What is the next step?

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I have over $50000 in credit card debt. I became bad credit some month ago. (charged off). I started to send some validation letters to
creditors and after 2 months I have not received any response from them.( I have send validation letters 2 times for each creditors -One per month). As I know they have 30 days time to response my letters
each time they receive my letters.Now, After 2 times that I have send those validation letters and did not received any reponse from them. what is my next step? should I send them the third letter and ask them to ask credit Bureaus to wipe out my bad records?
should I suit them in a court? If I should suit them how can I suit them?please let me know some details for it.

I had to send letters as well and it did take them a while to response. But I think you have waited long enough. Your next step, would be yes, to send a letter to the Bureaus and ask them. Please remember to keep records of these letters (copies) incase you need to take the next step. If all else fails, you need to contact your lawyer or attorney for action.

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Hi Sha,

According to the FDCPA, if a collection agency (CA) is not able to validate a debt, they cannot report it to the credit bureaus. In your next letter to the CA, you must request them to remove the negative listing from your credit report. You should also mention that you may sue them for violation of the FDCPA. You must enclose the documents given below:

1) Copies of the "Debt Validation Letter" that you have sent earlier.
2) Copies of the return receipt to prove that the CA received your validation letter.

In response to the letter I have mentioned above, the CA will either send you satisfactory proof that validates the debt accounts as yours, or remove the negative items from your credit report. But if they fail to respond to this letter, you should consider suing the CA in a small claims court.

Good luck to you.

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