I owe bank of america over$3000 for a bad check, I only have

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I was scammed by a mystery shopping job. They sent me a bad check and I deposited the check into my BOA account. The check bounced and it was for over $3000! I only have about $1000 to pay back, they will not set up payment terms. help

Hi sdrakopoulos,

You can send BOA a written request to accept the debt settlement offer. You should explain in details the financial crisis you are going through. Mention your account number and the exact amount you will be able to pay. You will have to wait for a few days, for your creditor to reply.

In case you do not hear from them, you may stop making any payments. You can just hope that they pass on the accounts to a collection agency. It is generally easier to negotiate with a collection agency. However, this trick may not work, as instead of passing on the accounts to a collection agency, they may choose to sue you.

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