Point me in the right direction!!!! (please)

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I am 20 years old..... got a cc when i turned 18. I had a few things happen to me awhile back that made me pretty depressed. I ended up addicted to drugs and became oblivious to my debts. I have been clean and sober for 4 months. All together I have between 2500-3000 bucks of debt. I have moved several times and have forgotten where my original debts are from. all i have is CA's calling all the time. I have not made any payments on anything for around 18 months. I think i owe 4 or 5 entities money. I would love to find a way to have someone else do the hard work for me (I work all the time).

any advice to get me pointed in the right direction would be awesome.

Hi aumasy,

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I would suggest that even if you are planning to take the help of a credit repair company to get rid of your debts, you should pull out a copy of your credit report and review it yourself. If you do not know the exact amount of debt you owe and to whom you owe it, a credit repair company may rob you of your money. I will try to list down a few important things you must do, before you start working with a credit repair company. They are as follows:

1) Ask for written agreement- The agreement should include how the company is planning to go about, in paying off your debts. The agreement should also include the details of the particular debts that the credit repair company is going to deal with. You must also ask them to mention an estimated time that will be required to get you debt free.

2) Do a background check- You should ask the credit repair company of their past successes, they have had in getting debtors rid of their debts. You must also inquire on what results they expecting in your case.

3) Ask if they are licensed- You must note down the contact details of the manager of the company you are working with. You should also check whether the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

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Magpie (not verified)

Hi aumasy,

You must note that a good credit repair company will never ask for there service charges, before they start working. They will also not discourage you to contact your creditors or collection agencies, on your own.

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