditors do reopen charged off credit card accounts. You can talk to your creditors about this.



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CLAIRE (not verified)


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Hi Claire,

I don't think you can make payments on a closed account. You are first required to talk to the bank about reopening the account, and set up a payment plan with them.

I think you should check your credit report, and the status of this account on the report. If you have the payment receipts, and if the creditor agrees to reopen this account, then you can request them to adjust the outstanding amount owed as per the payments you have already made. However, this will totally depend on the creditor.

Hope that I am clear.



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mrs. d (not verified)

hello i hope someone can help. This is really bothering me tonight and i need advice. I was placed on my mothers joint account about 8 years ago, My new job insisted that i have a account so they could pay me by direct deposit. This account was used primarily by me for years, and then in the last 5 years only by me, and only with my direct deposits. My mother had another checking and savings, inwhich just her and my father were on. There werent any problems with this and i kept getting my direct deposit s in this account. I did establish a new checking with only my name, and a joint savings account with my son at the same bank, but because their were no problems i continued to keep my name on this account. My mother recently was diagnosed with dementia. I have a sister who helps her with some things, and here is my dilema. She closed the account that my mom and me had for years, the same account i get my direct deposits on, and the same account which had a balance of 361.00 in it, now has a zero balance. When i approached her she stated that she gave me a chance to close this account before, and i didn't. She doesnt have any legal rights, as far as i know, my mom never discussed closing this account with me before. Now i have two problems i wish to reopen this account before i get paid just two days from now. And how can i go about getting back my 361.00 , that is clearly mine, since my mom hasn't used this account in yers. And for the past year han't even visited the bank alone. The representative i spoke to on the phone suggest going into the bank that i established the account in with my mom, and explaining this. I will do that. Can anyone shed some light on this, and please tell me how come one person can close the account without permission fromthe other person, but if i wish to reopen the same account i need my moms permission to do so. Please Help

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Hi mrs. d,

And for the past year han't even visited the bank alone. The representative i spoke to on the phone suggest going into the bank that i established the account in with my mom, and explaining this.

Yes, you need to do that. You will have to talk to the bank about reopening the account. As for the money too, you can talk to the bank. Request them to find out the withdrawal details on the account, and who closed the account. In case of any discrepancies file complaint with the bank, and notify it as identity theft.

This is quite a complex matter. Thus, I think it will be better if you get help from an attorney.

Hope this helps.



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connie raney (not verified)

i cannot close my computer since i tryed to open an account with pch search &win

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Sherri (not verified)

Mrs. D,
They only way your sister could have closed this account is with Power of Attorney. This gives her the same access as your mother. Unfortunately, your mother is/was unable to manage her own. Because you and your mother were joint owners on the account, you have equal rights/access to the account. Reguardless of who's direct deposit comes in, who uses the most, or even not at all. In this case, your sister took control, which gave her full access. No one person can be removed on an account. It must be closed if one person does not want the other to have access. Either ask your sister for your money, or file a suit against her. Your bank can also redirect your DD to a NEW acccount that you are sole owner of. Call your bank.

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michaelk (not verified)

I got a Walmart credit card before I was mature enough to handle the responsibility, and I am paying it off now. (only about $300 left!)However, due to the stupidity on my part, and missing payments, they closed my credit card to being able to be used. It does say on my online account that I have a credit limit of $650, so I was wondering if when I pay off my card entirely, if it would be reopened?

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mina (not verified)

I have a credit card that was recently closed, but they said i can still make payments on it... does that mean it's temporarily closed? and will it damage my credit even if I pay the card off?

After I pay the balance off, will they reopen it?

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Msmom (not verified)

When I sent the death certificate for my husband who passed away in 2000, I was told that this joint account would just remove his name from the account....imagine my surprise when I called to find out why the block on my account was not removed and was told that the account had been closed due to the way it was set up almost 42 years ago. It was a JOINT ACCOUNT with a perfect record on credit reports, statements were sent in both our names and when I was issued my card it was the rules then.


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Da Chosen One (not verified)

My cc account on my credit report shows my account as closed and paid as agreed. What steps can I do to reopen this closed account that I am still paying. Also does it make sense to reopen since my credit scoelre is a hundred points less than when I first got the account.

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What kind of account (credit card, etc) do you want to re-open? The forum can't really help if we don't know the situation. Can you explain..please? thanks.

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Montrez (not verified)

Several years ago I closed a credit card that was in good standing because I found a better card with a lower interest rate. I am now discovering that because that card was my first and oldest credit card it's closure is hurting my score. What specifically can I do to reopen that card, and will reopening it help my score?

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ajkj (not verified)

I closed a credit card that we had for over 10 years and were in good standing with. I closed it because their rewards program changed and I opted for another card with a new program. If I reopen this account will I regain me lengthy history with them for Credit score purposes or will it look likeI just openned the account today?

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Malik (not verified)

...well Long story... Couple years ago I did a lot of bad choices that I shouldn't have done. I have really bad credit nd it a good relation with banks as well. Can someone please help me. I wanna know what should I do... I can't open a bank account I can't apply for credit card.... I am willing to fix all this but how do I do it????

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Ntobeko (not verified)

My died I reiceved her money by my money builder account so I close the account and open an investment account now they call me where she was working and ask me about the account I do have other account at absa but they want lot of prove n I want to go to school so pls help me so I can receive the money

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Ntobeko (not verified)

My mother died I reiceved her money by my money builder account so I close the account and open an investment account now they call me where she was working and ask me about the account I do have other account at absa but they want lot of prove n I want to go to school so pls help me so I can receive the money

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Ntobeko (not verified)

I did go to the bank and they told me that I can't re-open my account it was a money builder account I realy need your help pls

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PeteC (not verified)

I'd like to know whether its a god idea to request my credit account be reopened after all my monthly payments bring my account down to zero. Will the company restore my previous limit. Will my husband have to be the one since he's the main party on the account, I'm the
2nd card holder. Or, do you think I can open my own?

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guest (not verified)


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Sarah61 (not verified)

Hello, I really need some help...I opened my credit card 3years ago but I lost it last year, I totally forgot it until I got a mail that notice me to pay for it. Anyways, I payed it off and when i was calling to ask about my cc account, the creditors told my my cc account has been closed since Nov and because my account has been closed over 90days, so I can't reopen it. I'm wondering how I could reopen it, does it depend on creditors? I just wanna reopen it and built a good credits. The creditor suggested me to apply a new credit card, but I don't think it's a good idea, cuz my credit score is low and I don't think I can get approved. So I think I should keep calling to talk to a creditor until they consider to reopen my account, I hope someone can give me more suggestions...:(

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Write a request letter to your " Credit Services " company and ask for opening your closed accounts. After your letter its depends on your credit company they agree or not agree for opening your close accounts

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Betty R. Sparks (not verified)

Would like to reopen my account please send me a new card

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nthabi (not verified)

Hi guys. Need urgent advice. My cheque account have been closed by the bank due to being overdrawn. How can I get it reopened

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Martha Mcintyre (not verified)

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Ava Ryan (not verified)

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Dickson Grey (not verified)

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