How do I know what exact amount I owe to a CA?

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I was called by a law firm saying they worked for a collection agency and trying to collect a credit card debt. I asked for my account number and the lady gave it to me correctly. I do not disagree the debt is mine, but I am not sure of the amount she mentioned. Also I do not want to be involved with any collection fraud. Does giving the account number prove I owe them money? Shall I write back to them?

Hi Bill,

It is true that collection agencies often have a law firm working for them. To know whether you actually owe them any money or what is the exact amount you owe, you should send the law firm a "Debt Validation Letter". In reply to your validation request the law firm should provide you with the following documents:

1) The contract with your original creditor.
2) Any written proof that they have purchased (or have been assigned) to collect the debt.
3) Your past payment records with your original creditors.
4) The amount that is due (their method used to calculate), including the late fees or penalties if any.

If the law firm is able to provide you with the documents I have mentioned, you can be sure that they are trying to recover debts rightfully owed by you. In case you need a sample "Debt Validation Letter", you will find one in the Letters of Credit section.

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