Can I consolidate pdl loans?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 08:46

I have too many payday loans that I have not been able to pay. All of them about 3 years old. It was in my first job and I ran into too much of debt. To pay off the debts I took payday loans but as the job was not paying well I did not mange to get rid of debts totally.

Now I have a stable job and can afford to pay back the debts. I am in the process of clearing my debts and want to buy my first house. So I want to know if it is possible to consolidate payday loans.

Hi Zeta,

I think consolidation of payday loans will be a good option to get rid of the debts. Payday loan consolidation works in the same way as consolidation of other debts. The debt consolidation company negotiates with your creditors, and tries to reduce the debt amount. It has 5 benefits as given below:

1) Interest rates are reduced and any late fines may be waived off.
2) Your monthly payments are also reduced, because of the extended repayment time period.
3) It is easier to manage your personal finances, as you have to make a single monthly payment.
4) Your creditors and collection agencies stop harassing you as they the debt consolidation company deals with them.
5) Your credit score gradually increases, as you keep making regular payments for the debt accounts.

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karen132 (not verified)

Hi Zeta,

I would just like to add to what Rachael has said. When you consolidate your old debt accounts, you must be current with all your present credit accounts, in order to increase your credit score. If you do not make timely payments for your current bills and regularly default on payments, you will not be debt free, even after the completion of the debt consolidation program.

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sherri (not verified)

I have too many paydayloans! Its getting hard keeping up with them. I would love to find a solution!!

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Hi sherri

Payday loans are a pain truly. I would suggest you try and get credit with 0% or very low interest on balance transfer and pay off the loans that you have. This way you will only have to make one payment each month and that too on low interest.

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crorkz matz (not verified)

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