what can be on a credit report after a discharge

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I was wondering what can be on a report after a discharge i know they have to show they were included in the bankruptcy and a zero balance but can they still show the original amout and your high limits and past due balances? Also I noticed on mine that some of the collection accounts i had years ago showed they were included in the bankruptcy but they were paid off in 2006 so they were never included so how did they get a hold of this info and why did they post that on my report. Im so confused

Hi domatthews,

Can you tell me when you filed for bankruptcy? After a bankruptcy discharge, all debts included in bankruptcy will show a $0 balance on your credit report. However, the record of late payments, missed payments, charged-off accounts etc, will remain on your report. But any debt account that has been paid off earlier, cannot be reported as being included in bankruptcy.

You should dispute the collection accounts that are wrongly reported as being included in bankruptcy. You will have to send a"Dispute Letter" to all the three credit reporting bureaus. You must enclose written proof which shows that the collection accounts were paid off, before you filed for bankruptcy (any canceled checks or a written agreement you made with the collection agency). You will find a sample "Dispute Letter" in Letters of Credit section.

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